Presidents Cup 2022 results, results: USA win ninth consecutive title with Jordan Spieth star

Although it looked like it might be a close race a few times on Sunday, the United States ultimately prevailed with relative ease in the 2022 Presidents Cup, beating the international team 17.5-12.5 to win their ninth consecutive title in the semi-annual event. It wasn’t the standing of the Americans at all truly In doubt though, the international side pushed the hosts off on Saturday and got off to a hot start on Sunday when 12 singles matches were played to conclude four days of excitement at Quail Hollow Golf Club.

After Jordan Spieth, Patrick Cantlay and Tony Fino took the first of three US singles wins — Sam Burns threw a half-point hook by Hideki Matsuyama — Xander Shaveli grabbed the winning point by defeating Corey Conners. The US went on to add two more full points to move the final score to 17.5-12.5.

The five-point margin of victory was the second-largest for Americans in the most recent 30-point iteration of the event. The US is now 10-0-1 in the last 12 President’s Cups since 2000 and 12-1-1 ever in the event dating back to its inception in 1994.

The victory of the United States is not so surprising as it took the Americans a long time to achieve victory. Early in the week, it looked as if US captain Davis Love III might have a chance to wrap up the action on Saturday before the singles events begin almost like the hosts did in 2017; However, Trevor Immelman’s internationals went to work late on the third day and took some American horses the distance on Sunday to make the last 24 hours of play interesting.

And a rebounding effort from the international team prevented the United States from winning the 20-point President’s Cup for the first time since a 30-point total became available in 2015. That possibility seemed possible – and perhaps even probable – after the Americans took an 8-2 lead over the first two days . Love said after the matches that his players were desperate for defeat as well, setting a goal well above the goal simply needed to win the title (15.5).

This year’s event – the international side was wiped out by several golfers who recently left for LIV Golf – nonetheless produced some new stars (Tom Kim) and reminded us that some old stars (Spieth) have a lot in the tank. The former pulled the international into Sunday’s competition while the latter went 5-0-0 en route to the best Presidents Cup performance of his career (and first individual win in any team international event).

As many players have pointed out, this event was also a return to purer golf. These team events always allow that purity to shine, and while there’s no shortage of cash to be made in the President’s Cup, players don’t play golf for the $10 million or $20 million we see weekly in this career.

There is a certain delay that comes with that. Sebastian Munoz of the international team summed it up well. He said “interconnection”. “Team. The camaraderie. Still a great week. I’m kind of sad because it’s almost over, but it’s been a great week. Words can’t describe how I felt today, I felt this week, I felt like playing for the shield. It’s been an amazing week. Kind of speaking.”

He wasn’t the only player who echoed these sentiments as several members of the American team followed suit.

“I think Max [Homa] He said it really well: “You can’t put a price on it,” Spieth recalled after his best player-like performance. “There is nothing more enjoyable.”

The Presidents Cup wouldn’t be the Ryder Cup, and that’s okay. It has now produced three compelling events, most of them competitive in its last four iterations and definitely has a place in the professional golf scene. If LIV Golf doesn’t steal us from seeing Cameron Smith and Joaquin Niemann on the international side, we’d probably be talking about this event with more optimism and hope than ever after another great and fun week.

Perhaps, even with another strong American showing, an international team with an uncertain future tied to LIV – and 19 consecutive years of awards for red, white and blue – we still have to. Team golf can’t be great even if it’s not competitive, but the international side seems to be closing that gap little by little even against an ever-improving American team. And while the final rarely jumped in the air all week at Quail Hollow, golf on both sides was good enough that the journey to get to the finish was as fun as it always has been.

2022 Presidential Cup results

Final score: US 17.5, international 12.5

Day 4 – Singles: US 6.5, International 5.5


Justin Thomas

1 up

Se Woo Kim


Jordan Spieth

4 and 3

Cam Davis


Sam Burns


Hideki Matsuyama


Patrick Cantlay

3 and 2

Adam Scott


Scotty Scheffler

2 & 1

Sebastian Munoz


Tony Vino

3 & 1

Taylor Pendrith


Xander Shaveli

1 up

Corey Conners


Cameron Young

1 up

Sungjae im


Billy Horschel

3 & 1

KH Lee


Max Homa

1 up

Tom Kim


Colin Morikawa

3 and 2

Mito Pereira


Kevin Kissner

2 & 1

Christian Bezudenhout

Rick Gehman joins Kyle Porter and Greg Ducharme to sum up Sunday’s events at Quail Hollow. Go ahead and listen to The First Cut on Apple Podcast And the spotify.

Match 1 – Kim 1 Up over Thomas: There was some bad blood in this match as the short kicks weren’t conceded, and the festivities escalated. JT gained control early on with two birdies in his first four holes and eventually made a spin with a 2 UP lead. Kim continued to tease as he made his own pair of sparrows at No. 10-11 to tie the match. The two exchanged shotguns and fists throughout the back nine and reached the eighteenth square. Classic mode was the first to win, Kim transformed his flying appearance from 10 feet tall to steal the first match.

Match 2 – Spieth 4 & 3 on Davis: After making a phantom in his first two holes, Spieth corrects the ship. He made five birdies in his last 12 holes, and the Texans managed the coasts by the Australian. Davis played his worst game of the week, failing to make one birdie and pulling himself out of many holes. When you do that against Spieth, you don’t stand much of a chance. With the win, Spieth became the sixth player in President’s Cup history to go 5-0-0.

Match 3 – Ted Matsuyama Burns: Matsuyama was consistent in the early stages and led 2 midway. Burns quickly regained control with three birds in a row at No. 10-12. A double bogey on the fifteenth allowed Matsuyama to draw. The two birds exchanged on the sixteenth day and the pars in the last two slots each with half a point on the board. Matsuyama hit the leg of the marshal and the flagpole of what looked like the Presidents Cup bird.

Match 4 – Cantlay 3 & 2 on Scott: This was a comfortable win for Cantlay as he advanced 3 times through the first four holes. Scott cut the lead to 2 UP on two occasions, but eventually couldn’t make enough shots to give Cantlay a panic.

Match 5 – Munoz 2 and 1 over Scheffler: The Colombian has been great this week. Taking the record 2-0-1, Munoz threw it all on World No. 1. After falling 2, Munoz won the No. 8-10 to advance 1 UP and never looked back. Schaeffler charged late, but that wasn’t enough as the international combed six cutters (five birds and an eagle).

Match 6 – Finau 3 & 1 over Pendrith: His debut in the Canadian Presidents Cup ended in pain as he went 0-4-0. Finau has won five of the last nine holes to overcome a 2 down deficit. The most important moment of the match came on the 15th when Finau managed to plug the hole despite taking a splash in the water. In total, the American made eight birds to place the United States in one point of the Presidents Cup.

Match 7 – Shavely 1 over Connors: The Olympic gold medalist captured the lead point while maintaining level 18. Chaveli didn’t need to do anything too special in this bout as Connors’ horrific week leaked into Sunday’s singles. Like Pendrith, Connors was unable to put a point on the board for international players as he made five bogey cards and a double on day four. Shaveli was never late in the match and despite winning 1 UP, there was no doubt about winning.

Match 8 – I’m 1 over Young: Young opened the match with three ghosts in a row and saw Im having a triple lead. He did his best to answer the fight and the third- and fourth-grade Sparrows led him to square the match by the time they reached ninth. However, this is as close as Young can get that he hasn’t outdone Im. The two hit 17 deadlocks before Em uses the laser to reach a range. He called from a distance into the next hole for a respectable 2-2-1 per week.

Match 9 – Lee 3 and 1 on Horschel: It was kind of a mess as none of the guys had an A. Lee drove the whole match after leading from 2 to 2. Horschel cut the gap on various points, but a 4 on 5 par-5 hit was the moment he wishes he took back. Flawless golf from South Korea on the inside half was enough to close this game in the 17th green.

Match 10 – Huma 1 over Kim: It’s a shame that didn’t mean much more than that because it features a lot of twists and turns. Homma went to double the stealth at No. 7-9 and saw his deficit grow to a 3 down on the turn. From there, he went to work. The Birdies on the 12th and 14th pushed him up with Kim and saw a little birdie on the hard 15th as he advances with his first match of the match. Exchanging birdsong the next day, the two went to 18 with Homa 1 UP. Even though Kim was the star of the week, he couldn’t get another bird together and eventually fell out. It was a dream week not only for Kim, but also for Huma. The five-time PGA Tour winner enjoyed a 4-0-0 record on his debut. With the risk of looking like a broken record, Homa’s confidence should rise from the Presidents Cup making it even more dangerous on a weekly basis.

Match 11- Morikawa 3 & 2 vs Pereira: A bird on the opening hole sets the tone for this match. Morikawa was brilliant in the penultimate match and roamed around Quail Hollow in great fashion, making six birds and an eagle that day. Morikawa played his offensive line in ninth place in the 5-under, and was rewarded with a 3-time lead over the Chilean. A junior birdie on Day 10 pushed his margin to four before Pereira grabbed his only hole in the game on the eleventh. A zig-zag on the 15th side of Morikawa’s new racket set the bow on a wonderful day for the American.

Match 12 – Bezuidenhout 2, 1 against Kessner: Because he played in only two matches, Bezuidenhout acquitted himself well in his first appearance in the Presidents Cup. By defeating Kissner, he collected 1.5 points per week. This match has always been an afterthought, but South Africa can take pride in eliminating an unusually played match. It’s hard to predict, but this will likely be the last game in Kisner’s career in the Presidents Cup. The United States is full of young talent and even he knew he was only a member of this team due to Will Xalatores’ injury. He made the most of the experience and will definitely make the most of the festivities.

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