Dortmund can transfer Bellingham for a deal fee

Judd Bellingham may leave Borussia Dortmund next summer for a much lower transfer fee than previously expected. Alex Pantling / Getty Images The summer transfer window for Europe’s major leagues has closed. However, focusing on January, there are a lot of rumors swirling around who is moving where. Transfer Talk brings you the latest news … Read more

How birds of prey detect a toxic time bomb | pollution

sui Lourenço started collecting feathers because she was beautiful. Beneath the cliffside nests of birds in rural Portugal, he’d find their feathers and bring them back to his environmental lab at the University of Évora. “It was just a typical curiosity of the natural world,” he says. “Flight feathers in particular, they are big and … Read more

Hurricanes orbiting Jupiter’s poles still baffle astronomers

Infrared image of Jupiter’s northern hemisphere as seen by Jerram. attributed to him: natural astronomy (2022). DOI: 10.1038 / s41550-022-01774-0 A team of multi-institutional space scientists in the United States, working with a colleague from Italy and one from France, used modeling to partly explain the resilience of hurricanes orbiting around Jupiter’s poles. In their … Read more

Wildlife agencies work to restore wetlands to reduce Great Basin shorebird numbers – The Nevada Independent

On a warm September morning, Mike Goddard directed his range toward a swampy pond inside Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge. What Goddard hoped to discover: the many migratory birds feeding on the shallow shores of the wetlands, which were abundant in this area outside of Fallon. “Shorter, obese people with long, straight bills long bill,” he … Read more

Documentary explores the history of asylum for black patients

PETERSBURG, Virginia – When the American Psychiatric Association celebrated its 175th anniversary three years ago in San Francisco, images emerged of the two Virginia mental institutions that gave birth to it – what are now Eastern State and Western State hospitals. Also participating in the exhibition were two Virginia psychiatrists who led what were then … Read more