Despite the recent downturn of Beijing Tong Run Tang Ltd., Insiders still made around HK$26,000 after the purchase earlier this year.

Insiders who bought Beijing Tong Run Tang Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd (Hong Kong: 3613Stocks in the past 12 months are unlikely to be strongly affected by the stock’s 5.6% decline over the past week. Even after factoring in the recent loss, the value of the HK$577K worth of shares bought is now equal to HK$603K … Read more

Why every doctor needs a translator

Twenty years as a medical malpractice attorney has given me a superpower. I am an exceptional translator. In the courtroom, we sometimes assign interpreters to interpret when a witness speaks a language other than English. They help the jury understand the witness and gather the information they need to make a decision. But we need … Read more

Is SmPC still relevant in the digital age?

After the pandemic, we have had to rethink the way drug information is disseminated and consumed For many years, the SmPC (Summary of Product Characteristics) has been used as the regulatory approved document for medicinal product information for health care professionals (HCPs) on how to use medicines safely and effectively. But with so much information … Read more

Why increasing black men in medicine is essential

A black doctor tends to an African American child. GT The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and National Medical Association The NMA recently announced a joint effort to hold a conference Collaborative Action of Black Men in Medicine In an effort to address the underrepresentation of African American men in medicine. This effort follows … Read more

Medigram leads mobile medicine technology ecosystem partnership with Routledge, Taylor & Francis on new book series and announces new book, Advanced Health Technology, our second book in a row to debut as the #1 New Medical Technology Edition

Los Gatos, Calif., November 23, 2022– (working wire) – Our new book edited it Medigram CEO, Sherry DeVille, Advanced health technology It equips leaders in both health systems and medical device companies to address the most emerging risks affecting healthcare. With this knowledge, readers will be able to define their legacy by successfully transforming healthcare … Read more

Being the change we want to see in ophthalmology

I am proud to be an ophthalmologist. We are fortunate to be in a field that is at the forefront of technological advancement, research development and surgical innovation in medicine. However, despite leading us in many aspects, ophthalmology has lagged significantly behind other medical specialties in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The stats on … Read more

Head of Clinical Trials, Addiction Medicine Post at the University of Sydney

Full time fixed term until 31st December 2025 at Surry Hills Campus, Central Clinical School Leadership opportunity to participate in clinical research projects and coordinate multicenter clinical trials Base salary between $129,847 – $137,008 (conditional on experience) + 17% pension about opportunity The College of Medicine and Health is home to the largest and most … Read more

How people living with irritable bowel syndrome can tolerate vacation

Traveling to see family for the holidays can be a traumatic experience for the approximately 15% of the population with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Stress – from families not understanding an individual’s nutritional needs or stress from family conflicts – increases their anxiety and worsens symptoms. Stress can amplify pain and even alter the normal … Read more

UCSD researchers discover new drug sofosbuvir useful for fighting neurological symptoms of COVID-19

While UC San Diego has adapted to the ever-changing COVID-19 situation and has made plans to lift several Masking instructions are mandatory By December 16, scientists are still learning about the lasting impact on those who have already contracted the virus. Despite the many known neurological symptoms associated with prolonged COVID, the pathology of these … Read more

Focus on what you can control

Patient volumes have recovered across the country, and most medical offices have returned to a steady state of caregiving — but ambulatory care has changed irreversibly. We have entered a period shaped by crisis and characterized by greater cost pressure and consolidation. What steps can independent medical practices take now to help ensure stability and … Read more