AI allies who are helpful

Restricting players to a computerized companion can potentially spoil the experience. Often, artificial intelligence does not reach the required level. As a result, these non-playable side characters get in the way, making players wish they were dead.

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On the contrary, some allies consider themselves to be really cooperative. It comes with valuable gameplay functions and an AI advanced enough to keep up with the players during the fight. It may not match real people’s intelligence and intuition, but players are still happy to have them on their side.

Today’s video games

7/7 Ellie – The Last of Us

Despite being the subject of a major escort assignment, Ellie proves herself time and time again the last of us. She stays safely behind cover, only attacking when Joel does. When fights break out, you throw bricks and other shells. These later give way to a rifle. All this provides a moment of respite from Relentless hordes of zombiesensuring that they do not override the players.

This extends to the enemies of humans. Ellie often stab any villain in her surroundings, especially those who hurt Joel. In the end, it ends up contributing equally to their common survival.

6/7 Kaoru Sayama – Yakuza 2

Kazuma Kiryu usually wanders the streets of Kamurocho alone. That’s even Yakuza 2 (and his Kiwami remake), where policewoman Kaoru Sayama takes him into protective custody to lead her into the Tojo clan. Hence, she follows him throughout most of the game. One would think that this would hurt the beat ’em up game, which was mostly a solo game up to that point.

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On the contrary, Sayama completes this fight very well. It’s powerful enough to take on several thugs at once, thinning the flock when players are surrounded. It also helps in this area Many tag team thermal actions to quickly eliminate enemies. You have to respect someone who can fight on equal terms with the Dojima Dragon.

5/7 Monster – Kingdom Hearts

The brave Sora fights alongside countless Disney icons in Kingdom Hearts in the series, but players aren’t grateful for this more than late the first time around. After losing the KeybladeSora is stuck with a wooden sword. He can still use magic, but his physical attacks are useless. Even worse, he must contend with an army of high class killer beasts while fighting to catch up with his friends.

Making this desperate situation easier is Beast from Beauty and the beast. He can take a lot of abuse and crush his attackers with sheer power. Hiding behind this huge furry friend is essential for survival. Even when Donald and Goofy get back to join the party, players will hate to switch Beast. He was afraid that no one would love him…

4/7 Murray – Sly Series

The wicked cooper The series may thrive on stealth, but players sometimes have to fall back on brute force. This is where Murray shines. As a gang ‘muscle’This huge hippopotamus can take down the most powerful guards with two strikes. He knows it and jumps at the chance to brag about it.

He gets this chance when the whole gang fights together. Admittedly, AI is key: characters often cry over any enemy in front of them. Fortunately, Murray is designed for this approach. Because of that, he hit twice as many thugs as Sly and Bentley combined.

3/7 Journey – Enslaved: An Odyssey to the West

Tripp enslaves herself, and tasks the protagonist Monkey with protecting her in her pursuit. This does not mean that she sits back and watches him lift the heavy things. Her backseat technical skills complement his muscles, and that shows in the way she plays.

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Trip uses a dragonfly camera to get a leg up in a hostile world. It warns players of upcoming dangers and conjures holograms to distract robotic enemies. When you’re not into Monkey’s game, it highlights weaknesses in their metal armor, making every fight that much easier. These two may be bonded together, but neither one weighs the other down.

2/7 Shumpocket – Mad Max

When the Road Warrior drives away in the wasteland without a V8 Interceptor, a maniacal hunchback named Chumbucket comes up with a car of his own. Together, they travel across the desert and attack tyrannical tribal leaders and frenzied mutants in a devastated world. granted Max does most of the driving and fightingbut a friend helps in other ways.

Despite his crazy behavior, the Grease Monkey has repeatedly demonstrated his talents in cars. He takes care of his car like a kid, quickly fixing any damage during downtime and bringing it to Max whenever he zeros. Players can also order him to use the harpoon to break up enemy platforms. Having such a powerful mechanic, a small portion of Max will likely miss having Chumbucket as a backup.

1/7 Atreus – God of War (2018)

Fans may wonder how a emaciated baby can keep up God of War. but, Son of Kratos compensates for his small size with ample agility and support. He comes equipped with several types of arrows and spells, which he fires on his own and Kratos commands.

In addition, Atreus possesses a large number of passive abilities. He might use his bow to block monsters into locking, or he might jump off his father’s back to fire an air bullet. These not only help players keep up with a constant onslaught, but reduce frustration with the game’s zoomed-in camera. After all, Kratos is hard to beat when his boy has his back.

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