Belfast City Council to discuss new EMS staff, public assistance and new CMP pillars at regular council meeting

Belfast – Belfast City Council will hold it Regularly scheduled public meeting Tuesday October 4 at 7 pm and the address Agenda includes New city emergency medical services personnel and ambulances, new CMP columns, public assistance and a four-day work week for city employees, among other agenda items.

The first item on the agenda in Belfast City Manager Erin Herbig’s report is the request to appoint Greg Connors as Deputy Director of Economic Development for the City of Belfast.

According to the report, Connors worked for “Maine Housing, Maine Municipal Bond Bank, Northern New England Housing Investment Fund, Maine State Legislation, Maine Municipal Association, and Texas Water Development Board.”

Another confirmation request on the agenda is that of Riley Peterson, who is expected to be confirmed as a full-time paramedic/firefighter with the Belfast Fire and Ambulance Department.

Peterson lives in Belmont with his wife and children, and looks forward to working close to home and supporting his community, Herbig reports.

It is also expected that Joseph Wellman will be confirmed as a full-time paramedic/firefighter for the Belfast Fire and Ambulance Department.

Wellman brings to Belfast with over 20 years experience in both the fire and emergency services. Currently licensed by the State of Maine as an EMT/Medical Assistant, Wellman has a Maine Fire Service Institute Pro Board Firefighter I/II certification, among other certifications, according to the report. Wellman has also worked in a teaching capacity in multiple fields.

Requests to create several new columns for CMP will also be a topic of discussion. Central Maine Power has provided pole permits for two new poles on Lincolnville Ave and three new poles on School Street.

Later in the meeting, the first reading of the “Public Assistance Act 2022-2023 and State Benefits for Public Assistance Requests” will be made.

According to the report:

“Public assistance is a statewide program. Different areas of the state have different levels of financial assistance based on local surveys of food cost, housing cost, utility bills, etc.

“Each year the state proposes new maximum aid limits in addition to the Public Assistance Ordinance and supplements to the city for consideration for adoption which are updated annually by the Maine Municipal Assembly. This year’s limits have increased from last year’s limits and city officials are recommending the adoption of these increased limits, as well as the order and supplements. The state reimburses the city seventy percent of any public assistance we provide.”

A second reading is expected at the board meeting on October 18.

Closer to the end of the agenda is an analysis of the city of Belfast for four days a week and 10 hours a day. According to the report, Mayor Eric Sanders requested that the item be put on the agenda at the council’s September 20 meeting.

The transition to four working weeks was approved at City Council meetings on July 21, 2020, and the form implemented on September 1, 2020.

“The change was made in part because many city departments outside of City Hall have already moved to this work schedule, including fire, ambulance, public works, transit station, code and planning, and this has been successful in hiring and retaining as recently as September 20, 2022,” Herbig said. Regular council meeting, city council has agreed to move our police department to this schedule as well.

Additionally, the city council has argued that opening early and closing later will provide a more user-friendly service for workers and working families. Other municipalities across the state have also moved to this schedule to allow for longer office hours to be available to the public.”

“Over the past two years, we have seen the benefits of broader service for our residents while creating an incentive that has proven beneficial in hiring and retaining employees,” she said.

An analysis of the schedule is available for both citizens and staff to be discussed in the Council.

The agenda concludes with a message from Herbig regarding kindness and community, which states in part:

“Each of us has a lot going on in our lives, including competing strains and stresses, not to mention the current coronavirus pandemic. Too often we see kindness pushed to one side, in favor of what is urgent or common now. However, I truly believe that If we all did [our] These small acts of kindness combined have the potential to make our community a better place for everyone.”

The The full agenda is available for viewingas well as details on each item listed.

Belfast City Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 7pm. Meetings are conducted online using Zoom and can be streamed on the City of Belfast website. They are also broadcast live on BEL TV and on Belfast Community Radio at WBFY 100.9.

Comments can also be sent by emailing the board during the meeting. Comments will be presented to the board.

Oral comment can also be provided during the meeting via Zoom webinar. Information on this method can be found on the city’s website.

Information and documents related to this meeting are available at City location.

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