Kristen Brown Should Have Honestly Tell About Cody Split

  • Kristen Brown had to tell her “sad” daughter that she broke up with Cody without him there.
  • On Sunday’s Sister Wives, she called the job “the worst conversation” of her life.
  • Kristen said she wanted to move with Truely to Utah so the Truely siblings could “wrapp her” with love.

TLC’s “Sister Wives” star Kristen Brown revealed why she had to tell her “sad” 12-year-old daughter that her relationship with Truely’s father, Kody Brown, ended without him there.

Early in Sunday’s episode, viewers saw Kristen and Cody meet to discuss more details about their breakup, Including a temporary visit plan to Kodiwho asked to take Trulli to the home of his fourth wife, Robin Brown.

Kristen liked the idea and also suggested that she and Cody plan a time to sit down and tell Truely about their breakup so the news wouldn’t “accidentally slip” in front of her, but Cody resisted.

Cody, Kristen and Truly Brown

Cody, Kristen and Truly Brown in 2020.

Kristen Brown on Instagram

Later in the episode, Kristen makes it clear to the cameras that her worst fears have come true. She said she’s been on the phone with her eldest daughter, 26-year-old Mykelti Padron, talking about how excited she is to move to Utah and be closer to Mykelti and some of her older children who live there.

“Then I heard a gasp, and I looked behind me and there was truth,” Kristen said in a solo interview. “Cody and I were talking to Truely together, we didn’t come to an agreement. But I obviously didn’t have a choice anymore.”

Kristen said she definitely started on Really they were moving to Utah And although her daughter was already crying, she decided to tell her that there were “more” changes to come. A mother of six said she felt Truly hadn’t found out she had broken up with Cody yet.

Kodi Brown and Kristen Brown from

Cody Brown and Kristen Brown from Sister Wives.

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So, I explained to the teens that they were the only people in the family who had moved to Utah (Kristen Gwenden’s 21-year-old daughter resides in Arizona, and Her other daughter, 19-year-old Isabelle, He was moving to North Carolina to study at college.)

Kristen said Trulli then asked if her parents were “divorcing.”

“And her little face was so sad,” Kristen told the cameras. Then she explained why she chose her next words so carefully.

Kristen and Cody announced to the public at November 2021 that they were ending their relationship After more than 25 years of “spiritual” marriage. But Kristen was Cody’s third wife and they were not legally married.

So, with no legal papers to present and Kristen no longer believing in the teachings of the fundamentalist Mormon Church to which Cody belongs, she decides to talk about her breakup with Cody to Truly as if it had already happened.

“I could have said ‘yes, we’re going to divorce,’ and then every time Cody came in, she would watch us crazily and anxious and wondering,” Kristen said. “And then also she might have this false sense of hope that we’ll be back together again. So, I said ‘Okay, love, we’re really divorced.'” ”

Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown grew up in polygamy.


She described telling her daughter about the end of her marriage as “the worst conversation of my life,” but was optimistic that the Trulli siblings in Utah would “encapsulate” her with love once they got there.

Cody was upset that he wasn’t there to help tell the truth about the news.

“I want a relationship with my children, especially those who are young and vulnerable,” he said in a one-on-one interview. “So it’s like this is just a follow-up to a story. It’s really setting up ‘Dad’s never here anyway, is it?'” “I mean, it really leads the way.”

“If my relationship is bad with my children, it is. It’s not always my fault“The thing is, I didn’t really have a mom willing to help with that,” he continued.

He said Kristen was painting him as an absentee to their children because she needed “excuses to be able to leave him.”

“Sister Wives” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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