Good news for Democrats: Abortion is a powerful incentive for voters

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Today’s version: The Biden administration finished fixing Obamacare’s “family glitch.” Experts condemn Florida Surgeon General’s guidance on coronavirus vaccines. But first…

Voters know a lot about dropping Rowe, but they don’t know much about the Democrats’ new health measures

Democrats and Republicans are working to fine-tune their battle plans in the final phase of the midterm campaign, with the goal of finding the right messages to motivate their bases to reach the polls on Election Day.

a new scan This morning’s release from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) has good and bad news for Democrats.

The good: Abortion is a stronger incentive for midterm voters now than it was in July. In particular, access to the procedure motivates Democratic and Democratic voters in states where most abortions are illegal.

bad: Medicare provisions in the party’s health and climate bill are popular with Democrats and independents. But few voters are aware of the specific health provisions of the law after nearly two months President Biden I signed the Inflation Reduction Act.

Midterm elections see far fewer voters than in presidential election years, meaning races will be won and none of the factions will lose in November. This gives increased importance to any issue that could drive voters to the polls.

  • “In the final weeks of the campaign, issues like abortion access or drug pricing can galvanize small numbers of voters, shift some races, and possibly shift congressional control,” he said. Larry Levitt Executive Vice President at KFF.

top line: Nearly half of voters say the June Supreme Court ruling is overturned Raw vs. Wade It made them more excited to vote in this year’s elections. Who is this 43 percent In July – and from 37 percent in May when a similar question was asked shortly after the leaked draft.

  • Among those defended by the Supreme Court ruling, Three-quarters They said they plans to select candidates who wish to protect access to abortion, compared to 17 percent who say they will vote for candidates who want to restrict the procedure.

Democrats are trying to exploit voters’ anger at the government. Senate candidates, as well as groups that support them, have spent more than that 54 million dollars on advertisements that refer to abortion. These dollars come mostly from Democrats. just under 3 million dollars It was spent by GOP candidates and groups that support them, according to data provided by Effect, which tracks commercials. (h/t our editor and former Health 202 author, Paige Winfield Cunningham)

KFF Poll too Captured notches Among Republicans and within the anti-abortion movement. Some of these divisions have already been shown to the public in the few state capitals that have tried to pass new laws restricting procedures since the Supreme Court decision.

  • for example: severely 70 percent of Republican voters said they opposed a ban on abortion in the case of rape or incest.
  • Around 65 percent She was against allowing ordinary citizens to sue those involved in abortions, which was allowed for the first time in Texas, and 51 percent He opposed making it a crime that would entail fines or imprisonment for a doctor to perform the operation.

About the Democrats Health Act

For months, weak Democrats more worried The probability of failing to secure a health care win before midterm. the party passed the legislation In August, lawmakers now have to sell the new law in order to sway voters.

A majority of voters support the provisions of the Medicare package, which is intended to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for seniors and those with disabilities. Three out of four adults have heard at least a little about the new law, though few actually know what it does.

  • severely 63 percent of people said they were not sure if the law put a limit on out-of-pocket spending on prescription drugs for those enrolled in Medicare.
  • Around 60 percent Those surveyed said they were unsure whether the packaging had reduced monthly insulin costs for Medicare takers.
  • Around 55 percent They said they were not sure if the measure would allow Medicare to negotiate the price of some drugs.

Senate Democratic candidates use it as an election message, albeit to a much lesser degree than abortion; They spent about $15 million on ads in the general election that reference health care.

Leslie Dash – who founded protect our carea health advocacy group allied with Democrats – said he believes Democrats are campaigning on the bill, but many ads don’t specifically name the new law, Inflation reduction lawwhen promoting the provisions of the new policy.

  • “There is more work to be done to educate the American public about what this law does for them,” he said. “This is a job not just for this election cycle but for many years to come.”

The Kaiser Family Foundation surveyed 1,534 American adults between September 15-26. Margin of error plus or minus 3 percentage points for the full sample.

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Biden finalizes plan to end ‘family dysfunction’

Yesterday, the Biden administration ended a rule that would allow millions of other families to purchase health coverage with federal benefits through the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplace.

predicament, suggest first by Treasury Department In April, it was describe it As the single most important measure the administration could take to build on Obamacare without Congress.

the details: The rule fixes the so-called “family glitch.” Financial assistance to purchase Obamacare plans is usually for people who cannot obtain coverage through their job or a government-run program. But this help is available to people who have particularly expensive business plans, requiring them to spend approx 10 percent or more of family income on their health insurance premiums.

Until now, this limit was dependent on the individual’s insurance plan. It did not include how much it would cost to cover the worker’s wife or children – even if covering the entire home’s costs exceeded the affordability threshold required by law.

The Final rule Family members of workers who are offered affordable—but unaffordable—home coverage are allowed to qualify for premium tax credits for purchasing ACA plans. The White House appreciates it million people Either will Get coverage or see their insurance costs drop because of the change.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra:

Experts criticize Florida general’s warning about coronavirus vaccines

Medical and public health leaders condemns guidance From the Florida Surgeon General, Joseph A. Ladabowho warned young adults to stop taking the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and Moderna Coronavirus, our colleague Dan Diamond reports.

Ladabo recommendation extrapolated from short state analysis which has not been peer-reviewed, does not carry authors and cautions that its results are “preliminary” and “should be interpreted with caution”. Experts described the advertisement as a politician disguised as a flag.

Dunn interviewed more than a dozen experts who included the concerns in the Florida analysis. They said it relies on information from often inaccurate death certificates rather than medical records, distorts the findings by trying to exclude anyone with COVID-19 or a COVID-19-related death, and draws conclusions from a total of 20 heart-related deaths among Men. 18 to 39 that occurred within four weeks of vaccination without taking into account other potential factors.

In an interview earlier this week, Ladapo defended the vaccine study as a belated attempt to investigate the risks associated with vaccines. He has argued that high levels of immunity to the virus raise new questions about the risks versus benefits of the injection.

The firestorm highlighted Ladapotheir efforts to Dissuade parents from vaccinating their childrena challenge US mask And the Contrasting treatments for gender identity disorder For both kids opposing by medical societies and praised by conservatives.

Stephen Patrick, Director of the Center for Child Health Policy at Vanderbilt University:

The implementation of routine vaccination rules in the capital has a complex process

A quarter of Washington’s school-age population is still behind on required routine vaccinations, complicating the city’s plan to begin enforcing a long-standing, but historically neglected, rule that prohibits students who fail to comply. Entering the classour colleague Lauren Lumpkin reports.

Low compliance rates along with data reporting and connectivity issues have raised concerns about the feasibility of imposing another deadline for the region: a Corona virus vaccine requirements which older students must comply with by January 3rd.

All Pre-K through 5th grade students were expected to meet the yesterday deadline to receive all routine vaccinations for childhood diseases including measles, polio and whooping cough. However, school officials said there will be a two-week grace period for more than 1,000 students with pending papers or a set date.

At least 24 families refuse to comply with the mandate and will be excluded from their schools until their children are vaccinated, according to Brian ElliotHead of School Improvements and Support Department. Middle and high school students will need to meet the same requirements by November 4.

Office of the Deputy Mayor of the Capital for Education:

Take a look: Sohn’s accusations about Herschel Walker are the focus of a new ad

  • 1 in 20 people say so You have not fully recovered Up to 18 months after infection with the Corona virusaccording to a new, long-running study on the COVID-19 virus based on the experiences of nearly 100,000 participants, our colleague Francis Stead Sellers reports.
  • All eyes are on Montana Supreme Court ElectionsAnd the Where abortion rights are put to the test in a state that has emerged as an island of access in the Northern Rockies, The Post’s Karen Brollyard Writes.
  • moves: Former US Ambassador Pamela K Hamamoto has been selected To be the lead US pandemic negotiator on the proposed pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response agreement currently being discussed in World Health Organization.
  • moves: Former Michigan Health Director Robert Gordon I was oath officially Yesterday, Assistant Secretary-General for Financial Resources in Department of Health and Human Services.

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