Highlights DC’s 4-3 (overtime) win over the Blue Jackets in pre-season

The Washington Capitals succeeded in the pre-season finale as they brought down the Columbus Blue Jackets in overtime. The show season is complete.

Anthony Mantha, Alex Ovechkin, Nick Dodd, and Dylan Strom all participated in the hat board.

Here are some of the highlights of the game.


New dad Anthony Mantha opened the scoring with a neat deflection for Martin Ferrary’s shot.

Patrick Lane immediately hooked things up with an absolute hit from the wrestler.

Igor Chinakov gave Columbus a lead with his sixth pre-season goal.

Alex Ovechkin hit home his first net zero goal in pre-season to equalize things again late in the first.

Sean Coralley via some help from John Carlson gave Columbus their lead early in the second.

Nick Dodd made a single swipe through Elvis Merzlikins to tie the match again.

Dylan Strom with the overtime winner via Conor Brown’s recap.


  • It’s great to see Alex Ovechkin Go up on the board in a non-empty grid setup. He had to register with his two sons in the building and The result did it. Tariq is huge and no goalkeeper can stop him.
  • I would really like to see Lucas Johansson He had the opportunity to take this third mating role alongside Trevor van Rimsdijk. He looked, for my money at least, way better than Eric Gustafson during pre-season.
  • Jakub Vorisk is one of my least favorite players in the league. It dives and is generally annoying. Me and Mike Silsky, I think.
  • He did not like the effort during long periods of this game. It was just a preseason game, but the five against five attack took a long time to kick off, there was a lot of sloppy defense, and they received a lot of bad penalty kicks. I think you want your final tuning game to be a lot cleaner.
  • in my opinion, Alexi Protas He should be in the squad on day one of the regular season and in the top nine attacking group. No other player has made such an obvious leap in level during the holiday season as he has. His appearance will allow the team to spread their depth really well.
  • It’s really cool to see all the alumni go into the stream. NBCSWA did a really good job with that. Sergey Gonchar was one of my favorites when I was a very young child.

Next time we see the hats on the ice inside the Capital One Arena, it will be for real. They will face the Boston Bruins in their regular home season opener.

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