Andrew Wiggins enters the new Warriors season after getting rid of the weight of negativity

It took less than nine weeks for Andrew Wiggins to lose the extra weight he had carried for eight years. Some might call it a miracle.

Wiggins sees the post-brilliant 2022 season, which concluded with the Warriors winning the NBA Finals, as a belated but emphatic response to those who thought he was destined for a long career with the weight of the label nobody wanted.

Trailing less than done.

“I never believed it,” Wiggins told NBC Sports Bay Area. “I feel like the people who played with me or were around me never cared about that.

“But as soon as someone in the media puts something in there, others are going to deal with it. You can go out and stand up for yourself, but I’m not really interested in that. I’m just going to play hard and let people talk.”

Wiggins has played amid chatter since entering the NBA in 2014. And the volume increased when the Minnesota Timberwolves signed a five-year deal worth a maximum of $148 million in 2017. And the hype was ringing louder than ever in February 2020, when they acquired It Warriors of Minnesota versus D’Angelo Russell and a future first-round draft pick that became Jonathan Kominga.

Although the Warriors were happy the second the trade was completed, the NBA world was mostly ignored, his conclusions already reached. Wiggins was the first overall draft pick who went seven seasons uninvited to the NBA All-Star Game.
And when he finally got that invitation, which he voted last season, it was met with widespread rejection.

If Wiggins receives another All-Star Game invite this season, his ninth, it can be pushed back to 61 days. From April 16 to June 16, he and the Warriors spent passing through the Denver Nuggets, Memphis Grizzlies, Dallas Mavericks, in the NBA Finals. Boston Celtics to win it all.

Wiggins’ performance had the people talking, but the belated commentary of the past was replaced with flattery. It is generally accepted that among his Wiggins teammates, only Finals MVP Stephen Curry has had a more impressive postseason. This was certainly true against Boston.

“I feel like he changed that perception of me,” Wiggins said. “That I didn’t play defensively. That I didn’t play hard. Things like that. It was really good to show and perform at this level in front of everyone.”

Wiggins did in the post-season what the best players are supposed to do – the so-called “money” players. Become more productive with increased risk.

He averaged 14.0 points (52.9 percent shooting from the field) and 6.8 rebounds in five first-round games against Denver, 15.0 (46.7 percent) and 7.0 in the conference semifinals against Memphis, and 18.6 (46.2 percent). ) and 7.2 in the Western Conference Finals. against Dallas, 18.3 (44.6 percent) and 8.8 in the Finals.

In addition to scoring and bouncing, Wiggins was also assigned such difficulty Defensive missions in the name of Luka Dončić and Jason Tatum.

Wiggins acknowledges that playing with the Timberwolves may have something to do with the reputation he brought to the Bay Area. An overall mediocre franchise with one playoff appearance and four different coaches in its first six seasons, Wiggins had shining moments but barely tapped into his potential.

Coming to The Warriors has given him a fresh start while putting him in an environment that demands more than he always thought he had.

“That’s a big part of it,” he said. “I think it goes hand in hand, a player who works hard and has a good organization, and that helps put you in a position to succeed. It goes both ways, but it definitely helps my game to be around these guys. I’ve learned a lot.”

“When you win,” he said, “everything is fine.” “But when you lose, everyone will pick and point.”

Wiggins, who could become an unrestricted free agent next summer, has consistently stated that his preference is to stay with the Warriors. There is a common interest, as being a 27-year-old veteran puts him squarely between the veteran’s heart and the young prospective in the future.

“I feel like this is a place where I can finish my game,” he said.

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Although last season put Wiggins in a very good place, he wants more. Being a better playmaker, more efficient at finishing the ball on the edge and improving his fouls, which last season fell to 64.3 per cent, back to about 73 per cent of his career average.

“I would like to become an All-Star again,” he said. “I would like to win another championship. I would like to be on the All-Defensive team – that is something I am aiming for right away.”

Wiggins is pleased to get rid of the old heavy label, which stuck to it like a lead collar. The one who disappeared last June, allowing him to enjoy the most amazing season ever.

“I can definitely feel the difference, 100 percent,” he said of the way he’s greeted. “Random people are more positive and more supportive. They had a lot to say.”

yes. This is very typical for weight loss. Even when it is not visible.

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