Where is the International Space Station now? SpaceX launches supplies to the site from the Kennedy Space Center

Florida – CNN reports that SpaceX will attempt again to get a new batch of supplies to the International Space Station this weekend after bad weather at the launch site forced the company to scrap its first attempt. The mission is scheduled to lift off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 2:20 p.m. … Read more

Possible organic compounds have been found in Martian crater rocks

SHERLOC instrument in March 2020: Close-up view of an engineering model for SHERLOC (Scanning Habitable Environments with Raman & Luminescence of Organic Matter and Chemicals), one of the instruments aboard NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech A study published in the journal Science analyzes several rocks at the bottom of Jezero Crater on Mars, where … Read more

The historic failure of COP 27 puts the future of the planet in the hands of brands

While Cop 27 continues the age-old debate over whether wealthier countries should pay climate change reparations to those most affected, it’s the brands that hold the real power to make immediate and meaningful change. With hyper-engaged global audiences and ridiculously frequent consumer transactions, global brands have more power to effect change than governments struggling to … Read more

Large parts of Europe are warming twice as fast as the planet, on average

Newswise – Warming during Europe’s summer months has been much faster than the global average, shows a new study conducted by researchers at Stockholm University and published in Amwaa Journal of Geophysical Research. As a result of human emissions of greenhouse gases, the climate across the continent has also become drier, particularly in southern Europe, … Read more

First active chemistry on an exoplanet revealed by Webb telescope

Exoplanet WASP-39b (artist’s impression) is similar in composition to Saturn.Credit: Science/Scientific Picture Library The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has produced the most detailed information ever on an exoplanet, making it the world we know best after the eight major planets in our solar system. Observations of the planet, named WASP-39b, reveal patchy clouds, an … Read more

How food technology can create a healthier planet

When I was growing up, my mother used to say, “Let food be your medicine.” The problem was that the entire diet seemed designed to do the opposite. In its recently released World of the Future report, CSIRO identified food insecurity caused by climate change as a huge trend that will affect the world over … Read more

Short gamma-ray bursts track further into the distant universe

A Northwestern University-led team of astronomers has developed the largest comprehensive inventory yet of galaxies from which short gamma-ray bursts (SGRBs) originate. Using several highly sensitive instruments and sophisticated galaxy modeling, the researchers accurately determined the galactic homes of 84 SGRB galaxies and explored the properties of 69 identified host galaxies. Among their findings, they … Read more