CBRE has built an office in the metaverse, where no one will have an office

Could a virtual reality headset replace your desk one day? The Dallas-based commercial real estate giant, CBRE Group, doesn’t think so, but the company is testing ways the metaverse can help it bring together employees, oversee properties, and work with clients. Different people and companies have their own interpretations of what the term “metaverse” means … Read more

5 major challenges you’ll face when going to college in the Metaverse

It became increasingly more colleges metaversities – Taking the physical campus into an online virtual world, often called a “metaverse”. one initiative 10 American universities and colleges Working with Meta, the parent company of Facebook, and virtual reality company VictoryXR to create 3D replicas online — sometimes called digital twins – Live from the updated … Read more

A Vr ‘Retreat’ app to revolutionize the approach to wellbeing and education

Retreat is a VR and social app education The platform that connects users with world-class experts and courses focused on self-improvement and personal development. The app transports learners into immersive virtual worlds with the goal of helping users upgrade their “real-world avatars” by providing them with “real-world skills”. Unlike traditional e-learning channels, which are often … Read more

Virtual reality takes a foothold in the battle management system > Naval Sea Systems Command > Saved news unit

Dahlgren, Virginia – In the 1990s, the gaming world predicted the spread of virtual reality by 1994. Although this prediction may be a bit premature, the past few years have really shifted the spread of this new technology. Mostly associated with commercial products in this day and age, Virtual Reality (VR) has applications within top … Read more

Sand Springs science teacher gets $18,000 grant to buy virtual reality headsets for classrooms

SAND SPRINGS — Sixth-grade science teacher Sandy Gilstrap responded to the knock on her class door Tuesday morning with a degree of excitement that even the winner of a publishing house sweepstakes would envy. Gilstrap’s own version of “Prize Patrol” filled the entrance to the sixth-grade center outside, with representatives from the Sand Springs Education … Read more

Cornell Researchers Pixel Farm | Great Lakes Echo

A model of Red Hook farms inside a virtual reality simulator. Photo: Tappan Parikh By Genevieve Fox As virtual reality grows in the world of entertainment, a team of Cornell researchers is using it to prepare farm workers for hard work. Tapan Parikh, associate professor of information science at Cornell University, leads a research group … Read more

An expert suggests a way to find out if we’re all living in a computer program: ScienceAlert

Physicists have long struggled to explain why the universe began with conditions Suitable for life to evolve. Why physical laws and constants Take the very specific values that allow stars, planets, and ultimately life to evolve? the extending force of the universe, dark energyfor example, is much weaker than theory suggests — allowing matter to … Read more