‘Idiot’ Sebastian Bach and ‘dummy’ Ronnie Radke exchange insults in Twitter feud over using supportive tracks

Sebastian Bach And the Ronnie Radke Engaged in a war of words on Twitter During Falling in the opposite directionThe decision to cancel the appearance at the festival due to the “loss” of laptops.

Just hours ago Falling in the opposite direction It was supposed to appear in Whale Rock On Saturday, September 24 at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake, Illinois, the singer and his bandmates canceled their performance because their laptops — which musicians use to “play” their show — got lost. in time, radke He said in a video message that he and his buddies “have no other choice” because “as a squad in 2022, you need your laptops. It’s like driving a car without an engine.”

after two days , SiriusXM radio personality Eddie Trunkwho has been an outspoken critic of rock bands using pre-recorded tracks in their live shows, criticized Falling in the opposite direction To cancel the concert, he wrote on his social media: “This is amazing..First I heard about this I think it was a joke to wrap me up. How long will it take fans, promoters and media just to accept the epidemic of live rock shows…not really live? Pay Your hard-earned money watching a ‘live’ band isn’t really live?! There are countless bands in 2022 that have polished their craft and played live! Tons! New and Old!! Including one that has been replaced for them in the special slot! them, Jackel . No need for a laptop there! This is just unrealistic. But at least I give them credit for being honest. Fabulous. I’m closer than ever to launching my own band. And I can’t sing or play a tune…simply amazing.”

On October 1, radke took him Twitter to respond to Boxwriting: “EddieTrunk so want to talk to Hella Chet about laptops but go watch a lip-sync kiss, Stephen Tyler He plays the piano and then halfway through the song he’s standing on top of the piano while he’s still playing, but here we act like they’re all not using the pieces you fucking idiot. moron.” He also shared a video of Box an introduction bachThe solo band on a show, had the following message included: “EddieTrunk presents sebastianbach using the tracks, both goons talking shit about me using the tracks can’t make this nonsense.” Shortly thereafter, bach He responded back, writing, “You idiot, are you trying to say you think I’m using tracks on stage? EddieTrunk How fun ****** is.” radke He then replied, “There’s fake crowd cheering in your intro tracks and also fake drums, that shit isn’t real, you’re using a fake audience cheering and you’re walking down a silly track and then using the tracks.”

Things escalated even more when bach He tweeted, “Watch what happens when track bands call real musicians idiots,” prompting radke You write: “Fuck is the bitch you would? You disrespect an entire generation of people having synth laptops and backing tracks all while you use a fake audience on the track and you walk and fuck you and fuck you eddy trunkass bitch.” Sebastian He later added, “It’s always fun to show someone what the world was like before there was the internet, get ready to have fun. Virtual reality is so much fun that you have to deal with real reality. In your face. I can’t wait to meet you in person. Mention the time and place and I’ll rock ‘n’roll Roll personally.

not back down, rune He wrote, “What a silly predicament this guy we all loved before is literally disrespectful to an entire generation of bands. You have so many people who have grown up listening to you that you should be ashamed of yourself. Nonsense changes and so do people your problem.”

earlier today, Twitter The feud continued, with radke Share a classic video of queen performance “bohemian rhapsody” And writing: “sebastianbacheddietrunk and any other literal clown: I think queen Not real rock since 1986, they used entire tracks to play bohemian rhapsody and walked off the stage.” Within minutes, Sebastian He replied, “Laptops weren’t invented in 1986, but you realize that laptops only came out like 1997, which is genius isn’t it? How did that happen? queen Go on stage? If laptops weren’t invented, wouldn’t they have two display-cancelling devices? How did this clip happen without laptops? Isn’t that impossible? “

One person apparently motivated radke And the Falling in the opposite direction he is motley crowe‘s Nikki Six. The guitarist wrote, “Keep on banging that fake bullshit. It sounds like ‘Get Off My Lawn’.” God forbid if some artist used technology as a creative tool on albums and in live environments. I get it. Just open your mind and stop fighting reality. It makes you sound like you Touch and I love to fly the rock flag.”

Back in 2019, bach He weighed the interest of artists who use pre-recorded tracks in their live performances, saying that it “has become very rare to ‘see bands’ not imitating or making silly movements while playing a tape.” Previous slippery grade The singer said sound consequences: “I don’t know how long I can tell you I don’t use tapes on stage, because I don’t, and I never did. And I still don’t. I wouldn’t. Tour. I feel like one of the last people. When I have bands , and they use the straps, and then I go out and I don’t use the straps… Sometimes, I feel stupid, because I’m like, what I’m doing, when all those kids who are half my age can get on stage and do all my moves, but they don’t have to warm up for an hour Before the show, or weeks before the premiere?’ Sometimes I say, ‘Why should I bother, if the audience is so used to this other way’?’

“I just made this cruise, called rock legends Cruz, there was all the old teams – like kansas And the Edgar WinterHe continued, “These guys come to the stage and destroy you with their music. None of these gangs on this trip used the tapes. And kansasI was hanging out with that guy with an eye patch [guitarist Rich Williams]and he said, “I tell people, ‘Come see this while it’s still there,'” because it’s becoming so rare that you come to see a good band that is actually a real band—don’t copy or make silly moves while the tape is playing. It gets rarer as the years go by. “.

When asked why he thinks artists’ use of pre-recorded soundtracks seems more prevalent nowadays, bach He said, “Because everybody shoots everything on their phone, and then posts it all. That’s why. Nobody wants to jump so much and then send a bad note, and then post it on the Internet, and people say, ‘He doesn’t sing it like a drum.'” Well, nobody navigates when they are logged in. So, you can either freeze or sit in a chair – that’s how you make a recording – and if you want to do that, it’s a pretty boring show. “

He went on to say, “Most artists say, ‘Singing is so hard.’ I’m not from that school. I’ve done four Broadway shows—I don’t move the keys down; I can still tap all the notes. I might not hit them all quite like the recording any night.” Maybe I won’t be as good as I used to be…but I’m as good once as I ever was. [Laughs]”

bach previously pushed Kiss Against allegations that the band used pre-recorded tracks during their farewell tour. “I listened to Paul Stanley sings his ass straight” Sebastian Tweet after witnessing KissThe concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. “I’ve seen more explicit use of support pathways than I have seen KissKiss He added, “It’s not lip sync. There’s a lot of busy doing the greatest rock show you’ll ever see.”

In July 2020, bach Accused hazy confrontation leader Chris Jericho Using pre-recorded audio tracks during live shows. Previous slippery grade The front man claimed at first Jericho It was a “simulation of a tape” in hazy Concerts in a social media post. In response, the wrestler-turned-rock rocker insisted he “didn’t imitate anything at all” and challenged bach to “singular” with “without influences, without tuning, without nonsense,” saying “bass A great singer…but I’m better.”

In the months that followed, bach I brought JerichoAlleged lip syncing on several occasions, most recently in January 2021 in an interview with Aquarian Weekly. He was specifically asked about his feud with ChrisAnd the Sebastian He said: “I have an open mind towards everyone. If you read Blabbermouth.com [sic] Some bands say, “We are the future of rock and roll and we are the next thing after that rolling stonesI think this is incredible! What did I miss? So, I checked one video in which the singer was 100% parodied on tape on stage at The Rockpile in Toronto. I said to myself, this is strange, this is not the next rolling stonesSo, I watched another video where he was opening up Nickel Buck In the arena, once again, he imitates a bar. You can go see it for yourself. Then someone said, ‘This is a clip of him singing live. Legit, brother. He imitates the tape again. It’s clear madness. This is not my opinion, it is a fact. I am not the one to start the fight. But don’t tell me what live singing is, because I’ve never used the tape. I don’t even know how to do that.”

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