Austin Eckler, and Travis Etienne Jr.

Our NFL Nation reporters answer fantasy football questions every Tuesday during the NFL season. That’s what they had to say after a week full of comebacks.

Is it too early to call up hope before the season Travis Etienne Jr. Exaggerated, or will it take on more work with time?

It’s a little early. Etienne has 18 touches in two games, but coach Doug Pederson is still working to distribute the ball to the playmakers. His philosophy is to exploit matches as much as possible, so there will be matches when Etienne is more involved. However, we saw on Sunday that it could be a huge factor in the screen game, something the Jaguars have struggled with over the past decade. Look for it to continue. – Mike DeRocco

Seventeen goals in one week, 12 yards the next. what happened to Davant Adams In a seemingly perfect match against Arizona?

That’s a 140 million dollar question, isn’t it? The Cardinals trust Adams to be covered in a certain way but when it comes to crunch time, the best friend in college Derek Carr You simply have to find it, right? one shot before Hunter RenfroFumble At the end of the game, Carr tried to hit Adams deep but threw him behind, and the pass was nearly caught. There is a fine line between trusting your petition, the best receiver in the league, and thinking of you, and being forced to. So to go from 17 goals to 12 yards, the truth is somewhere in between. In prayer and execution. Adams, who had a family at the game watching him play in the NFL for the first time, wasn’t happy after the game, pulling out of the locker room before letting in the media. Expect the angry Adams to feed more Tennessee, then. – Paul Gutierrez

Early share of less than 65% in consecutive weeks for Austin Eckler. Development trend or something to reject?

developing trend. The chargers have made sure to build depth behind the Ekeler so the Year Six Pros don’t have to take the entire load. Joshua Kelly Show improvement through training camp, and Sony Michael It is a trusted veteran’s choice. – Lindsey Terry

do you buy Tyler Higby Like the target void he went through in two weeks?

Yes, but only until the Rams have a reliable third future on the field once again. Rams love to play in 11 people and with a wide receiver Van Jefferson Still recovering from knee surgery during bootcamp, they used a combination of Ben Skoronic And the Brandon Powell side by side cooper cup and Allen Robinson. Head coach Sean McVeigh said last week that Jefferson was “making amazing progress” in his rehab and “when they give us the thumbs up, he’ll be there and he’ll be ready to beat.” When Jefferson returns, I expect Higby’s goals to go down. – Sarah Barshop

Consecutive games with a big play for Jaylen Waddell. How much does he own? Trek Hill He changed his role, and should we continue to expect big plays?

Hill has obviously made a lot of buzz this season, but Waddle has quietly had an excellent training camp. It’s not just adding Hill; The addition of coach Mike McDaniel has put Waddell in a position of success. It is used outside instead of the hole, and of course, the defenses can’t put pressure on it like they did last season. He won’t get 19 goals each week, but he’s more 1B than No. 2 on this offense. – Marcel Louis Jacques

What should we do from the Thirteen Goals Chris Olaf saw?

Consider it an anomaly at the moment, like Jarvis Landry He led the Saints’ receivers with nine goals in the previous week (but was fourth with five goals Sunday) and Alvin Camara He was not playing. Olave will definitely participate every week, but outside Michael ThomasNone of the receivers is a surefire fantasy play until the real tap arrangement is established with the quarterback. – Catherine Terrell

Can I will be Barclay Be the “elite” RB right back as he was in Week 1 with consistency behind that offensive line, or will we get as few duds as Week 2?

Wow, the bar really went up after the first week. If the total 88 yards is worthless, Barkley is in good shape. Also, he had five runs for 3 yards in the first inning. He had 16 lunges for 69 yards in the second half, for the second week in a row, much of his production came after the break. The bottom line is that Barkley looked good and healthy again. As long as he stays healthy, he will be elite. – Jordan Raanan

Garrett WilsonPerformance: is it a sign of things to come or the result of a rare Jets game that saw a total of 61 points?

Wilson has the talent to be a WR1 and posts big fantastic numbers on a regular basis, but there is a variable that can affect him – QB’s situation. Airplanes will make the inevitable change to Zach Wilson. It will happen in a week or two. He’ll be rusty after missing several weeks, not pushing the ball down like Flacco. In other words, a dip in trans production could happen when Wilson returns. – Rich Semini

Which players should we move up in our rankings for the rest of the season if that’s the case Jimmy GaroppoloA crime to drive?

The 49ers will still be a heavyweight, but the beauty of Garoppolo’s return to the saddle is that there’s a lot of data I can dig into to see who has benefited the most. The address of that list is the recipient Debo Samuel, who had a record-breaking season with Garoppolo in 2021 and is better equipped to take the throws that Garoppolo is best at playing—medium crosses, digs and mile—and turn them into big plays. tight end George Keitel He will also fall into this category once he returns from his hip injury, something that can happen as soon as the third week. – Nick Wagner

Massive games in a row for Carson Wentz: more as a result of favorable scheduling or something actionable for fantasy managers?

The Jags defense looked very good against the midfielder who replaced Wentz at Indy. And Detroit tested leaders in a way that others haven’t and it may not be in terms of pressure. So it’s not just about who they’ve faced, it’s about the midfield playing well. They’re playing in Philadelphia, Dallas and Tennessee for the next three weeks, so it won’t be easy. The loss to Detroit marked an ugly half-football – then also highlighted how good that attack was as he scored 27 points in the second half. Wentz made his mistakes, but his arm helped the commanders blast, allowing them to use every inch of the field in ways they hadn’t done in a long time. And the key to Wentz is that with receivers Terry McLaurinAnd the Curtis Samuel And the Jahan DotsonThe big play isn’t too far off for any team. – John Kim

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