Finalist – Kings 5, Red Wings 4 (OT) – Danault, Moore, Walker, McLellan.

The Los Angeles Kings came out on top after a home and away game in Detroit, and claimed their second win of the season with a 5-4 overtime win over the Red Wings.

Striker Philip Danault scored twice, including the winning goal in extra time, as one of five Kings forwards with multiple points in the evening.

The hosts opened the scoring less than five minutes into the game through striker Adam Ernie. After the Kings lost possession of the puck in the attack zone, Ernie led the 2-in-1 dash, saved the puck himself and fired a flick from his wrist past goalkeeper Jonathan Quick to score his first goal of the season.

However, the Kings responded with a pair of their own to take a 2-1 lead in the first half.

First, after just 19 seconds of conceding, the third streak got the Kings on the board to tie the match by one. A baseball-style swing from Alex Ivalo in the Neutral Zone hit the disc to Gabi Velardi, who walked through the middle of the ice, pulled the ball on his front hand and beat Detroit goalkeeper Phil Hoso with a shot from the hole in his favour. The third goal of the season. With the assist pass, Alex Yavalo extended his scoring streak to four matches.

Later in the opening period, Kevin Viala and Adrian Quimby hit tandem for the second game in a row in the transition to put the guests ahead. Riding out of the area quickly, Villala attacked the defense away from the rush before colliding with Kembe in the right circle, firing his fourth team-leading goal of the season for a 2-1 advantage.

Detroit held the game with two goals, with a goal stemming from a rush in the transitional phase. The Kings were caught in a peculiar position as the Red Wings entered the attack zone, before Dominic Kopalek ran back and hit David Peron through the hole, with the latter finishing with one move from the left circle to make his second. the classroom.

With less than four minutes of play in the second half, the second streak put the Kings in front with a goal heading into the break. Danault sent a neat pass through the ballons to Trevor Moore, who returned the favor with a backhand pass to Danault to score at the back post. The play was the first point of the season for both players, pushing the Kings forward 3-2.

The third round-robin period saw teams eventually make their way into overtime and tied 4-4.

First, Detroit scored at three points in strong play, with Peron firing his second goal of the game with a flick from the left circle. However, the Kings are back, with Anzi Kopetar scoring his first goal of the season. After one timer Adrian Kempe was saved but not caught, Kopitar first headed into the crease and put the disc into the back of the net at close range to aim for the green light.

The Red Wings got a late chance to force overtime, through Oscar Sundqvist. After Victor Arvidson nearly froze the match at one end, Detroit ran the other way and pushed the match into overtime, where Sundvqist received a low puck and swept it into the net for a fast outstretched pass.

The Kings responded to earn the second point in overtime with Danault burying his second goal of the match. In a 2v1 dash with Trevor Moore, Danault’s pass hit one of Detroit’s defense and parried Huso for the match-winning goal, Danault’s second goal of the evening.

Hear from Danault, Moore, Sean Walker and Todd McClellan after tonight’s game.

Philip Danault

Trevor Moore
If he feels his streak feels like he’s feeling exactly the same as he did this season
Yes, of course. It’s great that Arvy is back, he’s a huge piece in our line and he’s bringing so much humiliation to her. I think that was good, but I think we have to keep building in a lot of areas, especially winning more fights and getting more pucks and keeping the pressure in the o-zone.

On the goal of five against five between him and Philip Danault in the second half
It was kind of a weird play, I was coming for a change to fire up the cannons because we were in the power game and then the power game was over. Everyone started screaming that the disc was there, so I just picked it up. I just saw an elephant on the back side, it was kinda weird play.

On improvements made defensively over time
Yes, I think we’re doing some good things defensively, but there’s still a lot of penalty kicks. He put a lot of weight on our penalties and Quickie in those places.

Shawn Walker
When he got the call he’s playing tonight
Yeah it’s been a five minute warm-up, I’ve been hanging out in the back and I hear Eds has taken a tablet somewhere and I’m just ready. I kind of started warming up in there and just warmed up and got out there. Not the usual routine and everything, but I think I coped with it well.

About what he can do, both mentally and physically, to prepare given the circumstances
Mentally, I don’t think there was much time, it was just getting out there and letting the body take over. Physically, I had about five minutes to walk around and stretch quickly, then got back up. It was definitely weird, but I think I handled it well and was happy with how the game turned out.

Todd McClellan
To win tonight
Really good effort, we’re getting better, we’re starting to feel a little bit the way he should be playing. There are still moments during the match, the empty net, obviously, we haven’t gotten to yet, but for the most part I thought we were starting to look a lot like we should. Quickie put in a good game, conditions were weird again tonight, with Edler out in the heat and Walker having his best game of the season so far, including pre-season so that’s a good sign. Good effort from everyone.

On the return of the group after the late goal against the win in overtime
Well the players themselves, we had a lot of experience, four or five guys settled on it, everyone wanted to win it for Arvy, I’ve seen a lot of guys juggling it, saying no problem we got this. That’s how it’s over, but we definitely don’t want to do it too much, and put ourselves in this situation.

On transitional goals in successive matches from Villa and Quimpe
The ability that premium players have, just to do very small plays to keep play alive or to create an opportunity… It was just a small touch across the neutral zone. Sometimes our non-offensive players quit at this point, or they may have already turned around and will come back to check again, but talented ones are able to do so. Similar goal last night in Minnesota where Quimby fell and quickly found a hole in that wing.

About how things change like they do when a player goes down to warm up
We yelled at Sean Walker for his gear, no warm-up and play, that’s all you can do. The game plan doesn’t change because one guy falls and the next guy advances and that’s how it happened. For me, I know Sean Walker should answer that question, but that might be the best way for him to get in and play. No thinking, just go and play the game. His ability to come back from injury after not playing for a long time, I thought tonight he did a great job under difficult circumstances.

* Regarding Alex Edler, McClellan said the Kings “will see how it is in the morning”, but had no update on Alex Yavalo’s condition as of tonight’s game.

Notes –
– With the win, the Kings have improved to 9-1 in the last 10 matches against the Red Wings.
Philip Danault has scored his first two goals of the season, including the match winner in overtime. It was his second goal in extra time and his first with the Kings.
Adrian Kembe scored his fourth goal for the team this season in the first period. Only Luc Robitaille (6 in 1999-00; 5 in 2000-01) and Anze Kopitar (6 in 2021-22) have scored more goals in the Kings’ first four games in a season in the past 30 years.
Alex Yavalo scored his 100th career assist with an initial assist on Gabi Velardi’s first goal of the period. Yavalo became the 15th non-manufacturing active skater in the league to hit 100 assists, with the season-opening point streak extended to four games.
– Anzi Kopetar (1-1-2), Kevin Viala (0-2-2) and Trevor Moore (0-2-2) scored in multi-point matches tonight.
Gabriel Velardi scored his second goal in the most number of matches and his third goal this year. Velardi also created five new shots on target in one match.

The Los Angeles Kings aren’t expected to hold a morning skate party tomorrow in Nashville, considering noon. Puck drop is set at 6:30 PM PST against predators.

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