Who are the leading innovators in the discovery of DNA polymorphisms for the pharmaceutical industry?

Pharmaceuticals The industry remains a hotbed of innovation, with activity driven by the development of new treatment paradigms, the severity of unmet needs, as well as the growing importance of technologies such as pharmacogenomics, digital therapies, and artificial intelligence (AI). In the past three years alone, more than 633,000 patents have been registered and granted … Read more

The program opens doors to AI jobs for young people in Arizona

Justin Spangenthal Cronkite News TEMPE – Robots take our jobs! Human fear of artificial intelligence has long been a polarizing topic in American popular culture, technology, politics, and even in some academic circles, and it is growing as AI technology spreads. Artificial intelligence technology has advanced significantly since its inception in the 1950s. An Arizona … Read more

• TechCrunch • Obizum uses artificial intelligence to build employee training modules from existing content

Corporate Training Market, an allied market research program estimates Worth more than $400 billion, it has grown exponentially in recent years as companies have realized cost savings in improving the skills of their workers. One PricewaterhouseCoopers Report It found that teaching employees additional skills can save a company between 43% and 66% in layoff costs … Read more

A Farsighted Approach to Machine Learning | MIT News

Imagine two teams having a tie on a soccer field. Players can cooperate to achieve a goal, and compete against other players with conflicting interests. This is how the game works. Creating AI agents that can learn to compete and collaborate as effectively as humans remains a thorny problem. The main challenge is enabling AI … Read more

AI platform gives CSHL researchers access to massive amounts of data | Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories licenses an artificial intelligence platform to accelerate cystic fibrosis research

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) has licensed an artificial intelligence platform, developed by Cognitive intelligenceTo speed up Cystic fibrosis (CF) Related discoveries. Platform , which also contains resources specific to the coalition forcesIt will help lab scientists accelerate their research by providing easy access to publications and clinical trials, and connecting to multiple databases. Its … Read more

Machine learning models for predicting the progression of HF and CKD in patients with type 2 diabetes in the early stage

Moral statement This study was conducted in accordance with ethical principles consistent with the Declaration of Helsinki, International Harmonizing Council Good Clinical Practice, Good Practice in Pharmacology Epidemiology, and applicable legislation regarding non-interventional and/or observational studies. In this study, we used two anonymous, publicly available commercial databases obtained from Japan Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd. … Read more