Lenore and Karl’s story surprises book readers

  • Warning: spoilers ahead “Dragon House” Season one, episode seven.
  • The final shot on Sunday’s episode showed a surprising turn of events between Lenore and Karl.
  • House of the Dragon continues to amaze people, even as they read Fire and Blood.

At the end of Sunday’s episode, “House of the Dragon” continued its surprise show for fans with New perspectives and changes of events It was outlined by George R. R. Martin in The Fictional History of the Targaryen Family. Instead of keeping the “historic” details of Lenore Fellarion’s death such as “Fire and Blood”, The TV series version says that Lenore actually helped fake his death.

The final minutes of the episode led viewers to believe that Raynera and Damon had paid Qirl to kill Lenore – which is what happens in Fire and Blood. But in the closing shot, we see Lenore jump in a boat with Qarl, and the two head out to live in Essos probably for the rest of their lives.

So why did this event change for television adaptation? It is just another modification of the historical account in “Fire and Blood” that allows the audience to empathize road More with Rhaenyra in her fight for the Iron Throne.

Rather than being a murderous, heartless adult girl, Rhinera’s character appears as a loving mother, good friend, and ally to Lenore. Rhaenyra is threatened by court people loyal to Queen Aliscent, and she is politically savvy for literally marrying her to Daemon and his daughters for her cause.

How is Lenore’s death explained in Fire and Blood?

scene from

Lenore Villarion in “House of the Dragon”.


In Martin’s book, Lenore’s death follows Laina’s, adding to the tragedy felt by Lord Corliss and Raines.

This is how the narrative history tells of Lenore’s death at the hands of Charles:

Lenore Villarion, Princess Rhaenyra’s husband and presumed father to her children, was murdered while attending a fair in Spicetown, and stabbed to death by his friend and comrade Ser Qarl Correy. The two men were quarreling loudly before the blades were pulled, the merchants at the fair told Lord Villarion when he came to take his son’s body Curie had escaped by then, injuring several men who tried to immobilize him. Some claimed that a ship was waiting for him at sea, and no one saw him again.”

The book’s historical account continues to make clear that the circumstances of Lenore’s murder remained a mystery, like a recent cold case with various theories. The quarrel of jealous lovers turned into a murder. The assassination Daemon paid to pave the way towards marrying Rhaenyra (this is the story put forth by Mushroom, Court The idiot seen at the wedding welcome feast in episode 5). The historical account says that Qarl was known for his extravagant taste, and therefore it is plausible that he killed the future king’s companion for a huge reward and shipped him to Essos.

In ‘House of the Dragon’, Laenor and Qarl are in the plan, and a random servant is killed in court to fake the death of the King’s companion.

scene from

The secret of Karl in the “Dragon House”.


The final minutes of the episode show how Reinera and Damon conspired to fake Lenore’s death, leaving Reinera officially widowed and in need of a new husband.

A demon approached Karl at the docks of the Driftmark, and said he could obtain gold and security at Essus in exchange for a “quick death, with witnesses”.

As we know from Episode VI, Daemon spent a lot of time in Pentos and traveling to other places in Essos, collecting gold and allies. “There are places across the narrow sea where a man’s name doesn’t matter,” Damon tells Karl. “Only how much gold does he have.”

Next, we see the implementation of the plan. The devil sneaks up on the servant of the castle and breaks his neck. Then Lenore and Qarl had a confrontation in the main hall at High Tide (the castle ruled by Lord Corliss). They made sure they had a witness who rushed for help.

By the time Lord Corliss and Princess Rennes arrived, all they saw was a charred corpse dressed in Lenore’s clothes and a witness to Karl’s attack and escape.

After successfully smuggling Laenor away, Rhaenyra and Daemon marry each other – reuniting their children forever under the name Targaryen.

This continues to trend towards new perspectives on Rinera’s story that make her the most sympathetic hero

Millie Alcock as young Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon

Princess Rhinera Targaryen (Melle Alcock) stands before her dragon, Syracuse, and the Iron Throne.

Olly Upton / HBO

In “Fire and Blood,” the male bias in recorded history paints both Rhinera and Aliscent in a harsh, unpleasant light. House of the Dragon rounded out their characters, adding things like Aliscent’s annoyance when she was a young girl in the company of Viserys (the father of her childhood best friend) or Rhaenyra’s teenage double standards formed because she was a girl.

But after the 10-year leap forward, “House of the Dragon” showed how fragile, ruthless, and hypocritical Aliscent became as Rhaenyra grew protective, thin, and strong. We have fewer reasons to be cheerful for Aliscent, and instead serve as a valid counterpoint to Rainera’s disregard for habits.

The added scenes in the show for Alicent are things like her hitting her children or accidentally allied with a nearby killer like Larys.

Meanwhile, Rhaenyra’s additional scenes show her concern for Laenor and her duty to the kingdom when it comes to Aegon’s prophecy and the title bestowed upon her by her father the king along with the lords of Westeros who have sworn to obey her. We see intimate relationships at her wedding, consensual sexuality, and childbirth, while Aliscent wasn’t included in all of those moments.

Adding to Rhaenyra’s pro-Rhaenyra leanings in “House of the Dragon”, this episode also revealed that Rhaenyra tried to have children with Laenor more than once. She did not jump straight into adultery with Harwin Strong, but did try to “do her homework” with Lenore. They needed to produce heirs, and fast, in order to fend off the Eagles of Succession.

With only three more episodes left in Season 1, fans will have to wait to see how the scales turn toward Team Greens (Alicent and Otto) or Team Blacks (Daemon and Rhaenyra).

New episodes of “House of the Dragon” air Sundays on HBO at 9 p.m. ET. For more read Our breakdown of the best details you may have missed in the last episode.

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