Boston Bees Explode Pre-Season Opening: 13 Ready Meals from the Boston Celtics – Charlotte Hornets

1. Well, that was a great start for Boston Celtics. After two weeks of unwanted drama, the Celtics have taken control of Charlotte Hornets To start the pre-season with a big victory.

Boston provided 41 assists on 48 made baskets. The Celtics also hit 22 of the 47 three-pointers. Overall, it was a dominant effort for Joe Mazzola’s group on his debut as head coach of the Celtics.

2. Jaylen Brown got things off to a good start for Boston. He finished with 24 points in 24 minutes. Everything seemed so smooth and easy to Brown. This play shows how far Brown has come with his power. He was always quick and explosive, but if he could handle a parallel defender even slightly, Brown was gone:

Brown will attract a lot of attention from the defences, especially in the transitional and semi-transitional phase. This is a great read, as Brown notes that Nick Richards is high on the ground, allowing Horford to slide backwards. Brown’s Big Left-Back Plate:

3. We know what Jason Tatum can do as a scorer. He’s great in every aspect in terms of finding his shot on his own. Tatum has shown great growth as a bystander, but he could grow even more as a playmaker.

One of the ways Boston can make hum offend is by using Tatum and Jaylene Brown more as breakers. This is a good cut by Tatum, and it attracts many defenders, opening Marcus Smart for the third corner:

Tatum’s other room for growth is a terminator, especially through contact. He can go down regularly. It ends like this for and-1 where Tatum can take another leap:

4. Grant Williams is now respected enough as the shooter that defenses will try to keep him from. This means that Williams must have a counter that goes beyond just swinging the ball to his teammate. In this game, Williams showed off making games on the go more than we are used to.

Here’s a nice ride and leave to Noah Funley for an easy immersion:

This was another fresh look from Williams. He catches and sees the defender lopsided. There’s no hesitation as Williams leads towards the soft end:

Hold the wing straight into the lob pick and roll? OK Grant! We see you!

5. We mentioned it above, but Boston’s pace was ridiculous in this game. Now, it’s easy to play at a great pace in pre-season and at the start of the regular season. We often see teams start playing quickly and fade away by the holidays. The key will be to maintain it throughout the season.

However, the Celtics scored 84 field goal attempts in a match in which they fired more than 23 times. Boston’s pace in this game was 108.5 compared to last season’s 96.6. So, if the game felt fast, that’s because it was!

Malcolm Brogdon and Derek White were a big part of Boston playing really fast. Here’s Brogdon taking advantage quickly and in the teeth of defense before finding Grant Williams on a third corner kick:

White is used to playing Spurs style in speed and space, and Al Horford has found his three transitional treble here:

If the stars run on the earth, these sentinels will find them. Great pass from White to Jayson Tatum for and-1:

6. We referred to the transitions earlier. 23 of them were too many. If there was a good sign, it was “good” shifts more often than not. Guys try to play quickly and find teammates. There were a few sloppy ones, which is to be expected on a first outing of the year. But the involuntary neglect that became a problem in qualifying, especially in the finals, was not really there.

The other challenge was the defensive rebound. Boston’s initial defense was great, but Charlotte dropped 16 attacking planks. That’s part of the challenge of playing on a small scale, as the Celtics often do. Boston is likely to play a fair amount of little ball, especially while Robert Williams is out, so this is an area to watch.

7. We’ll spend the rest of the takeaway looking at the guys on the deeper bench. Starting with Sam Hauser is more than fair, because he was excellent. Boston is looking for a size shooter to replace Danilo Gallinari. If Hauser can play as he did in this game, it’s a lock for that role.

Payton Pritchard does a good job of unlocking Hauser enough here, and Hauser lets it fly without hesitation:

8. Noah Fonleh was Boston’s first major player off the bench. It’s important that you don’t read too much into the pre-season rotations, but that’s at least noticeable. This was a great play for Vonlaet to understand the clock. Fake and Good Balance to Beat the Bell:

9. Mfiondu Kabengele was all over the place in a good way. It’s a little wild, but it works really hard. This is the kind of guy you can fall behind. This kind of effort is the stuff that pisses everyone off:

10. Jake Lyman is one of two local kids (Noah Vonlet as well) fighting for a place on the list. Lehman is a little more explosive than it might seem. Remember dunking over Taco Fall two years ago? Anyway, this is a good edge run of and-1:

11. J.D. Davison sees the floor better than the college scout report indicated. In a relatively limited movement, he scored four assists. This was fine, completing the difficult lob of Noah Vonlet:

12. Luka Samanic and J.D. Davison will likely hook up a lot with the Maine Celtics in the G League this year. If Samanic runs the floor like this, Davison will find it:

13. The Celtics started 1-0 in the pre-season. Then they will host Toronto Raptors Wednesday, October 5 at 7:30 p.m. ET. The game will likely feature Blake Griffin’s debut in Boston, where he’s expected to check in the next day or so.

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