Chicago Fire 11×04 movie review: “The Center of the Universe”

Chicago fire 11×04 “The Center of the Universe” is a hard-to-watch episode. Episodes that are always about sadness, especially when done so well. Because sadness is a lot of things. He doesn’t want to get up in the morning. It’s the politeness of dealing with people offering condolences, even when all you want is anger and tears. He doesn’t ask for what you need, and often, you don’t even really know what you need, because when it comes to him, nothing seems to be he can or will helps.

It is a fact that some things an act Help – even when a part of you doesn’t want it, how can they? How do you proceed? How can you be better without the person you lost? How can you smile again?

Why is it worth?

Chicago Fire – “Center of the Universe” Episode 1104 – Pictured: (lr) Alberto Rosendi as Gallo, Hanako Greensmith as Violet, Kara Kilmer as Brett, Daniel Kerry as Ritter – (Photo: Adrian S Burroughs Sr./NP) bad)

There are no answers to these questions. I’ve lost quite a few people close to me and I still have none. And Violet’s not at the point Chicago fire 11 x 04 “center of the universe” where a lot will really relax her. But Kelly Severide – a character who knows the loss first-hand – is right… If there’s anything that can help, even just a little bit, it’s a distraction. And the People. your people.

It is not a cure for everyone. They can’t improve it. It will continue to fall apart, at the most awkward moment. You’ll feel like your heart was dug out of your chest with a rusty spoon for hours more than you never will. you will resident Capture yourself imagining how you can change things, and haggle with a higher power for one chance to fix it. But you may also find a few minutes a day that you don’t think about, and little by little, even a few moments when you don’t feel like your life is meaningless.

And that’s a lot more than you ever thought was possible while you were lying in bed, on your own. Little by little, this will helps. There will always be a void. You will make it a part of you. adapts. Learn to live without that piece of your heart. But the loss… that never really heals. This is part of the journey. understand it. Learn to live with it and somehow… move on anyway.

Loss makes you rethink life

Chicago Fire – “Center of the Universe” Episode 1104 – Pictured: Taylor Kinney as Kelly Seyfried – (Photo: Adrian S Burroughs Sr./NBC)

Violet is the only one who really lost Evan, in a personal way, but the loss still made people reconsider, well…life. The way they live, the things they do, and the people they spend their precious seconds with. This is what happens with Wallace Boden in Chicago fire 11 x 04 “The Center of the Universe,” which is why Kelly Severide knows exactly when to push someone he’s never been close to.

Grief in general is a very personal experience, yet it is also a universal experience. Most people, at one time or another, will understand grief, even if they do not understand your specific grief. And when you’re there…when you lose someone, you know there are no right words, but the worst thing you can do sometimes is…say nothing.

Violet got help with this watch. She has people. But this is not enough, because this is not the whole story. Grief is not linear, and grief is not something you can handle in one episode. If the show is going to tell this story, they are ought to At this point… well, they have to say it right. with its ups and downs. With the moments when you feel the pain will never get better with the moments when it is easier to breathe. They should treat her with respect, and not as a starting point for something else.

I’m not ready to forgive the show for the decision they made – a decision that won’t do anything Ever Convince me he was the right person. But I’ll respect a well-told grief story if that’s what we get. Excuse meLet this be what we get.

Things I think I think:

  • Someone hug Violet, please. And don’t let her go.
  • I was dehydrated from all the crying.
  • Boden in this episode is very, very attached. He’s also in mourning, in a way. He feels guilty. All this is normal. We all process loss in different ways, and it doesn’t even matter that he wasn’t as close to Evan as Violet. A loss is still a loss.
  • Yes, Seyfried, yes. You can help.
  • Love the gift of Stella and Sylvie. Food is useful, especially because sometimes…you forget to get it yourself.
  • Oh, violet. Evan’s life matters even if this guy doesn’t work out. I promise you.
  • We get it, Carver has no one and he’s going through shit. We just don’t really care now. Maybe try later?
  • Stellaride’s unofficial post about their day would never work for me.
  • A man who knows when to shut up so as not to get involved with his wife is an intelligent man.
  • “One of the many reasons why you are my ideal man.”
  • It hurts us that we couldn’t see the history of Hokami from those photos. This painful.

agree? Disagree? what were you thinking Chicago fire 11 x 04 “center of the universe”? Share with us in the comments below!

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