Michaels and Broncos TV apologized to viewers over ‘Thursday Night Football’ train crash: ‘It burns retina’

Viewers of Thursday night’s game between the Broncos and Colts weren’t treated to the quality of football, and broadcasters didn’t try to spoil it and make it look like it was nothing but a bad game.

As the dust settled at Empower Field at Mile High in Denver, the Colts took a 12-9 victory over the Broncos, with four field goals from Chase McLaughlin enough to give Indianapolis the win over Brandon McManus’ three field goals.

As the broadcast continued, Michaels’ theatrical “Thursday Night Football” sounded multiple times over the quality – or lack thereof – of the game.

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Michaels was particularly in his A game in the third quarter. The Broncos walked down the field to the Colts’ 9-yard line, setting a first and goal with just over six minutes remaining in the quarter. It was the third time a team had reached the red, and the first time within 10 yards of scoring.

How did that engine end? McManus was unable to get a field goal attempt high enough above the defensive line to avoid being held back.

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“Of all things, this guy is blocked,” Michaels said on the call.

But Michaels didn’t end there. On the next drive, as the Colts were starting at 24 on their own when Michaels tried to make the game look a little more interesting, analyst Kirk Herbstreet told that “sometimes, the game, at least up to this point, can be really bad, It’s almost good. You know what I’m saying?”

Herbstreet, like many watching at home, did not know what he was saying.

No, Herbstreet said. “I don’t feel it anymore here.”

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Michaels then explained that the game was kind of bad, and that it wasn’t good, hoping it would explode soon. The next play was to complete a five-yard loss to bring in third and 15. Matt Ryan then threw an interception.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Colts ’27’s Broncos had three incomplete cases in a row and had to settle on a field goal.

There wasn’t much of anything going on all night. Twelve times during the night, teams faced a third touchdown with over 10 yards to go for the first. The Colts and the Broncos combined for 37 first touchdowns and 681 yards. The midfielders combined to complete 58.8 percent of their passes. The difference was 0 versus 6 in the red area. There were 15 penalties at 113 yards.

The local Denver TV station didn’t crack any words either. ABC 7 sports analyst Nick Rothschild apologized to viewers after the match, saying he felt bad that the game was being televised through ABC 7’s air, and that he was in the match and didn’t want to watch it. Troy Rink stacked up as well.

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“It burns the retina,” Rink said. “It was absolutely horrific.”

If this match is considered one of the best matches of the week, Maybe Tom Brady was right on the state of the league.

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