FX on Hulu’s Fleishman Is In Trouble, A Christmas Story Christmas, + more

There are plenty of great new shows premiering this week on streaming, including a long-awaited limited series based on a popular novel, the final season of the cult-favorite drama series, and tons of Christmas programming, including the return of one of the most iconic Christmas families of all time. With so many great new shows and movies to choose from, let us here at Decider help you find out What are you watching this weekend and where it is being broadcast.

New movies and shows to stream this weekend: Fleischmann is in troubleAnd the dead to me (season 3), Christmas story Christmas + more

Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s 2019 novel, Fleischmann is in trouble, was a hilarious, sweet punch about middle age, marriage, and feminism, and now Jesse Eisenberg and Claire Danes play the newly divorced Fleischmans in the TV-adapted version of the story on Hulu. On Netflix, Jen and Judy are recovering from the blow that closed Season 2 of The dead to meAnd now they’re back for more drama (and hopefully less murders?) in season three. And on HBO Max, Peter Billingsly returns as Ralphie Christmas story Christmas, the sequel to the classic holiday movie that led a generation of people to say things like, “I can’t put my arms down!” and “Who’s Little Mommy Pig?” and pronounce it “fra-jee-lay”.

Want to know more about these highlights and the rest of our great weekend lineup? Check out the rest of the new hit titles when they air this weekend below:

New on Hulu November 17: Fleischmann is in trouble

Jesse Eisenberg stars as Toby Fleischmann, a New York City doctor whose wife, Rachel (Claire Danes), withdraws from him after years of an unhappy marriage. Toby is devastated by Rachel’s disappearance which becomes more and more mysterious as time goes on and she never checks on him or their children. As he navigates life as a newly divorced father, seeking support from his old friends (played by Lizzy Caplan and Adam Brody), he still can’t seem to shake the question: Where is his wife?
Stream Fleischmann is in trouble on Hulu

New on Netflix November 17: dead to me

If a comedy sitcom ever came out, this would be it dead to me, whose third and final season premieres on Netflix on Thursday. Mysterious deaths, identical (possibly evil) twins, and wild twists in just about every episode punctuate the series that stars Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini as Jane and Judy, two friends whose relationship begins after Judy kills Jane’s husband in a hit and run. . As Season 3 opens, the pair are recovering from the blow and running away on their own, which is the kind of suspense that has us wondering if they’ll make it to the end of last season. They’re alive, but with these ladies, that means their secrets and deceptions just keep piling up.
Stream dead to me Season 3 on Netflix

New on HBO Max November 17: Christmas story Christmas

Ralphie (Peter Billingsly) and his bunny suit are back in the HBO sequel to the beloved holiday movie. Christmas story. In the new movie, Ralphie takes his wife and kids to visit the house he grew up in for a fun vacation. The film, set in 1971, also features several actors returning to reprise roles they made famous as children: Scott Schwartz reprising his role as Flick; RD Robb returns as Schwartz, Ian Petrella returns as Ralphie’s brother, Randy, and even Zack Ward has returned as their school nemesis Scott Farcus. Darren McGavin, who played the old man, sadly passed away in 2006, and Melinda Dillon, who played Ralphie and Randy’s mother, has retired from acting, so Julie Haggerty will take over her role. As with many sequels like this, whether they’re really good is irrelevant, it’s fun to watch the nostalgia all over.
Stream Christmas story Christmas on HBO Max

Full list of new movies and shows on weekend airing

The above options are only just scratching the surface, so you know the full lineup for this weekend will have amazing options for what to watch this weekend! For the full breakdown of the best movies and shows streaming right now, or if you’re still undecided about what’s airing this weekend, check out the full list below:

New on Netflix – Full List

Released Thursday, November 17th

Bantu Mama
Christmas with you Netflix movie
Dead to Me: Season Three – NETFLIX SERIES
I’m Vanessa Gillen A documentary on Netflix
Pepsi, where’s my plane? A documentary on Netflix

Released on Friday, November 18th

The Cuphead Show!: Part 3 The Netflix family
Elite: Season Six – NETFLIX SERIES
The Great British Baking Show: The Holidays: Season 5 – NETFLIX SERIES
Inside the Job: Part 2 – NETFLIX SERIES
reign supreme – NETFLIX SERIES
slumberland Netflix movie
act of violence Netflix movie

New to Hulu – Full List

Released Thursday, November 17th

Fleischmann is in trouble (FX on Hulu)
Dragons: The Nine Realms: The Complete Fourth Season
The Country Christmas Album (2018)

My Old School (2022)
Spruce and Pine (2017)

Released on Friday, November 18th

Christmas Eve (2014)
The Forgiven (2022)
Mary Kismas (2015)

Released Saturday, November 20th

Double (2022)

New to Paramount+ – full list

Released Thursday, November 17th


Released on Friday, November 18th

Blue’s Big City adventure (the first show)

New to Prime Video – full list

Released on Friday, November 18th

The people we hate at the wedding
Bosco Novia (2021)

New to Disney + – full list

Released on Friday, November 18th

Shark game
Genoa Bridge disaster
Me & Mickey (Shorts) (Season 1, 20 episodes)
Mickey and the Roadster Racers: Diggity Dog (S1)
Mickey Mousersease (S1)
Virus hunters
The best in the snow
Mickey: The Mouse Story
The wonderful fall of Mickey Mouse

Released Sunday, November 20

Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium

New to Apple TV + – full list

Released on Friday, November 18th


New on HBO Max – the full list

Released Thursday, November 17th

Christmas story Christmas2022
caughtMaxx Original Premiere
Paradise (paraiso)Max Original Season 2 premiere
Santa CampMaxx Original Premiere
The sexual life of college studentsMax Original Season 2 premiere

Released on Friday, November 18th

Camilo: El Primer Tour De Mi Vida (HBO)
The Food Affair with Mark WiensMaxx Original Premiere

Released Saturday, November 19th

The 2022 Rock and Roll Induction Gala (HBO)

Released Sunday, November 20

King Tweety2022

New on Showtime – Full List

Released Sunday, November 20

L word: generation x (the first show)
Bellator 288: Nimkov v. Anderson 2
Let the right person

New to Starz – full list

Released Sunday, November 20

dangerous relationships
Step up
BMF Documentary: Blowing Money Fast

What’s new broadcasting in November 2022?

These are just a few of the new movies and shows you can catch this month if you have more than one subscription to the streaming service. We update our guides to new releases on the most popular streaming platforms every month, so you can stay on top of the latest titles to watch. Here are the full listings, schedules, and reviews for everything that airs:

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