Broome Speaks – Nebraska Week

After winning twice in a row in the Big Ten, and now sitting at 4-2, these press conferences from Jeff Brohm have been more informative and less frustrating to read the trend. This is good for me as the person who checks the text every week and good for you as the person who chose to come here and read this.

PAT Banned by Cam Allen changed the game, let’s talk about endgame management:

Anytime you can block an extra point, it’s huge. When we looked at the video and the big screen was on it, it wasn’t sneaky from our point of view. Do you move a little before the others? Yes, but he was offside when I cut the ball.

In the two-point play, their workers were six yards from the field, so two good calls in our opinion were called for good luck.

But blocking an extra point is a huge deal when blocking a kick, especially when the game is tied. It gave us the ability to go down and score, take the lead, put us in a privileged position, and then of course, give us the ability to score again what we thought was a little space.

They came back and scored goals, so unfortunately they didn’t work out exactly the way we wanted them to. But yeah, Cam works really well, anytime you can block an extra point and do whatever gives you an edge it helps you.

Daniel Johnson update:

It will be out of season. Unfortunately, he suffered a knee injury and will miss the season.

Galen Graham rates in his first game:

Well, it’s a veteran presence that I think will continue to improve. I thought in the first couple series it was rusty and had some busts, but then it settled down.

He interferes, he plays plays, he’s an athletic guy who understands football, and I think the more he plays the better. We hope he continues to build on that. We want him to be a dominant force if he can.

Is there a difference between facing a temporary head coach versus a regular head coach?

Not right. Same soccer team. Talented football team. They have pride. They play hard. What you do when that happens is to schematically see the adjustments they make to offense, defense, and special teams.

That’s what we’re looking at now, just seeing the adjustments they made from that point on and getting ready for that.

The defense was resilient as it only allowed 3 points from 6 turnovers over the past two weeks:

Well, we felt like we had some experience with the defensive aspects of the ball, so I thought they did a good job. In order to win football matches, you have to be good in all three divisions. If you think that you will only score every time you touch the ball, that is unrealistic, and this will not happen against good opponents. This is a far-fetched dream that we will work towards perfection and try to be as efficient as possible.

What we can do is be much better at not turning the ball around. When you have three turnovers in two games and find a way to win, it shows the strength and determination of your team.

But we have to improve that. We’ve talked about it, and we’ve identified it. It’s one thing to stop at, and one thing to stop yourselves by turning the ball around. This should become the bare minimum.

We got a little better on penalties. This helped. Our defense played hard and we did a good job. Continuing to be as efficient as possible on both sides and also gaining an advantage in the special teams, which we gained slightly in every match.

We had a field goal that was really good. They missed the long-range goal. We’ve blocked an extra point. We had a few back yards. So all the little things are important in order to win.

As you can see from our matches, we had three wins against the FBS teams and that was by a slim margin. We had to scratch and claw to get it.

This is what it will be like. We must be willing to work for perfection and perform better, but you must have the audacity and tenacity to be able to hold out to the end.

Defense while running:

Well, we’re working hard on that. We did a good job. At the same time I am realistic. Maryland is not a running team. Minnesota wasn’t going back.

We have a lot of good teams running the ball, so look how good we are.

The D line played hard. We’ve changed a few things and are more versatile on our fronts and our looks. Midfielders and safety who come off the slopes and make tackles are important and have that perfect balance.

We’ve always made the mistake of trying to turn off, and I think we’ve been pretty decent at that. We’ve probably given up more yards over the past several years than I’d like, so you have to balance that. Really it’s about getting points.

So yes, the first thing is to stop the race, but reducing points in the big plays is also important.

Talk about that end of the goal-line attack:

Well, every situation is always a little different. I’m not a great analytical guy. I go through the feel and what I think would work. I do not go by percentages.

You know, at that point with where we were, I just knew if I was on the other sidelines I’d let the team score to get the ball back, and I knew that’s what they’re doing. So we wanted to use some watches. We knew they had timeouts, so we had to use timeouts first.

We ran a quarterback sneak. Tell the midfielder not to go to the end zone but not to go back. Then we did it again in second place. Advance but not backward. Don’t go in the end zone. Burn more hours.

We didn’t burn a lot of time because they used their timeouts, but we were able to use their timeouts. Then in third, you have to think, well, if we try to risk this again in fourth, you’re going to make a decision about whether you shoot a field goal or try to go (Editor’s note This is the end of the language in the text (noting that the video clip is cut).

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