Is now a good time to try a new golf ball?

by: Ryan Noll September 30, 2022 Is now a good time to try a two-tone golf ball like the Q-Star Divide? sriksson Welcome to another version of Fully equipped mailing bagsponsored by Cleveland/Srixon Golf, an interactive series from in which we answer challenging equipment questions. How do I know when it’s time to try … Read more

Updates on Jaire Alexander, Keenan Allen and others

7:58 PM ET NFL NationESPN Week four of the NFL season has arrived, and teams continue to assess injuries to their players ahead of game time. The San Francisco 49ers dealt another blow in their attack, with the left star entering Trent Williams He is expected to be out four to six weeks with an … Read more

Scientists have discovered a huge “ocean” near the heart of the Earth

High water content in the transition zone has far-reaching consequences (representative image) Scientists have discovered a water reservoir three times the size of all the oceans beneath the Earth’s surface, according to an international study. Water is found between the transition zone of the Earth’s upper and lower mantle. The research team analyzed the rate … Read more

Edward Arrowsmith, MD, MPH, EGFR Exon 20 Insertion + NSCLC, discusses how knowledge fits into pathways

Edward Arrowsmith, MD, MPH, Medical Director of Clinical Pathways for OneOncology, discussed treatment challenges in introducing EGFR Exon 20+ non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and best practices in using clinical pathways. Edward Arrowsmith, MD, MPH, a medical oncologist at the Chattanooga, Tennessee, oncology site, is the medical director of the Clinical Pathways for OneOncology. Discuss … Read more

Felicia Nigga carries on a family tradition of fish and wildlife enforcement as the new DNR Conservation Officer – Grand Forks Herald

BEMIDJI–I’ve heard stories from her father and grandfather–of late-night patrols, of days spent in the nice and unpleasant outdoors checking hunters and fishermen, and the misadventures and misadventures that come with a career in No two are alike. For Felicia Nigga, that was enough to steer her toward a career in fish and wildlife. “It’s … Read more