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Before more housing,
water supply solution

repeats. “The survey showed resistance to more housingPage A1, October 3rd:

I’m sure you’re right that a great deal of resistance to the new housing is an uncomfortable mixture of NIMBY and racism. We already have a dark side even in our somewhat blue valley.

Another issue of great importance that needs to be addressed in addition, is water. Unless we can come up with a serious, viable mix of, say, wastewater recycling and desalination – both of which are not on the horizon – we can’t continue to add jobs and people to the valley.

Unless new construction is needed to add underground parking, there will be no place for cars.

These things can be resolved – perhaps a lot easier than racism and gossip – but we’ll need to find some big money and creativity to do it…and soon.

James Bangsund
San Jose

You don’t need SJ
Mayor owned by 49ers

repeats. “49ers bombed more for Cindy ChavezPage B1, October 2nd:

I agree with Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmore that the massive sums of money that 49 women contributed to her city’s election campaigns are outrageous. But the Niners didn’t stop and are now casting a wider net.

And in April, they contributed $300,000 to pro-committees for mayoral candidate Cindy Chavez. On September 28, the Niners gave those commissions another $400,000. You have to wonder what return they are expecting for this $700,000 investment.

I personally can’t wait to find out. Matt Maham, you have my vote. We must not allow the NFL football team to take over San Jose as they currently control the city of Santa Clara.

Tom Darby
San Jose

The big parties have
blatant candidate issues

With each passing day, the naked self-interest of Republicans becomes more and more evident.

They decided that a footballer in Georgia without any qualifications was fit to serve in the Senate, and now they explain his inadequacy by saying that he had concussed many times. They support a congressional candidate in Ohio willing to lie about his military combat experience, something that once went well beyond pallor. Across the country, Republicans are searching for candidates for election oversight positions with a qualified signature to insist that the electoral process was complete fraud and the answer to that is voter suppression.

Meanwhile, Democrats have put themselves in a quandary with an overdue president and a vice president whose only raison d’ĂȘtre is her checking enough identity politics boxes.

The choice between bona fide degradation and shameful decadence.

Eugene Eli
San Jose

Medical residents need
mental health care

I would like to draw attention to poor mental health of medical students residing and raising awareness of this issue with the hope of creating a more welcoming environment for medical students in the future.

The years of residency after medical school usually involve working conditions with low pay and long hours. Besides, students experience the trauma and grief associated with working in the healthcare field. This greatly affects mental health, leading to stress and even depression. We have seen frequent cases of residency students ending their lives due to stress, but there is little effort to bring about change.

Health care workers play a huge role in keeping our society healthy, yet their health is sacrificed. It makes me wonder, where are the laws or policies that address this issue. Health care workers should receive the same amount of benefits as people working in technology.

Kylie Nguyen
San Jose

Shooter training required
To make schools safe

repeats. “Stop hurting kids with active shooting drillsPage A6, October 4th:

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