‘Black Adam’ starring Dwayne Johnson is another aimless, rowdy DC Superhero Dud

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson He is an attractive and popular star Who – with the possible exceptions of Michael Bay suffer reapPeter Berg rundownand Justin Lin fast fiveHe’s never made a movie so good, or much less, a great movie. This line continues with black Adam (October 21), Johnson’s first official foray into the supernatural world, taking on a WWE-style role by reprising the title character, an ancient, resurrected mortal who believes killing is the best way to send out enemies. It’s big bad and pretty crazy, although moviegoers are the ones who can get upset with this comic book-based original story, which simulates poison by pivoting around a supposed villain who was ultimately destined to do good—minus the sense of humor that made at least Tom Hardy The Marvel car is intermittently entertaining.

A brief introduction setting the contextual scene: 5,000 years ago, in the Middle Eastern city of Kahndaq, a slave boy fights against a tyrannical king who craves a demonic crown made of magical Eternium. Using the word “Shazam!” Baby is transformed by witches into Teth-Adam (Johnson), a dark, invulnerable Superman who has the power of flight and super strength, and can fire lightning bolts from his fingertips. In the present, Adrianna (Sarah Shahi) goes in search of the crown and when confronted by the members of the Intergang – a group of “neo-imperialist” alien invaders who now rule Kahndaq – decides to escape trouble by bringing Adam back to life, considering him the legendary liberator her people need. Adam clad in black certainly has no qualms about killing Adriana’s enemies. However, he is a very strong man and his expressions range from an angry glare to an even more angry glare.

Adriana drives around in a mysterious machine-style Volkswagen van with her yacht-loving brother Karim (Mohamed Amer) and their shadowy team Ismail (Marwan Kanzari), and she also has a son named Amon (Budi Sabungwe) who hates Kahndaq’s persecutors. He navigates the city on a skateboard like a carriage from a ’90s action movie. black Adam He will eventually turn Amon into John Conner To Terminator Adam, to impress the goodness of him by making him learn about common phrases and sarcasm. This doesn’t immediately stop Johnson’s protagonist from throwing mercenaries into the distance to meet a mortal fate, but he – along with Adriana’s similar pleas for Adam to become Kahndaq’s savior – portrays him as a potential destroyer of worlds rather than a fugitive – a brooding DC Universe player with sympathy. Slightly less with his opponents than His counterparts in the Justice League.

Adam enters a giant by demolishing helicopters, jeeps, and its inhabitants in one of Jaume Collet-Serra’s many slow-motion-filled still pieces, which provide plenty of opportunities to inspect the care with which each flaming explosion has been made by a CGI artist. There is absolutely nothing exciting about such festivities black Adam The Demigod provides the reborn with a moderately interesting antagonist in the character of Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), which is designated by suicide squad Mastermind Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) to form the Justice Society team to eliminate Adam. Thus, he recruits his old friend Dr. Fiat (Pierce Brosnan), who can create illusions and see the future with the help of his golden space helmet, as well as the wind-swirling rainbow cyclone (Quintessa Swindell) and the body of the Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo). They’re no Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, but at least Hawkman – outfitted with gold wings, matching helmet, and a cool scepter – proves he’s a believable benefactor.

black Adam It soon turns into a series of violent skirmishes between the Justice Society and Adam, each one more elaborately, weightlessly, frustratingly and meaninglessly orchestrated than the previous one. Three screenwriters who failed to come up with a single novel idea, Collet-Serra’s magnificence feigned Adam’s cruelty while methodically establishing his inherent humanity. Thus, it is soon revealed that Adam is still royally excited about the murder of his wife and child – making Adrianna and Amon his new alternate clan – and finally pitted against a monster who makes his demons look like a hero. It’s all as routine and mundane as it is on projects like this, and when it comes to procedural politics, let’s simply say that the use of Kanye West’s anti-Semitic song as the lead theme song for one of the Adam Rampage movie is unknown.

It’s all as routine and mundane as it is on projects like this, and when it comes to procedural politics, let’s simply say that the use of Kanye West’s anti-Semitic song as the lead theme song for one of the Adam Rampage movie is unknown.

It also blesses Rolling Stones movie ‘Draw It Black’ black Adam The soundtrack, providing a cheesy musical hint like a file The good, the bad and the ugly The muzzle deserves a groan outside the left field. For all its epic intent, the movie feels small and confined to a generic fantasy setting that instantly annihilates him. Material only flashes to life during those sporadic instances when Hodge and Brosnan are given a chance to build a relationship rooted in their shared history. Unfortunately, like the cute Atom Smasher and Cyclone exchange, those moments are squashed under the weight of incredible fights where no one gets hurt (even randomly) and nothing really changes. While fans of the genre might delight in seeing Adam blur a kid’s bedroom decorated with Justice League posters and toys, the main impression – confirmed by the post-credits scene with a huge cameo – is that this is Adam’s trial run before the possibility of larger future confrontations, which should justify receipts Box office sequel.

“A bad plan is better than no plan at all,” Hawkman shrugs, thus seeming to illustrate the thinking behind black Adam and the DC Extended Universe as a whole. Only collecting plot points and character arcs borrowed from countless of his cinema predecessors, Collet-Serra thus portrays Adam as a wishing titan who is truly a pretender to the throne. The fact that many details are unexplained – why are the powers of Shazam transferred by humans? How did Adam suddenly learn English? Is Hawkman a dead human or just a cool gadget owner? However, even in that regard, Johnson’s attempt to gain superhero supremacy hasn’t been enough, resulting in a torrent of monotonous mayhem that will leave fans craving. Zack SnyderEspecially agony and depression.

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