Your family’s music according to your personal Hashkafos

Changing the tone of jewish music The way we listen to music has evolved over the years. What started as gramophones and jukeboxes turned into radios, jukeboxes, audio cassettes (don’t forget the eight-track!) Walkman. As technology has advanced, so has high-performance listening devices—from boomboxes, CD players, and Disc jockeys to MP3s and iPods, which have … Read more

The horror movie legend banishes himself from The Masked Singer, shockingly stopping the show

Scarecrow decided to withdraw from competing in Season 8 of The Masked Singer. (photo: Fox) It was Thanksgiving, but every day Halloween is a costume contest The Masked Singer. And the show He was definitely still in the Halloween spirit on Wednesday, however, with the (presumably delayed due to World Series) episode of Fright Night … Read more

Kanye West reportedly showed explicit photos of employees at Adidas| Kanye West

Kanye West has been accused of showing explicit photos of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, to Adidas employees, as part of behavior that many see as “intimidation tactics,” according to a new report. The 43-year-old rapper and producer, also known as Ye, last month Lost Design contract with sportswear brand due to anti-Semitic comments. Accused of … Read more

“I don’t know what America was thinking”

Bottom four contestants Eric Hu, Alyssa Witrado, Devix, and Kiki await their fates in the Top 13 results of the 22nd season of The Voice. (Image: NBC) brought tuesday the sound Shown are the top 13 results, which determined the top 10 finishers of the season. At the start of the evening, host Carson Daly … Read more

What happened to Michael Hutchence, lead singer of INXS

The last time Michael Hutchence’s manager Martha Troupe spoke to him on the phone, Head of INXS He was making big plans for the future. He wanted to start a publishing company. And he wanted it Get an apartment in New YorkTropp told the newspaper. “That’s what he told me.” Hours later, as was Troup … Read more

Anderson Lee Aldrich: What we know about the suspect in the Colorado Springs nightclub shooting

CNN – The suspect in the LGBTQ nightclub shooting in Colorado this weekend has been identified as Anderson Lee Aldrich, who police say walked into Club Q in Colorado Springs and He immediately opened fire, killing five people and wounding 25. Aldrich faces five counts of first-degree murder and five counts of biased felony causing … Read more

Chuck Berry paid $1.2 million after he was caught installing bathroom cameras in his restaurants

Chuck Berry He was a rock and roll icon who had one of the world’s longest careers Music industry. His hit songs, such as “Johnny B. Goode” and “Roll Over Beethoven,” influenced a generation and inspired rock musicians such as the Beatles and the Rolling stones. However, Perry has dealt with numerous scandals over the … Read more