Mizzou Men’s Basketball Preview: A Pair Of Colombia’s Top 10 Offensives

Missouri 89 | Coastal Carolina 51


First half notes

  • D’Moi Hodge hits three early on, looking to stay hot off the field.
  • The Tigers shoot 5/8 from the floor to start this game, sharing the ball well.
  • The Messengers come up with a transition, allowing them to transfer to Mizzou’s command.
  • Kobe Brown, with an early 6 points, dominates the paint.
  • After being hit with some loose balls early on, the Tigers began to ramp up their intensity.
  • Mizzou is currently at a 15-0 run. Coastal Carolina was forced to call timeout, in large part due to Isiaih Mosley taking over on offensive end.
  • Mosley with 14 points early on to lead the way. The transfer keeper seems to be really showing off his attacking arsenal tonight.
  • 42.7% shoot from the ground, that half not being too shabby.

Second half notes

  • Kobe Brown runs back, but is rewarded at the free throw line. 5 vs 6 p.m.
  • The Browns took over as leading scorer with 16, and the defense has already forced 3 turnovers this inning.
  • Sean East II and Isiaih Mosley have an incredible touch of glass with their floaties.
  • 19 assists counts for the Tigers tonight.
  • D’Moi Hodge got hot, and now has 16 points for the night.
  • Hodge’s shooting, Mosley’s creativity and Brown’s physicality were something to watch tonight.
  • The Tigers also have 12 steals tonight.
  • This game turns into a track meet, as Mizzou continues to force turnovers and then out into the open ground.
  • Aidan Shaw with a crazy block right after Loeb caught him on the other end.

Five questions!

  1. Will he cover the tigers?
  2. Who will be the top scorer of the tournament?
  3. How many rebounds will Kobe Brown get?
  4. How many points will Isaih Mosley get?
  5. What will be the end result?

High-scoring pure offense fans, ha.

the vanquished Missouri Tigers (5-0), who averages 91.8 points per game, welcomes the nation’s No. 6 offense, also known as the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (2-1), to Columbia this evening.

Coastal Carolina, a program selected for an eighth-place finish in the Sun Belt conference, will make its third trip to Mizzou as the final half of a two-game road trip for the veteran heavyweights Chanticleers. Their first game featured a heartbreaking 79-78 loss to USC Upstate, who made the winning layup with 10 seconds remaining.

Meanwhile, the Tigers welcome a different sixth team to Mizzou Arena to their pre-season home. Mizzou defeated Mississippi Valley State 83-62 in their previous game, and the Tigers were in the middle of three straight wins by more than 20 points.

This match would pit KenPom’s 52 and 188 against each other, indicating the potential for a blowout. However, the Chanticleers are no stranger to causing early season turmoil. Last season, in a similar setting, Coastal Carolina dominated South Carolina with an 80-56 win. Tonight, they’ll hope to do the same against another SEC contender.

Game information:

When: Wednesday 23 November

where: Mizu Arena, Columbia MO.

time: 6:00 CST

Television: SECN+

Spread: Mizu -13.5

KenPom Win Chance: 91%



PG: Nick Honor (Grad; 10.8 PPG)

SG: D’Moi Hodge (Grad; 17.0 PPG)

SF: DeAndre Gholston (Grad; 8.8 PPG)

PF: Kobe Brown (SR; 12.4 PPG)

A: Noah Carter (SR; 12.6 PPG)

Coastal Carolina:

PG: Henry Abraham (JR; 5.7 PPG)

SG: Josh Uduje (SO; 13.3 PPG)

SF: Linton Brown (SR; 15.7 PPG)

PF: Will Lekaye (grad; 5.7 PPG)

C: Essam Mostafa (Junior, 16.3 PPG)

Note: These are the expected configurations

Meet the celebrities of Coastal Carolina

What happens when the nation’s No. 6 offense pairs up with the fourth best rebounding team in the country?

Coastal Carolina.

The Chanticleers are one of three programs to be ranked in the top six of both categories, making them an opponent unlike any Mizzou has faced thus far.

In the Center From their success stands Essam Mostafa, who averages 16.3 points and 13.3 rebounds per game. The youngster lives at the post, using his 6-foot-9 frame to rack up rebounds and light up points in the paint-on-box score category.

Joining Mustafa is Coastal Carolina’s leading scorer, Jomarro Brown. Senior transfer guard from Eastern Kentucky, Brown, averages 21.7 points per game off the bench. His hot start from the field (58.3%) and three-point range (61.5%) make him a deadly threat from anywhere on the court.

Behind these two powerhouses, the Racers deliver two more double-digit scorers in Josh O’Dogee and Linton Brown, as well as another solid renegade in Will Lekaye. The former duo averaged 29.0 points per game, while Likayi adds 8.3 rebounds per game.

The veteran Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, which includes a freshman and two sophomores, is led by head coach Cliff Ellis. For the past 48 seasons, Ellis has coached college basketball, and is entering his 16th season at Coastal Carolina this year. The veteran coach has 819 wins, the third-most active coach and tenth-most among all NCAA Division-I college basketball coaches.

Behind Ellis and a six-day break since her last game, Coastal Carolina would pose a serious threat. Experience, a solid offense, and strength that relies on one of Mizzou’s main weaknesses (rebounding) will test the Tigers in an unfamiliar way later this evening.

3 game keys

  1. Attack the three-point line early and efficiently

Coastal Carolina held opponents to just 27.1% from outside the arc, but in their only loss, USC Upstate shot 50% from long range. If Mizzou wants to expose the Chanticleers defense and continue their high pace, the key early on will be demolishing these points.

The Tigers have the ability to score from this range, courtesy of D’Moi Hodge and Nick Honor, so these two will need to step up big. An early launch from the three-point home run would not only allow Mizzou to establish a rhythm of his own, but it would force Coastal Carolina to play catch-up.

  1. Make the battle of the boards competitive

Bouncing, bouncing, and more bouncing.

This is the recipe for Coastal Carolina, which has a reflux margin of +19. Meanwhile, the Tigers are emerging with a rebound margin of -0.6, underscoring a distinct weakness for a team that hasn’t shown much strength outside the glass.

This game can easily get ugly for a mizu on the board, so making it competitive will be an important factor in who comes out with the win. The Tigers lost the rebounding battle to MSVU last time around, and they’ll need to perform even stronger this time around.

Expect Mizzou to use either Mohamed Diarra or Mabor Majak – or both – earlier in the game, but also look for Aidan Shaw and Kobe Brown to take a step up in the rebound department. If the Tigers fail to come within at least 10 rebounds of the Chanticleers, beware, Mizzou fans…

  1. Continue to control the spin margin

One of Mizzou’s biggest positives this young season is her ability to force opponents into flips and limit their own turnovers, helping the Tigers jump to No. 21 of the best assist/turnover ratio in the country.

Defensive pressure will be crucial against Coastal Carolina’s high-scoring offense, so forcing errors and taking advantage of those missed opportunities can turn the tide of the game. Once again, Hodge and Honor will be the main leaders in this category, so they will need to continue their early season success to prevent an upset.

prediction game

KenPom prediction: Mizzou 84 | Coastal Carolina 69

My prediction: Mizzou 98 | Coastal Carolina 86

This will be fun.

On Thanksgiving Eve, Mizzou and Coastal Carolina will bring all the intensity of a family gathering as well as a high-profile get-together Eating food Scoring competition. Points will appear as quickly as ladles of potatoes and stuffed into nationwide dishes, so good luck to those who bet on it.

Ultimately, however, it would be the Tigers’ defense that would seal the victory. Hodge and Honor would add another solid defensive performance, using that pressure to take advantage of overclocking opportunities again. I think it will take a solid effort from Kobe Brown as well, especially on the boards, and Mizzou will give you something else to be thankful for coming on Thursday when the Tigers celebrate with a 6-0 lead.

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