Gunnar Henderson is one of the most promising young hitters in baseball

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On September 1, one day later Baseball no. 5 year probability First appearance in the league, Dan Szymborsky Wrote That the Baltimore Orioles “showed mercy to the junior league bowlers…officially summoning the player Gunnar Henderson. As my teammate pointed out, the 21-year-old left-handed hitter cut .297/.416/.531 with 19 home runs over the course of 112 games between Double-A Bowie and Triple-A Norfolk .154.

Henderson has continued to impress in the big leagues. In 110 board appearances with O’s, the young player has penalized pitchers up to 139 wRC+, with 12 out of 27 search results for additional bases. He’s left the yard four times, with the most recent of those blasts leaving his racket at 111.1 mph and traveling 428 feet into the Fenway Park Center field terraces.

Henderson sat down to talk hitting Tuesday, the day before he was named America baseballMinor League Player of the Year.


David Laurella: Let’s start with your development as a hitter. What do you know now that you didn’t do when you were recruited by the Orioles [42nd overall in 2019 out of Selma, Alabama’s John T. Morgan Academy]?

Gunnar Henderson: “I would say it’s a good number of pitches to shoot. In high school, you’ll get many pitches to hit in at-bat, and then as you go forward, at each level, it’s going to be less and less. Especially here in the major leagues. You really have to walk And don’t give in to what the bowler wants you to do. You have to look for that one pitch, because you might only get one game, maybe two.”

Laurea: How do you feel about doing this?

Henderson: “I feel like he’s really gearing up for a bowler. It’s knowing what you’re good at, seeing what he’s good at, and kind of matching that with what he’s going to try to do. You’re trying to put the odds in your corner and wait for him to mess around.”

Laurea: It has been said that hitters don’t hit the house, but bowlers run around the house…

Henderson: “Yeah. I mean they will make mistakes and you have to hit them. Then sometimes they make a file [pitcher’s] But since you have the right plan to go into it, you will still succeed in achieving one goal. So it just depends on how you hit it, and how well you planed against it.”

Laurea: A bomb blast hit here last night. I suppose you got the pitch you were looking for?

Henderson: “Yeah. He was kind of struggling to get into the area a bit. He gave up his home run for Tony [Anthony Santander]Then he walked to Mt [Ryan Mountcastle], so I thought they’d try to get back into the area pretty quickly. I was able to get a good number and get a presentation on top of the board.”

Laurea: How far are you looking for a certain tone, rather than one tone above the palette?

Henderson: “It depends on what their arsenal is. If they have a bunch of pitches, you can’t really just go for one, because they’re going to throw the kitchen sink at you. If they have power elements, you kind of look out for an area and interact with everything else.”

Laurea: How many board appearances have you had since you were summoned?

Henderson: “I think I’ll get close to 100.”

Laurea: Are you being attacked the same way you were in the beginning, or have the shooters adjusted in how they pursue you?

Henderson: “They make a little tweaking. I don’t want to give away too much, but yeah, they did change it up a little bit. I feel like I made some tweaks again, and I’m ready to go back in again.”

Laurea: Is it mostly about searching in different areas?

Henderson: “I would say he understands how they are trying to promote you. If it is one of your weaknesses, work on it in the cage and then be aware of what they are trying to do. Be aware of that and try to make the necessary adjustments quickly.”

Laurea: You just mentioned working in the cage. How do you train?

Henderson: “I’ve found a good routine this year, and I’m sticking with it. I’m a big believer in this foam baseball. It’s not heavy – not hard enough to break your racket – but you can manipulate the machine to where you’ll carry it like a fast ball. You can also set it where You’re going to run the ball or cut – whatever you want. I feel like that was a big thing for me. We started doing that in spring training and I loved it. I’ve worked with this a lot every day since then.”

Laurea: Do you know what’s coming or is it like a BP mix?

Henderson: “This one we know what’s going to happen, but we mix BP too. One of the coaches, like [Ryan] Fuller or Burgess [Matt Borgschulte] – And we’ve got some coordinators walking around too – they’ll come and throw everything. This is something we’ve been doing since I got here…or should I say in 2020 when I went to an alternate site, and when I went to guide you. Mix BP is closest to a game actor without actually being in a game, so I do it all the time.”

Laurea: Final question: You are 21 and you just started the season at Double-A. Just how fun is this?

Henderson: “It’s a great experience, especially being here with some of the guys I’ve come through in the little leagues with. I mean, that’s what I’ve wanted to do my whole life. I’ve been preparing for this every day for a long time. Now that I’m here… there is no Real pressure. I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do.”


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