Greg Norman’s Saudi LIV Golf Tour skips Victoria as Daniel Andrews clings to golfing powers

“I haven’t seen much evidence of the US PGA doing any service to Australian golf fans lately,” he said.

“I think it is time to make some changes to golf. To that end, I wish LIV Golf all the best.”

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan stands left of Andrews at the Presidents Cup Opening Ceremony at Royal Melbourne Golf Club in December 2019.

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan stands left of Andrews at the Presidents Cup Opening Ceremony at Royal Melbourne Golf Club in December 2019.attributed to him:Getty Images

A Victorian government spokesperson said: “No talks or negotiations took place between the government and representatives of the LIV Golf league.”

Andrews is obsessed with golf and his government has provided huge funding for the sport. However, sources cited his closeness to the founding tours – the US PGA Tour and the Australian PGA – as the main reason why the breakaway tour didn’t arrive in Victoria.

Andrews has an affair with Jay Monahan, the powerful commissioner of the US PGA Tour who led the campaign to ban LIV players from the US Tour to discourage the rebels and protect US golf’s dominance.

The Victorian government hosted the prestigious Presidents’ Cup in 2019 after striking a deal with Monahan’s PGA. Andrews and Monahan played a round of golf together after the 2019 event, according to to me Golf Digest.

The Victorian government claimed the 2019 event generated “$50 million in profits” but declined to say how much it paid the PGA for the right to host it because contracts for the event are commercially confidential. The cost was about $25 million, said golf and government sources, all of whom spoke anonymously for classified information.

A critical element that underpins the gap between the LIV and the Victorian government is Agreement between Victoria and the American PGA To host two future major cups that were signed in April. The sources said it was this relationship, rather than any human rights concerns, that drove Victoria’s stance on LIV.

The Victorian government refused to answer whether the contract for future events contained a clause prohibiting the country from hosting any LIV events. However, government sources said that the relationship with the US PGA would inevitably be spoiled if Victoria cooperated with LIV as it tries to create a global sports competition similar to Formula 1.


Norman Tell the age And the The Sydney Morning Herald This month Australia has been denied high-quality tournaments. “The Presidents Cup comes in there once every seven to 10 years, sucks up the economy and then disappears,” he said.

While a component of the Australian golf scene opposes the normalization of the Saudi Tour, another school of thought argues that the golf lifestyle should be embraced as it can provide greater opportunity and exposure to Australian golfers and attract more star-studded events.

The two Australian golf authorities, PGA and Golf Australia, have for months refused to make substantive comments about the sub-round. They also declined to comment for this story.

Duncan Andrews, owner of The Dunes, said he would be open to hosting a LIV event on its track. “Having players from 40 common disciplines [tournament wins] The play would be better than anything that has happened in Australian golf.” “People were flocking to see it.”

“I don’t see Australian golf as having benefited from the US Tour. In fact, I suspect we went way too far.”

“I do not understand why [a state government] It will be supportive of one round over another. The logical thing is to support the game of golf and any entity that offers the best product should be welcomed with open arms.”

LIV Golf has been contacted for comment.

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