Channel Angle: Why you need managed services and cloud monitoring

columns CRN contributor November 25, 2022, 02:00 PM EST It would be great if you could set up a cloud environment and expect your workloads to run smoothly and without security or performance issues. However, things just don’t work out that way,” writes Mikhail Roshkin, Director of Security at Claire Scully, AWS Consulting Partner. Written … Read more

Chinese patent filings lead the world in 2021 amid innovation drive

The technological achievements in 6G were revealed during the 2022 Wuzhen World Internet Conference in Zhejiang Province on Wednesday. Wang Jing / China Daily BEIJING – A recent report showed that China ranked first in terms of global patent filings in 2021, ahead of all other countries, highlighting its strong momentum in building an innovation-oriented … Read more

A new world-class European supercomputer opens in Italy

By Gareth Wilmer For decades, the arrival of robots in the workplace has been a source of public concern over fears that they will replace workers and lead to unemployment. Now that more complex, humanoid robots are already emerging, the picture is changing, with some seeing robots as promising colleagues rather than unwelcome competitors. cobot … Read more

How the cloud has made computing harder, not easier

Remember when cloud computing was supposed to make IT professionals’ lives easier? When PaaS and IaaS free IT teams from the burden of managing physical infrastructure, and SaaS Will it make it easy to hand applications to any user, anywhere, at any time? Cloud sure did those things. But overall, the cloud made life IT … Read more

Baidu researchers propose ‘HETERPS’ for distributed deep learning with enhanced learning-based scheduling in heterogeneous environments

Deep neural networks (DNNs) have been greatly successful in many areas, including advertising systems, computer vision, and natural language processing. Large models with lots of layers, neurons, and parameters are often trained with lots of data, which greatly enhances the final accuracy. For example, the CTR, BERT, and ERNIE predictor model uses a lot of … Read more