3 Little-Known Benefits Your Health Insurance Plan May Include

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You may be surprised at the benefits you are entitled to.

the main points

  • Many people’s health insurance plans keep them stuck with hefty bills
  • Your insurance plan may actually come with hidden benefits that do the opposite.
  • Look for savings on gym memberships, medications, and mental health services.

Without health insurance, the cost of receiving medical care can be truly staggering – enough to potentially pay for it bankruptcy. But unfortunately, even with Health insurance, you may still be able to get a bunch of medical bills due to limited coverage or the need for services outside your provider’s network.

But while a lot of people with health insurance You can still get stuck with expensive bills, some insurance plans offer a host of hidden benefits that can actually lead to a significant amount of savings. Here are some perks that may be lurking in your plan without you even realizing it.

1. Gym membership compensation

You may love going to the gym and staying fit, but you may not enjoy $80 a month Credit card Charging for your membership results. You may not have to pay any or all of that if your health insurance plan offers reimbursement for gym memberships.

Some plans with this feature require you to submit records showing that you actually went to the gym. You will need to look at the details of your plan to find out how to qualify. There may also be a maximum amount of reimbursement that you are eligible for. For example, your plan may reimburse you up to $800 annually, and if you spend more than that, the rest will be on you. But still, it’s better than paying the entire bill yourself.

2. Medicines at no cost

Many people are accustomed to visiting the pharmacy and being charged a joint fee for medicines. It might be $5, $20, or $80, depending on what type of drug you need and whether it’s a brand-name drug versus the generic version. But some health insurance plans offer medications at no cost. If you need things like contraceptives or pills to control your cholesterol, you may find that you are entitled to them without having to compromise a co-pay at all.

Furthermore, you may be entitled to large amounts of medication at no cost – for example, a 90-day supply of the pills you take daily. In some cases, this may require using a mail order service, but it’s worth getting the details so you can reap the savings.

3. A wide range of mental health services

Some health insurance plans are very generous when it comes to mental health services. You may be entitled to things like group counseling, individual therapy, or free access to mental health apps or other services that promote strong mental health.

Find out what benefits you are entitled to

Reading the rules of a health insurance plan might not seem like the most fun way to spend an afternoon. But it is important that you familiarize yourself with this information so that you can not only avoid additional bills, but also take advantage of the perks available to you. And if you have any questions about your benefits, feel free to answer the phone and call the number on the back of your card. Sometimes, talking to a real person is the best way to get the information you need.

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