Candace Cameron Bure Responds To Backlash After GAF’s Anti-LGBT Remarks

Candace Cameron Bure responds to backlash. Earlier this week, the actor who works Big American familyChief Creative Officer, told “The Wall Street Journal. Magazine ”that the network It will not show LGBTQ couplesnoting, “I believe the great American family will keep traditional marriage at its core,” she said.

CEO Bill Abbott added: “It’s definitely 2022, so we’re aware of the trends. There’s no whiteboard saying ‘Yeah, this is’ or ‘No, we’re never going here.'”

On Wednesday, Bury responded to Many criticisms From her comments in a lengthy statement:

“I would like to address my comments on Great American Family programming as reported in The Wall Street Journal. Everyone who knows me, knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have great love and affection for all people. It absolutely breaks my heart that anyone would think that I want Intentionally to offend and harm anyone. It saddens me that the media so often seeks to divide us, even over a topic as comforting and cheerful as Christmas movies. But, given the toxic climate in our culture now, I shouldn’t be surprised. We need a holiday Christmas more than ever before.”I am a devoted Christian. Which means I believe that every human being bears the image of God. For this reason, I am called to love all people, which I am. If you know me, you know that I am a person who loves hard and randomly. My heart longs to build bridges and bring people one step closer to God, to love others well, and simply to be a reflection of God’s great love for all of us.”

She continued, “To the media responsible for using this opportunity to fan the flames of conflict and hatred, I have a simple message: I love you anyway. To those who hate what I value and who attack me online: I love you. To those who have tried to assassinate my character: I love you. For all Whoever is reading this, of any race, creed, gender, or political party, including those who have tried to bully me using insults, I love you.

“I’ve always wanted to find a place for more religion-based programming. I’m grateful to be an integral part of a young and growing network. I also expressed in my interview, which is not included, that people of all races and identities have participated and will continue to contribute to the network in wonderful ways.” In front of and behind the camera, which I fully encourage and support.I have never been interested in evangelism by telling my story, but in celebrating the greatness of God in our lives through the stories I tell.

The God we serve is a very creative and loving God. Not only did he capture a small part of my heart, he captured all of my heart. It will be reflected in everything I do and say; In my family, my work and my interactions with people from all walks of life, God’s love and God’s mercy are front and center. It all comes from the love that God Himself showered upon humanity when He offered the gift of joy and forgiveness on the first Christmas morning 2,000 years ago. This is why I love Christmas stories and share true joy and true peace with millions of people around the world. And in the sole impulse of pure love, I hope you will join me in sharing God’s hope for all the world this Christmas season. Call this my Christmas wish.”

Bure has starred in dozens of holiday movies over the years Hallmark Channel Before exiting in April I followed former Hallmark CEO Abbott to GAF. Now, she says her former home is “a completely different network than it was when she started because of a change in leadership.”

She continued, “My heart wants to tell stories that have more and deeper meaning and purpose behind them.” “I learned that The people behind the Great American Family were Christians who love the Lord and want to promote faith programs and good family entertainment.”

In September, Pori talk to diverse In depth about this move and whether the network is diverse and inclusive—both in telling LGBTQ+ stories but also in celebrating different faiths, not just Christian holidays.

“This year, we’re completely focused on Christmas. I’m sure as the channel continues to build the content, it will include other holidays, but I think we know the core audience and what they love is exactly the way Bill originally created the Hallmark channel and that was Christmas and those traditional holidays And so she said at the time.”You have to start somewhere. You can’t do everything at once.”

When asked if there were any conversations going on about same-sex stories, she told us, “We haven’t had those discussions specifically. It’s totally out of my business, because there’s a council behind all those decisions, but of course it’s going to be talked about. And you know, We’ll see. We’ll see how it goes.”

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