MLB Playoff Odds: Best Bets in Saturday’s Divisional Round

By Edward Egros
FOX Sports MLB Betting Analyst

The MLB The Divisional Series roundup is here, where we get to the last eight teams. From a betting perspective, I’ve got you covered.

I will guide you through these qualifications by giving you daily study materials. This homework consists of previewing each game with some of the bets I like in the daily menu.

This is the school bell, which can only mean one thing:

The class is back in session!

Here are my favorite bets for Saturday games, with odds across FOX House (All times are Eastern Time).

The Phillies are 9-1 ahead of the Braves after Bryce Harper’s double in the RBI and Nick Castellanos’ doubles singles.

The Phillies are 9-1 ahead of the Braves after Bryce Harper's double in the RBI and Nick Castellanos' doubles singles.

Phillies jumped to a 9-1 lead over the Braves after an RBI double of Bryce Harper and Nick Castellanos two-time singles.

Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton) in Philadelphia Phyllis (Noah Sendergaard), 2 PM (FS1)

While you should always be skeptical about the regular season’s head-to-head stats, it’s interesting that the only National League football clubs to score more than 4.4 points per game are against the Braves. They are the Padres and the Philadelphia Phillies.

Being effective is one thing, but shellac Max Fried And the Spencer Strider is a surprise. Would Charlie Morton be different?

Fried and Strider’s home court is the four-stud fastball while Morton’s It is a curve ball. The snap four is the second pitch, but I plan to see more non-quick stuff to fiddle with Phillies timing.

Assuming he’s there for at least five rounds to keep the game comfortable, Atlanta can force a 5 game. I’d love for them to win outright (-133 in FOX Bet).

Pick: Braves moneyline (-133 On FOX Bet, bet $10 to win a total of $17.52)

MLB Playoffs: Seattle Mariners vs Houston Astros DS Game 2 Summary | philippines bats

MLB Playoffs: Seattle Mariners vs Houston Astros DS Game 2 Summary |  philippines bats

Yordan Alvarez proved himself the early champion for Houston after firing twice at home in the first two games of the series.

Houston Astros (Lance McCullers Jr.) in Seattle Mariners (George Kirby) 4:07 p.m. (TBS)

Houston is the only favorite in any series that could end in a career. What a huge advantage for World Championship futures to keep weapons and get a local field, perhaps all the way to the finish.

Lance McCullers Jr. has only made eight appearances since recovering from a right forearm injury. At each start, make at least five innings and He did not give up more than three earned runs.

It’s post-season, so a quick hook is always a possibility, but show decisions should derail Seattle, while George Kirby is vulnerable. Let the strong balls. Kyle Tucker Getting hit (-190) and Astros -1 run (+130) are the bets I like here.

Pick: Kyle Tucker for a hit (-190 on FOX Bet, bet $10 to win a total of $15.26)

Picking: Astros (-1 on FOX Bet at +125, bet $10 to win a total of $22.50) to win more than one game

New York Yankees (Louis Severino) in Cleveland Guardians (Triston Mackenzie), 7:30 p.m. (TBS)

It’s New York, of course, the city will make a lot of it Aaron Judge Going 0 vs 8 with seven strokes at ALDS. It mostly encounters cutouts on the edges of the strike zone and scales that are thrown in.

Triston Mackenzie throws quick four-strap balls in the area that is still hard to hit somehow. But the judge has to crush anything in the heart of the plate.

add to that Giancarlo StantonIncredible exit speed as I kneel on Judge for a hit (-200), Stanton hit (-150) and the Yankees hit the highest point in the inning (+130).

PICK: Aaron Judge for a hit (-200 in FOX Bet, bet $10 to win $15 total)

picking Giancarlo Stanton to get hit (-150 in FOX Bet, bet $10 to win a total of $16.67)

Pick: Yankees have the highest run in terms of scores (+130 in FOX Bet, bet $10 to win a total of $23)

Trent Gresham hits a solo home run to give Padres a 2-0 lead over the Dodgers

Trent Gresham hits a solo home run to give Padres a 2-0 lead over the Dodgers

The San Diego Padres led 2-0 over the Los Angeles Dodgers after Trent Gresham hit a solo home run.

Los Angeles Dodgers (Tyler Anderson) in San Diego Padres (Joe Musgrove9:30 PM (FS1)

Another day, another dangerous starting pitcher for the Dodgers. This time, it’s Tyler Anderson, with Lowest hit rate in major currencies (28.5%). Padres wants to win power, but that would be a problem against Anderson Fastball and change.

As for Joe Musgrove’s cool, he doesn’t make any delivery more than 25% of the time, with six different pitches he can go to. The goal is to outsmart the hitter with something unusual like a Fastball that spins way more than usual It can also set up a curve ball or slider.

This kept him competitive with Cy Young for most of the year, with an average exit sprint in the 90th percentile and a chasing average in the 74th percentile.

Keep it simple: bet less than the sum of the runs.

Picking: Dodgers-Padres under 7.5 combined runs (-125 on FOX Bet, bet $10 to win a total of $18)

Remember to speed yourself up as you study this season because the lessons will continue.

Class rejected!

Edward Egros is a sports analytics broadcaster and writer, sports betting analyst, data scientist and assistant professor of statistics at Pepperdine University. These feelings led him to become a fan of cold drinks. Edward previously worked on local television, particularly for the Fox affiliate in Dallas, covering the Rangers, Cowboys, and high school football. follow him TTweet embed

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