Reed Richards secretly cloned the entire Marvel universe: theory explained

There is a dark secret hiding in marvel universe: Reed Richards He may have cloned everyone in it. during the secret wars Happened, the multiverse has been destroyed by invasions, and apparently, a new one has been rebuilt anew, thanks to Reed Richards using the infinite power of the Beyonders, with the help of his son Franklin and Owen Reese, the Molecule Man. However, things may not be what they seem.

Defenders And the The Defenders: Beyond Two series written by Al Ewing with the art of Javier Rodrìguez that explore the foundations of the Marvel universe. In both series, Defenders visit previous iterations of the multiverse, as Marvel’s cosmology is built on a cycle of destruction and rebirth, as each multiverse is periodically annihilated to make way for a new one. Starting with the eighth universe (the current multiverse, which was then built by Reed Richards secret wars), the first place the Defenders arrive on their journey is the sixth universe, not the seventh. Even Silver Surfer says it clearly Defenders #1, talking about the spell that started their journey: “We’ve been dragged back in time, to the multiverse before our ownHowever, the current multiverse, from which Surfer and Defenders come, is not the seventh, but the eighth. So, what happened to the seventh universe?

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The answer may lie in events secret warsWritten by Jonathan Hickman with Art Esad Rebek. The invasions created by Beyondres have finally destroyed every universe in the seventh universe. When it appears that the almighty creatures are showing off their actions, Doctor Doom intervenes, destroying the (apparently) Beyonders with the Molecule Man, then stealing their powers and saving the remaining fragments of reality to create the Battleworld. After some time, a flood appeared with the survivors of the seventh universe and unleashed the events that would lead to the downfall of Emperor Dom. Reed Richards captured Dom’s power and, with the help of Franklin and Owen Reese, used it to create a new multiverse….except that they didn’t actually create a new universe, they just recreated the previous one. During the Defenders’ Journey, each Cosmos they visit is significantly different from the others, while the Seventh and Eighth look essentially the same, and even have the same cosmic embodiment, eternity/infinity (while all the other characters look very different from each other, as we’ve seen in The in the end 2 #100, by Al Ewing, Travel Foreman, and Dan Brown).

The all-new Marvel universe hides a big secret

It’s true that the archetypes of characters, heroes, villains, and the same concepts (created in the 4th universe) recur across the multiverse, but the 7th and 8th are very similar. in TIt’s Ultimates #6 (by Al Ewing and Christian Ward), Molecule Man says frankly: “This Omniverse died, but many lives continued on to the new life […] So, is the universe dead? Are we in the eighth universe or are we still in the seventh?“This is why the Defenders’ journey begins in the Sixth Universe, and why the Seventh is the only one that doesn’t appear in the series. Dom and Richards have interfered with the natural process of the destruction and rebirth of the Multiverse, making the Eighth Universe not a new multiverse, but a copy of the Seven. , which means that every character seen by readers (except for those few who originally survived the destruction of the seventh) are actually copies of the originals.

since then UltimatesAl Ewing was painting an evocative picture of Marvel’s cosmology. Defenders And the The Defenders: Beyond They explore the entire history of the multiverse from its inception, and the story is far from over. The apparent absence of the Seventh Cosmos from the series proves that there are still mysteries to unravel, and one such startling fact could be that all new Marvel characters as they appeared after secret wars They are, in fact, clones created by Reed Richards.

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