EDSEL DOPE: ‘We found a very unique way to allow STATIC-X to continue to live’ as an inheritance

anesthetic leader Edsel Dobwhich is widely believed to be ZER 0masked head fixed Xtalk to me Battleline podcast About what it was like when I’ve spent most of the past three years performing and touring along with the guitarist Tony Camposdrummer Ken Jay and guitarist Koichi Fukuda. He said (as he wrote it BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “When Wayne [Static, STATIC-X frontman] He died, let’s just say he wasn’t at the top. Let’s just say that when he and I were playing those little club shows, he struggled. And the fans knew her. Which is why he was playing with small crowds. People, in many ways, kind of pulled them off. But then we brought fixed X Go back and do it 20th anniversary of Wayne Static and make [2020’s] “Project Renewal” And releasing this album to people, I think, is in the minds and hearts of fans more than ever, and it’s a legend in a different way. He didn’t come out at his best, but we brought him back and we backed him up and made people remember him for the best of him, the work he did in those nine years of his life. fixed X. And then what he left behind to help us then finish up and walk through the world and celebrate his soul, his fans, his family, and the original. “Death Trip to Wisconsin” Band, it’s cool to think, like, if you were Wayne You look down and you go, like, “Dude, you mean to tell me I’m dead and after three years my original band got back together, and I went on tour, and she didn’t try to replace me with a new singer, and she didn’t try to move on from me, but instead found a way to represent me and keep me involved in it.” And making fans celebrate and remember my legacy Wayne Static“.while I remember fixed Xof course, because there was no one greater than fixed X; It was a great recipe made by four guys, but we all know it Wayne It was her engine. But if he’s looking at it, dude, you can’t do anything but totally explode and honor him with the amount of love and admiration and the amount of work that me and the band and his family put into organizing it all. . And if you watch those shows, or even if you find them online, the amount of production and time and money that’s been invested…Anyone who says, “Oh, look at these guys who take their money,” is, like, “Brother, do you want That you see the damn bill from production and from trips? This wasn’t a bunch of guys, “Oh, we found our way to the top financially.” No. This was a way for us to go out and do something really cool creatively and artistically that came from all the right places in our hearts. And I’m huge fixed X Fan, I’m thankful I miss the band and I know the fans miss the band. and now fixed X touring with ROB silly zombies And the Modvine Playing with 20,000 people a night – exactly where they’d be if Wayne He was still here. And that’s all you want to say. The music was more than anything else. The connection that the band had was greater than anything else. And I think we’ve found a very unique way to allow that fixed X To continue living with no attempt to carry it into the future and to exist in the future without it Wayne. It’s more about being a legacy business, and always will be. And it’s just a very creative way to allow the band to continue to be a part of those great, great experiences. “

Back in October 2019, a photo was posted online that clearly demonstrates this anesthetic And the ZER 0 We shared the same neck tattoo. but, edsl He later posted a lengthy statement to his group Facebook Page trying to eliminate rumors, which means ZER 0The distinctive body ink was actually a Photo shop profession. anesthetic He even gave a picture of himself supposedly watching a fixed X performance side to prove that and ZER 0 They weren’t the same person.

fixed XThe group’s latest tour celebrated the group’s 20th anniversary with platinum certification “Death Trip to Wisconsin” album and tribute fixedwho died eight years ago.

two years ago, Campus discuss fixed XBack during the day “SDR View”. Talking about the idea of ​​how ZER 0 Wearing a mask in the form of fixed came around, Tony He said, “When we were trying to figure out how we’re going to do this live, the first thing that came up was the hologram thing, and it was dropped pretty quickly.

“The thing about the band for us is the energy and the atmosphere that we all got from the interaction we had on stage, and you can’t understand that with a hologram. So that was pushed out the window very quickly so we figured out it had to be someone. ZER 0 And we saw and heard he could do the job, we were, like, ‘Cool. How do we present this in a cool way that isn’t related to…? ‘ ‘Cause we didn’t want to go out, like, ‘Hey, there it is fixed X with their new singer. This is not what we were trying to do. It was about remembering Wayne And remember the good times we had in the early days and the fun we all had 20 years ago walking around “Death Trip to Wisconsin”. And so we really wanted to focus on that and not on the new singer. So the idea for the mask came.”

Campus He continued, “Initially, we came up with a robot-like helmet from ‘push it’ Video and even filming some video clips ZER 0 He wore it, and it looked great. Logistically speaking, it won’t work, though, because you’re blind to it. And so, what will you do? Have someone take him to the front of the stage, and make sure he doesn’t fall off the stage? So we were, like, “Well, what else can we do?” And so we thought of all these different goods that we had, with the skulls, in WayneHis hair and beard and I thought, “Okay, let’s try something like that.” So we presented the idea to a friend of ours who designs masks for Slipknot comrades, John 5many other people, and she’s back with it ZER 0 mask. And then once we got the hair up, we were, like, “Oh, yeah. Dude, that’s it. And so we went with that.”

asked Lu fixed X He still kept ZER 0the identity of a secret though “everyone knows” who he is, Tony He said, “Yes, but I still want to keep that distinction, because, once again, I’m trying to maintain focus [on remembering Wayne]. “

according to CampusAnd the ZER 0 He wasn’t the only singer who was in the mix for fixed X Frontline head job. “I had some ideas in my head, but he was the first to come up with and really showed he could do the job,” Tony explained. So I was, like, ‘I don’t think I need to look further. ” [Laughs]”

Campus He went on to say that he “knew there was going to be some negativity” on the internet once fixed X announced her return. “It was definitely a talking point for sure,” he said. “But I think once people heard our story and heard that the Wayne family gave us their blessing to do what we were doing, and then once they actually saw that, I think that was the big turning point. Once people got out and tested and we saw what we were doing, I think it made Most of these people turn around.”

“Volume Renewal Project” Released July 2020. Volume One of two volumes, “Volume Renewal Project” It included 12 new tracks containing many final vocals and music tracks fixedalong with CampusAnd the Jay And the Fukuda. Both volumes are being worked on for a long time fixed X Producer Ulrich Wilde.

fixed He died after mixing Xanax and other strong medications with alcohol, according to the coroner’s report. The 48-year-old’s real name is Wayne Richard Wellsdied at his home in Landers, California on November 1, 2014.

fixed was established fixed X in 1994 and achieved commercial success with “Death Journey Wisconsin”which included radio rock music “push it”.

The group released five more studio albums before finally disbanding in June 2013. fixed He was pursuing a solo career at the time of his death.

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