The hotel is training workers to help reduce veteran suicides

Pensacola, Fla. — Veterans are 1.5 times more likely to die by suicide than the general population, with an average of 20 veterans committing suicide each day. To help combat this crisis, Innisfree Hotels has begun its own initiative within the company to train employees who work with veterans or individuals with mental health issues … Read more

Healthcare Champions: Aaron Ortiz and Manuel Jimenez

The need for therapists, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists is more important than ever. Under relentless pressure from the pandemic, inflation, wildfires, gun violence, racism, and war, our communities are calling out for help. Fortunately, we have two local leaders who are determined to move mountains. Aaron Ortiz, CEO of La Familia, and Manuel Jimenez, … Read more

Prince Harry’s ‘desperation’ over Meghan Markle’s struggles with mental health is shown in the resurfaced video

Stay ahead of the trend in fashion and beyond with our free weekly Lifestyle Edit newsletter Stay ahead of the trend in fashion and beyond with our free weekly Lifestyle Edit newsletter The emotional moment after Meghan Markle told Prince Harry she was having suicidal thoughts was captured in a video showing the prince’s visual … Read more

Ex-CTO of WeWork in China offers on-demand work pods for mental health • TechCrunch

As China’s coronavirus policy continues to boycott offline work and face-to-face interactions, Dominic Peñalosa, former head of innovation and technology at WeWork China, came up with a bold idea – on-demand work booths in public locations – and managed to Rapidly raise capital for the business. Penaloza named his new project Peace in hopes of … Read more

How Jennifer Sibel Newsom became a champion for youth mental health

Sacramento, California. – Senior Partner Jennifer Sibel Newsom has spent decades highlighting, examining, and advancing young people’s mental health. But for her, the subject goes beyond professional duties. It’s personal. When Siebel Newsom was 6 years old, her older sister died in an accident, leaving her to deal with grief and emotional turmoil at an … Read more

Healthcare leader Jennifer Carvalho named Chief of Substance Use at Discovery Behavioral Health

The announcement coincides with her election to the National Assembly Addiction treatment providers Los AngelesAnd the November 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Discover Behavioral Health, Inc. , an expanding network of evidence-based mental health, substance abuse, and eating disorder treatment centers announces the recruitment of an industry experienced CEO. Jennifer Carvalho As head of the material … Read more

An MHP claims he was fired for searching for mental health resources

The Montana Department of Justice said this week that it is investigating claims by a former state trooper that he was fired after seeking help dealing with work-related PTSD. Zach Miller in a wrongful death lawsuit filed in Lewis and Clark County Court last week that he was fired from the Montana Highway Patrol in … Read more

The AllHealth Network chooses Eleos Health to automate sessions, reduce physician burden, and improve care

Partnership delivers enhanced voice-based intelligence that reduces administrative workload for service providers, giving them more face-to-face time with customers Enhanced intelligence from Eleos allows providers to focus on customers, reduce the burden of taking administrative notes and reduce clinical documentation work by more than 30% Boston And the DenverAnd the November 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — … Read more

A Louisiana woman paralyzed after a suicide attempt shows warning signs of mental health struggles

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) — A River Parish woman who attempted suicide as a teen has made it her mission to save others. Six years ago, competitive cheerleader from a hipster home, Emma Benoit, was a 16-year-old who seemed to have it all outside. “I was really struggling with how to navigate my life,” says Benoit. … Read more