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exclusive: Chicago Med star Brian T He will come out of the series after 8 seasons on the medical drama with episode 9 entitled “It Could Be the Beginning of Something New” and it will be shown on December 7 to be his last appearance. However, he will return for episode 16 offscreen to make his debut as a director.

Tee’s decision to walk away from the series after his 6-year contract expired was to spend more time with his family – his daughter with wife Meryl Taylor, Madeline was 5 weeks old when he started Chicago Med– and seeking other opportunities to expand his experience as an emerging actor, director and producer.

Run Dr. Ethan Choi Chicago Med This has been a blessing and a blessing. I am forever grateful to our fans and teammates in front of and behind the camera as I embark on a new journey. I am forever indebted to Dick Wolf, NBCand Universal Television for my choice,” T said in an exclusive interview for Deadline.

“What we were planning to say goodbye to Dr. Choi is appropriate, and it is beautiful,” he added. “I think fans will absolutely love it. It’s going to bring in a little bit of the new Ethan and a little bit of the old. I know Episode 9 is going to be great.”

When Tee started his career in Hollywood, he mostly booked roles playing Asian villains. In fact, before he joined the cast MedHe appeared in a one-time episode on Chicago BD titled “The Three Gs,” which was broadcast in 2015 as part of the second season of the policeman drama, who played such a role.

T is proud of every character he brought to life throughout his career because they all led him to Dr. Choi, a veteran military veteran and successful Asian physician who would become chief resident of the emergency department and then chief of emergency medicine at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. A role that would take his Asian acting career to another level.

“I have thought a lot about what Dr. Choi stands for. In terms of my career path, it has been a school of hard hits for a long time.” “I took what the industry gave me in terms of opportunities. At the time, the box I was allowed to play in over 20 years ago, was very limited; it was very stereotypical, and cliched like playing the archetype of the Asian bad guy. I have nothing against it; I managed to build a career but it never really pushed me to the level I knew I was capable of. Then literally, because I play Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesThe villain of all Asian baddies, my phone rings and my agent asks me if I want to go to Chicago.”

He continued, “Ethan Choi marks for me the first time I’ve played a protagonist in such a powerful way and it has pushed me into a different arena, where I feel realizing not only about myself but Asian Americans have been transformed. Just having an Asian face as a leading man has been a stepping stone to the fact that It wasn’t peace.”

The tee fell from the shooting Med Last season, he only appeared in 8 out of 22 episodes of the opposite star Nicole Kidman in amazon ArrivalsFrom writer/director/EP Lulu Wang. Revolving around the fabric of Hong Kong, the series tells the story of an international community whose lives are bound together forever after a sudden family tragedy.

Supported by executive producers at MedChoi was temporarily disqualified after a patient shot him in the season seven finale.

“This was phenomenal; I’m still squeezing myself, said T, who mocked the series’ premiere in 2023. “Lulu Wang is a genius. I created a writers room made up of all Asian American women to tell this story, and its direction is absolutely amazing. It felt like we were making a six and a half hour movie because of the talent it brings. Arrivals It was a complete transformation from Chicago Med, Vividly with the story, but also the nuances of What we were trying to convey. I was also quite fond of working in front of the legendary Nicole Kidman; Going toe-to-toe with someone of this caliber as an artist was a beautiful thing. It helped me achieve certain things inside of me that I knew I could and I wanted to.”

When Dr. Choi appeared in the 8th season premiere of med, He was recovering and dealing with his father’s death when a sudden encounter occurred between him and April (Ya DaCosta). Could this mean lasting happiness is in the husband’s cards?

Is her return and my exit a coincidence? I don’t know. I know the audience is guessing navigation where they would take our relationship if there was one, and where they would take Dr. Choi as a character,” T sneered. “I think Ethan and April’s relationship was so amazing, so touching, so exciting. For me, it was a pleasure to see them together. Knowing they were bringing her back to help with Ethan out is a blessing. I feel satisfied with the full story line of my character after 8 seasons. What I can say is that they bring the kitchen sink for Ethan’s fairness which I hope will leave a heart full for everyone.”

He added, “I hope Dr. Choi will be remembered for being the moral compass of Chicago Med Trusted by fans and patients. He has always done everything in his power to earn his patients’ trust and give them the best possible care. As much as a legacy, this is the gist of what I hope he leaves behind. When he walks away, that confidence he instilled in him will remain there.”

Tee remained silent about whether death for Dr. Choi was on the table but as someone who didn’t like to say goodbye, would be open to returning in the future.

“I’d never say no. Yeah, if the opportunity presents itself, sure. I feel like I’m part of this family and I’ll always be part of this family, whether it’s on screen or off screen. So if there’s an opportunity to bring it back, I’ll just jump in here. For now, That’s it, I’ll see you later. I’ll be back. He concluded: “You can’t get rid of me.”

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