Should some lung transplant programs be closed?

There are about 65 lung transplant programs in the United States, but 85 percent of the surgeries are in place It is performed by only about 20 programs. Regardless, even small programs—some of which do only a few transplants each year—require enough staff to remain open. As in many areas of the world’s mass workforce, … Read more

The hotel is training workers to help reduce veteran suicides

Pensacola, Fla. — Veterans are 1.5 times more likely to die by suicide than the general population, with an average of 20 veterans committing suicide each day. To help combat this crisis, Innisfree Hotels has begun its own initiative within the company to train employees who work with veterans or individuals with mental health issues … Read more

Diet culture distorts body image, and promotes eating disorders. Try intuitive eating instead

DrAit culture surrounds and influences all of us. Despite the popular notion that it only affects people who watch their weight, diet culture generally has an effect as well. People with a high BMI are often ridiculed, bullied, and ridiculed. From school to college to work, it’s common for overweight people to be labeled “fat,” … Read more

Black Friday Fitness Deals Live: Hot Deals on Garmins, Gym Kits, and More

refreshes 2022-11-26T12:42:45.730Z (Image credit: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock/Polar) In an interview with Muscle Tech (Opens in a new tab) This past January, The Witcher and Superman star Henry Cavill — the internet’s favorite handsome Warhammer player — said the fitness gadget he couldn’t live without was his Polar running watch. Polar makes some great running gear, … Read more

Australia: NSW nurses speak out about healthcare crisis in fourth statewide strike

Thousands of public sector nurses in New South Wales took part in a statewide strike on Wednesday. In a long-running industrial dispute with the New South Wales state government, nurses are demanding patient rations to deal with hospital overcrowding and an unrelenting workload caused by public health funding draws and massive staff shortages. Workers are … Read more

Healthcare Champions: Aaron Ortiz and Manuel Jimenez

The need for therapists, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists is more important than ever. Under relentless pressure from the pandemic, inflation, wildfires, gun violence, racism, and war, our communities are calling out for help. Fortunately, we have two local leaders who are determined to move mountains. Aaron Ortiz, CEO of La Familia, and Manuel Jimenez, … Read more

According to science, combining olive oil and lemon juice may have tremendous health benefits

Lemon juice and olive oil are ingredients that appear in many of our favorite dishes. But did you know that the two – when paired – have tremendous health benefits? Lemon juice on its own supports everything from weight loss to better skin purification Nutritional and wellness value of olive oil well known. However, their … Read more

NordicTrack maker hands out raises and bonuses after waves of layoffs

The company that makes NordicTrack exercise bikes has promised bonuses and raises to employees after laying off hundreds earlier this month — sparking anger among fired workers, with some refusing to sign severance agreements, The Post has learned. IFit – ie Like archenemy the peloton was beaten As a sharp rise in demand for home … Read more

Despite the recent downturn of Beijing Tong Run Tang Ltd., Insiders still made around HK$26,000 after the purchase earlier this year.

Insiders who bought Beijing Tong Run Tang Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd (Hong Kong: 3613Stocks in the past 12 months are unlikely to be strongly affected by the stock’s 5.6% decline over the past week. Even after factoring in the recent loss, the value of the HK$577K worth of shares bought is now equal to HK$603K … Read more

How an Ohio city deals with the “uniquely American problem” of medical debt

With lawmakers elected and voters voting on key ballot measures this month, an Ohio city council has passed a measure likely to have an enormous financial impact on its community: purchase and medical debt relief for its residents. The Toledo City Council voted 7-5 in early November to use $800,000 in funds from the American … Read more