Should some lung transplant programs be closed?

There are about 65 lung transplant programs in the United States, but 85 percent of the surgeries are in place It is performed by only about 20 programs. Regardless, even small programs—some of which do only a few transplants each year—require enough staff to remain open. As in many areas of the world’s mass workforce, … Read more

Australia: NSW nurses speak out about healthcare crisis in fourth statewide strike

Thousands of public sector nurses in New South Wales took part in a statewide strike on Wednesday. In a long-running industrial dispute with the New South Wales state government, nurses are demanding patient rations to deal with hospital overcrowding and an unrelenting workload caused by public health funding draws and massive staff shortages. Workers are … Read more

How an Ohio city deals with the “uniquely American problem” of medical debt

With lawmakers elected and voters voting on key ballot measures this month, an Ohio city council has passed a measure likely to have an enormous financial impact on its community: purchase and medical debt relief for its residents. The Toledo City Council voted 7-5 in early November to use $800,000 in funds from the American … Read more

Pioneering Sustainability and Circularity in a Timeless Industry – POLITICO

Circular economy – What’s Next? The circular economy is one of the building blocks of the European Green Deal and Europe’s Agenda for Sustainable Growth. Circulation is also one of the six EU environmental goals included in the EU classification. European institutions have identified textiles as one of the sectors with the highest rate of … Read more

Primary hospitals can drive a holistic approach to climate and health

Health care systems on the front lines of the climate crisis – solidifying disaster response as they deal with mounting health impacts from heatwaves, wildfires and other weather-related threats. Hardest hit are America’s primary hospitals, which provide care for the nation’s most vulnerable patients. Within this challenge lies an opportunity. Given their position in the … Read more

How to choose a pet insurance provider

There are many different types of pet insurance policy providers, with varying costs and terms. Getty Images Having a pet can be one of the greatest joys in life, but that companionship can come with a financial cost. In addition to paying for things like food and toys, healthcare costs can add up, too. This … Read more

COVID-19 insurance coverage lawsuit in California courts

Monday, November 21, 2022 One of the threshold issues in cases of COVID-19 insurance coverage brought across the country is whether the policyholder’s claims meet the applicable pleading standard of claiming that the virus caused bodily loss or harm. In many cases, the courts have erred, effectively holding policyholders to higher standards than required. Recently, … Read more

AB Premier Smith alludes to user fees, co-pays, and healthcare privatization

In a paper published under her name last year, Danielle Smith said the answers to key problems facing Alberta’s health care system are found in user fees, co-pays, privatization and services covered by health insurance by redefining them. Paper – titled Alberta’s main challenges and opportunities — Published by the right-leaning University of Calgary School … Read more