download vitamin c Dietitian warns that taking too many supplements can be unhealthy

Some Michiganders have turned to dietary supplements for the chilly and flu season to spice up their physique’s defenses.

Whereas nutritional vitamins will help enhance the immune system, an excessive amount of of factor can have adverse results, explains Sarah Hutchinson, registered dietitian with Henry Ford Well being.

“Complement toxicity is if you get an excessive amount of of a vitamin or mineral, normally from dietary supplements or artificial sources,” she stated. “It is changing into extra of a problem with available dietary dietary supplements.”

It is rather unusual for people to ingest a poisonous quantity of a specific vitamin or mineral from meals sources alone. However including a number of dietary supplements can lead to taking a whole lot or 1000’s of proportion factors in extra of what’s beneficial day by day.

For instance, Hutchinson described a state of affairs through which a affected person may take a day by day multivitamin, along with a day by day dose of a vitamin C complement equivalent to Emergen-C, a zinc complement, and an elderberry complement that additionally accommodates zinc and vitamin C.

“They’re taking one product on prime of the opposite when possibly they simply want this multivitamin on daily basis or each different day,” she stated. “I heard metaphor just lately: For those who put extra gasoline in a automotive, it will not go quicker. In the identical means with nutritional vitamins and minerals, simply because now we have extra, it does not imply your physique will operate higher.”

Signs of getting an excessive amount of of a vitamin or mineral could be basic or nonspecific, equivalent to headache, stomachache, or coronary heart flutter. Extra critical reactions can embrace blood clots and stroke-like signs, particularly in people with liver or kidney issues.

An excessive amount of of 1 nutrient can really feel like a deficiency in one other, making it tough to diagnose the issue by yourself. A blood check will help assess unhealthy ranges; So dietary labels could be higher evaluated when deciding which dietary supplements to take.

The required vitamins listed on the standard Diet Details label have undergone a change lately to mirror vitamins that many Individuals usually are not getting sufficient of. Labels nonetheless want to incorporate calcium and iron, however as an alternative of asking for nutritional vitamins A and C, they now require vitamin D and potassium.

When potential, nutritionists recommend forgoing dietary dietary supplements in favor of a nutrient-dense weight loss plan; Citrus fruits and broccoli, for instance, are good sources of vitamin C. Dietary dietary supplements ought to solely be utilized in instances of deficiency, equivalent to when you wrestle to get sufficient of a specific nutrient naturally.

Hutchinson additionally recommends avoiding dietary supplements that far exceed the day by day suggestions. A superb strategy is to debate nutrient choices along with your main care doctor to find out the perfect acceptable choices to take, and whether or not the complement may work together negatively with one other treatment.

For instance, the FDA warns that drugs for HIV/AIDS, coronary heart illness, despair, organ transplant therapies, and contraception tablets are much less efficient when mixed with an natural complement generally known as St. John’s wort. As well as, the mix of a number of blood thinners, together with a vitamin E complement, could enhance the chance of inner bleeding or stroke.

For the reason that common American weight loss plan “has room for enchancment,” Hutchinson stated there’s usually nothing fallacious with taking a multivitamin. However some are higher than others.

“One of the best rule of thumb is to be sure you do not get greater than 100% of the[recommended daily allowance],” she stated. “It is way more useful to take smaller doses than to get 100% abruptly.”

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