Ethereum, My Neighbor Alice, and Big Eyes

Blockchain products were previously seen as investment assets. However, it has grown far beyond that. Users can now interact with the blockchain ecosystem through various applications. However, this does not strip them of valuable investment assets.

Let’s take a look at some exciting Blockchain projects!

Ethereum (ETH) the second largest cryptocurrency

Ethereum is open source software that enables developers to create smart contracts and launch decentralized applications. Ethereum is also a blockchain protocol that supports the second largest cryptocurrency, Ether. It also helps developers build secure, decentralized and scalable applications.

On the other hand, Ethereum is an open source network. On the other hand, Ethereum is a programming language. The Ethereum programming language allows developers to run distributed applications. With this said, Ethereum runs what we call Blockchain as a Service.

Currently, there are more than 2,900 products built on Ethereum, over 71 million accounts, and 50 million smart contracts. Lots of people use Ethereum. It’s not just for investors, nor for companies alone. Writers, gamers, musicians, and even refugees use the Ethereum network.

My neighbor Alice (Alice)

My Neighbor Alice is a virtual community where people can build digital experiences. They can decorate their spaces, interact and make new friends. This unique product combines gaming, social and finance in a decentralized environment. It becomes interesting because this game is easy to use for non crypto experts.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call My Neighbor Alice the metaverse protocol. The game combines virtual reality, augmented reality, and NFTs. Since this game focuses on training beginners in crypto, it uses fun stories to teach people about blockchain technology.

Users can start enjoying the game by purchasing virtual lands and participating in different activities in this space. They can participate in activities like farming, beekeeping, fishing and many more. These activities can also be done in groups.

Like Sandbox, there is also Game Maker and NFT Maker in this game. Content creators can use these tools to create interesting NFT games and cool games in the ecosystem. However, this game remains unique from other Metaverse games with DeFi features. Players can participate and loan their NFTs for passive returns. They can also trade NFTs in the integrated market or other overseas markets.

Big Eyes (Big) New Meme Coin

Big eyes is a cat memecoin. It is represented graphically with the image of a beautiful cat. This cat has large eyes that are full of sparkle. We can’t help but love the cat. But why the cat? Cats and dogs are common pets all over the world. These animals are always cherished by their owners. It would only be fair if this love was brought to the crypto community.

Regardless, we’ve seen a lot of dog-themed cryptocurrency. These cryptocurrency exchanges include Shiba Inu, DogeCoin, Akita Inu, etc. However, there was no cipher in the form of a cat. The team at Big Eyes have taken it upon themselves to create the much-anticipated cat crypto community. The community will unite cat lovers through events, competitions and merchandise.

As a memecoin, Big Eyes will use a lot of methods to spread hype around the community. You’ll contribute to charity, host contests, and create memes. The team will allocate 5% of its total supplies to charity and another 5% to marketing activities. Recently, they donated $1000 to Luna Children. They are also various competitions with prices that are mouth-watering for their community.

There is a lot in the project roadmap. The team plans to create a swap to facilitate DeFi. They also intend to create educational materials to help people aboard the DeFi ecosystem. Additionally, a merchandise store and NFT collection are expected to be available soon.

To close it off, Big Eyes facilitates a no-tax policy. No fee will be charged for every transaction made on the Big Eyes ecosystem. There is a lot to come for the big eyes. The second stage of the pre-sale is underway; $250,000 contest underway. So, check out their social links to stay informed.

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