Prince Harry and Meghan leave UK ‘almost immediately’ for kids

Harry Meghan leaves the UK for Archie Lilly reunion
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Head home. Prince Harry And the Meghan Markle He is expected to leave United kingdom Shortly after attending Queen Elizabeth IInation Funeral and referral service Because they are eager to see their children, says an exclusive source us weekly.

“Meghan and Harry are preparing to return to Montecito almost immediately after the funeralThey will be reunited with Archie and Lillibet after being separated for more than two weeks,” we“It is the longest time they spend away from their children,” she said.

Duke and The Duchess of Sussex, Sharing son Archie, 3, and daughter Lilibet, 15 months, they embarked on their trip to Europe on September 4, initially planning to speak at a series of charitable events. While their original plan was to spend less than a week across the pond, they extended their stay after the Queen’s death on September 8, reuniting with the royal family to mourn.

“They missed the kids like crazy and had the time to meet them every day, but can’t wait to see them and keep them back after a touching few weeks,” the insider said. we.

Harry rushed to the Queen’s side as her health deteriorated but did not say goodbye to her in time before her death. Reports claimed the Invictus Games founder, 38, was told his grandmother had died just five minutes before the official announcement on September 8 – and she was “the last to know”. King Charles III He allegedly called Harry when he was still on his way to Balmoral Castle in Scotland, and by the time he landed, Buckingham Palace had informed the public of the Queen’s death.

A spokesperson for the king responded to the reports In a statement to daily Mail On Sunday, September 18, hours before the Queen’s state funeral on Monday, September 19, the statement read: “The public was only informed after every member of the family had been informed,” without confirming or denying when Harry was informed.

Since the announcement, Harry and Meghan, 41, have met the royal family for several outings and celebrations. On September 10, they joined Prince William And the Princess Kate Speaking to mourners in Windsor. Four days later, they made another public appearance on duty to begin the Queen’s repose at Westminster Hall.

The brothers also stood guard at the Queen’s coffin at a vigil for the grandchildren on Saturday, September 17. Appearing on the weekend was the only time Harry was allowed to wear his uniform.

it was harry stripped of his titles When he and Meghan resigned from their senior royal duties in 2020. Buckingham Palace announced that neither he nor Meghan Prince Andrew, who lost his titles after being accused of sexual assault, will be allowed to wear a military uniform. However, they made an exception amid a backlash, with many noting that the circumstances in which Andrew and Harry lost their honorary military titles were very different.

The Duke of Sussex, who completed two rounds of service in Afghanistan and served 10 years in the Army, was He is allowed to wear a uniform For the grandchildren’s vigil on Saturday. However, unlike Brother William, Harry’s costume He didn’t bear his grandmother’s initials on the shoulder.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the Queen's funeral
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Harry was not wearing a uniform to the state funeral on Monday. However, he and Andrew were part of the processions that led the Queen’s casket to Westminster Abbey for the state funeral and escort the casket to Wellington Arch after the service.

Despite some hiccups, royal expert Miko Cleland Tell we This is the time for the family to mend their shattered relationships. The feud between the two brothers only widened after Harry and Meghan stepped down as senior royals, and things got worse after the Archewell founders interviewed CBS in March 2021.

“We’ve seen the two brothers outside together, we’ve seen them sitting close together at events. I’m sure they talked behind closed doors too,” Cleland noted, explaining that the family extended “a number of olive branches” to Harry in the days following the Queen’s death. “I think the time has come now Grief brings families together, We have seen this combine. So, if that happens, I think now is the best possible opportunity.”

Those peace offerings included William inviting Meghan and Harry to appear in Windsor to greet mourners with him and Kate, 40, as well as Charles. decision to mention Youngest son and American daughter-in-law In his inaugural address, as the new king.

“I also want to express my love for Harry and Meghan, as they continue to build their lives abroad,” King, 73, said in a September 9 letter.

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