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NCAA: Iowa State in Iowa

Welcome to the HCS Big 12 Mailbag. This mailbag is for all the soccer junkies drawn to the Big 12 school who not only have questions about your team but the other teams in the conference as well. So, join me, grab a cold brew or your favorite drink and relax while I answer all 12 big questions in my mail bag. I want to thank each and every one of you who submitted a question this week and for tonight’s favorite drink? You just have to see for yourself. cheers!

KyleGAdema asks: Will Iowa win three more games for a qualifying cup? Rank their remaining games in order of probability of winning.

duke: This is something every Iowa fan is thinking about right now. Their hopes for a conference title are long gone And getting to the bowl game is all that’s left to play for. Will they get six wins? I say yes. As for the matter, I don’t think it matters much. I would prefer them to win their home matches (Oklahoma, West Virginia, Texas Tech) and lose their matches on the road (at Oklahoma State, in TCU). If they can win three of their next five matches, they will qualify for the tournament.

RCJGraves asks: Advanced statistical metrics, like FEI and SP+, rank K-State’s defense as the best in the Big 12 and among the best nationwide, yet no one is talking about the Cats’ defense. What is your perception of how to stack K-State Defense with the best of B12? Why is no one noticing the Kansas State defense?

duke: Nobody is talking about the Big 12 nationwide, so why are they talking about Kansas? If you’ve followed the convention at all, you know that Kansas State is a pretty good soccer team overall. They have plenty of talent in defense including two superb attacking passes in Felix Anodic-Uzuma and Khaled Duke. Plus, I really like the angled duo of Julius Prentice and Echo Boy Doo. To me, it’s more about disrespecting the Big 12 than Kansas State. If members of the national media don’t respect the convention that Kansas holds every week, how will they know anything about Kansas in general? That’s why this site exists because we’re here to give Big 12 and the teams in it the respect they deserve.

@mat_with2ts_ asks: Across the board of directors at Big 12, how do you feel about management this year?

duke: Most of you who read this mailbag or follow me on Twitter know that I’m not afraid to speak my mind. Since I started covering this conference, taking the position has been a problem. In fact, it was a problem long before that. I always say that at some point the referees will finish your team and this season is not like any other I’ve seen. Between reboots, unknown target calls (or no calls)And other things, that’s as bad as I can remember. The reason is due to the fact that there has been a change with a lot of these rulers. It’s a brand new crew two years ago because so many of them have left for other conferences or even the NFL. What we are seeing now is a new wave of officials who do not appear to have much experience in my view. The good news is that it can’t get any worse, right?

RPTexan: Brian Morton played his tail against OSU and Donovan Smith won multiple games. Tyler Choff has defeated both of them twice! Which should be the start of tech for the rest of the year – except for injury? Joey wants to win now and a bowl game.

duke: I was never sold as a savior of the program, Tyler Chugg. He had his moments in Oregon but I wasn’t able to fully participate. For Donovan Smith, he’s a great athlete who can make things fun, but transitions have been a problem. This leaves Behren Morton who I think has the potential to be a great boater for the Red Raiders. I followed his high school career until he made the Elite 11 coming from a small school in West Texas. He has the talent of the arm and the precision to be a good midfielder. Plus he’s more athletic than people think. to me, Behren is the future of Texas Tech . footballAnd this future begins now.

DBSportsYT asks: How is Iowa getting over the hump? We hear a lot about the details and footnotes from Matt Campbell, but that seems to be where we always fall short. Is it players, training, or both? What should change?

duke: Sometimes I find it funny that Matt Campbell talks about details, but special teams have been a problem at Ames for years. This is an area where Iowa needs improvement, and it has cost a lot at times. Defensively, I wouldn’t change anything because John Hickok is one of the best defensive minds in college football. Indeed, this defense is what has kept the team this year in games. The problem was crime. I’m a Hunter Dekkers believer, and I knew he was going to have some growing pains early in his first year. He has guns on the outside with Xavier Hutchinson and Jaylin Noel whom I really like.

However, the offense problem is the lack of any kind of running game. Iowa needs a steady running game to take some pressure off the Dekkers. Look what the Iowa crime did with Bryce Hall. Will they reach this level? No, but it took a lot of pressure on Brock Purdy and made the attack more balanced. Plus, where are the tight ends? It cannot be found anywhere. Those two things have been holding up Iowa this season.

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