NBA/WNBA: Why it didn’t make sense to join Canis Hoopus

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Mitchell Hansen to Canis Hoopus! We’ll play a key role in covering both Wolves and Lynx. He’s a veteran of the content game and has been a great writer for years, and I can’t be thrilled to add him to our amazing team. He brings a unique perspective as someone who covers both teams and has worked with both Wolves and Linux, so he’s a perfect fit to complete our lineup!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of basketball and either play or watch matches as often as I can. Growing up, I would often race home after school, eat dinner quickly, put on my #21 Kevin Garnett Blue Treasures shirt, and immediately head downstairs to play whatever game was on TV (often a Minnesota Timberwolves game) while Shooting hoops on a little plastic collar in my parents’ basement.

Kings vs wolves

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It’s safe to say I’ve always been obsessed with basketball, growing up in the mid to late Garnett tenure with the Wolves before dropping out of the Boston Celtics (we don’t have to talk about the years after that departure). Since I was misformatted and not good enough to actually play the game, I decided to do the next best thing – catch up on basketball and cover it while writing about it as much as I could.

Going from trying to play sports to covering it now, I’ve been fortunate to write for a few sites and publications throughout my career that have allowed me to share my obsession with basketball. After doing a few other layoffs up to this point, I’ve decided to take on a new role with a site I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined Canis Hoopus.

With Canis, I will help cover the Timberwolves throughout the NBA season while also collaborating on coverage of the Minnesota Lynx during the WNBA year. To say I am excited and happy to join this team would be an understatement, and I can’t wait to share my obsession with this sport with all of you as much as possible.

With that, allow me to introduce myself to you, and give a little background on who I am, what you can expect of me, and why I’m thrilled to join this talented team.

Let me introduce myself to you

“My name is Hov, oh, H-to-the-OV.”

ok, I’m sorry. I’ve always wanted to do that. You get used to futile and unfunny attempts at jokes on this site from me from time to time, and prepare to be disappointed every day. Not connected. time.

With that away, allow me to introduce myself to you and introduce a little bit of who I am. While writing this, I spent nearly 10 years writing in the sports world and enjoyed every minute along the way.

Growing up in central Minnesota and later attending St. Cloud State University for college (Go Huskies!), I got my start in the world of sports writing while working for the local newspaper, The St. Cloud Times, as a part-time sports writer. After working in this position throughout college, I had what I considered my “big break” in 2016 when I was hired by Wolves and Lynx to be their web editor’s assistant for just over a year. For me, this was the opportunity of a lifetime to work internally in an organization I grew up around and to have the opportunity to be around both wolves and linux on a daily basis.

I’ve always had an interest in writing about the NBA, but soon I had a keen interest in covering the NBA as well, and it didn’t hurt that the best team in the league and one of the best teams in NBA history were based in Minnesota at this time. This role has reassured me that this is what I wanted to do, and I am forever grateful for this opportunity that opened the doors for me to get to where I am now. It also didn’t hurt to be a part of the Lynx 2017 WNBA Championship Team, which will always be one of the most important moments and times of my career.

Outside of these experiences, I have had the pleasure of working and writing for other sites and publications that somehow endured puns and attempts at outrageous jokes while still covering the great sport of basketball. I’ve worked for sites like Zone Coverage and FanSided primarily covering the NBA and WNBA, and currently also writing for Winsidr covering the WNBA nationally as well as Lynx and Sports Betting Dime covering the NBA and WNBA from angle betting. All of these sites have provided me with ways to produce content that is not only informative and focused on the steady state, but also stories that are more vertical and human-interest-style content.

All of these experiences, though I’ll go on a few of them, lead me to this next opportunity with Canis–an opportunity I’m delighted to seize and share with all of you throughout my NBA and WNBA seasons.

Minnesota Linux Address Parade

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Why Canis Hobbs?

To simply answer this question about why Canis, I say why not? To be honest, this opportunity is a fortunate one to seize, as I joined the team of crazy talented writers and reporters I have followed since entering the world of sports writing.

Over the years, I have been very familiar with the scene of a local writer and reporter in the Twin Cities area while covering the team. There is a decent crew of writers and reporters in and out of the metro area, but it feels small and cohesive at the same time. Such was the case with this crew at Canis, as well as with others who work at other outlets. I’ve even worked elsewhere with some writers currently on the Canis team, which is another reason why the decision to join the site is a no-brainer.

Whether it’s coverage of Wolves or Lynx, the entire team at Canis is one that’s out there with the best, both in terms of actual coverage and writers who fill out the team that delivers content on a daily basis. I have followed all of their work for many years and have had the opportunity to follow or get to know them over the years as well. I can tell you one thing – the team created at Canis to cover wolves and linux is one of the most talented groups of writers I’ve been a part of. I feel lucky that they want to welcome me to the team, and I can’t wait to contribute coverage and content to the best of my ability.

The team at Canis is impressive, and I’m not just saying that because this crazy, uncoordinated, manipulative, freaky banter is now joining the group. I am fortunate to join this talented group of writers, and we hope you enjoy the content we will be offering throughout the year as well.

My joining the Canis team is not why you have now decided to read or follow the coverage that will be made available on these pages, but I hope I can contribute to the collective that leads to your continued return. If I can get a new follower on board, that’s icing on the cake. This decision made no sense to me, and I am delighted to be on board with such a talented team. As I was growing up, I’m here to enjoy basketball as much as I can. I hope you’ll join me and our entire team because we’ve been doing this together throughout the NBA and WNBA seasons.

Follow Mitchell Hansen on Twitter at M_Hansen13.

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