’98 liters’ turbulence could cause tropical problems in the Gulf of Mexico next week

Tropical disturbances near the Caribbean are closely watched as a system that could become Tropical Storm Hermine and lead to future problems in the Gulf of Mexico.

The hurricane hunters It plans to begin turbulence reconnaissance missions every 12 hours starting Wednesday night.

Invest 98L is located several hundred miles east of the Windward Islands.
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The FOX forecast center is now seeing a tropical wave off the northern coast of South America that is getting better organized. What’s more, it is moving to an area more suitable for development, and weather forecast models suggest that the system may eventually head into the Gulf of Mexico as a defining storm.

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The National Hurricane Center has given the area they call Invest 98L a high chance of developing into what will be a tropical depression in the next couple of days and it is close to TD9 forming within the next five days – likely within the next two to three days.

Investing is simply a naming convention the NHC uses to designate an area of ​​weather in which it is looking for the possibility of developing into a tropical depression or storm within the next several days.

What is investment?

The system travels west-northwest at 15 to 20 miles per hour.
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Hurricane Fiona and Investment Forecast 98 liters

The NHC is mentioned in prospects Those heavy rains and high winds from this tropical new wave were a few hundred miles east of the South Windward Islands early Wednesday morning, but it is expected to sweep those islands later Wednesday making for a somewhat windy day.

Hurricane Fiona The effect on the regional weather pattern will help direct the new turbulence west into the Caribbean.

In the short term, meteorologists at FOX Weather forecast moderate winds to affect the tropical wave Wednesday through Friday, keeping storm strength in check. Shear is when winds blow in different directions and at varying speeds at different altitudes. Any mowing can disrupt some of the more organized thunderstorm activities and weaken the storm.


But these power-limiting factors are temporary, and turbulence is about to find weather conditions much more than you like this weekend as it moves into the central Caribbean. Not only is the shear expected to be weaker, but warm water temperatures in the upper 80s await. These temperatures are well above the threshold needed for tropical development.

sea ​​surface temperatures
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“It gives you a lot of energy to take advantage of,” says FOX Weather’s meteorologist. Steve Bender. More worrying, however, is the 79-degree warm waters that extend at least 500 feet below sea level in the Caribbean where this storm system is likely to be headed.

“With severe storms, you’re going to get those big waves — they’re called up waves, where the water’s flowing,” Bender said. “Even if you pump water near Jamaica and Cuba, where both our long-range models are causing this turbulence, you’ll go 500 feet below the surface, and you’ll still find 79 degrees of water — or more…so there’s nothing stopping that. truly. “

What is the difference between a tropical depression, a tropical storm, and a hurricane?

The turbulence, which will likely be dubbed Hermine by this point, is expected to approach the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday – an area brimming with moist air and warm water temperatures.

On Tuesday, better organized unrest was shut down in the Gulf of Mexico.
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The Gulf Coast should monitor the development of invest 98 liters

It’s far too early for meteorologists to determine the storm’s path because any impacts to the United States will be more than a week away, but all residents and visitors to the Gulf Coast region should watch the forecast closely for the next several days.

What we know so far…
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