Revisiting the epic 2019 LSU vs Alabama game featuring Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa and a ridiculous array of NFL players

Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow and Toa Tagovailoa of Miami will go head-to-head in the NFL for the first time on Thursday Night Football.

Unless, of course, you count the legendary college football game between LSU #1 and #2 in Alabama, which the Tigers won 46-41 on November 9, 2019.

This was basically an NFL game, too, when you consider the pool of professional talent that day on the field at Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Consider these amazing facts:

  • A total of 55 players who were on the LSU and Alabama roster for that game were selected for the 2020-22 NFL Draft.
  • A total of 37 of the 44 starters in offense and defense were drafted.
  • There were 18 picks in the first round between the two teams.
  • Quarters, running and receiving appearances were taken from both teams during the first two rounds of the NFL Draft.

Boru and Tagovailoa won’t be the only ones who played in that match on the sidelines on Thursday either. Cincinnati’s future Ja’Marr Chase and Dolphins’ long-snipper played Blake Ferguson at LSU. Miami player, Jaylene Waddell, and defensive tackle, Rickwon Davis played for Alabama.

This wasn’t just the game of the century in college football. He was transferred to the NFL. A closer look at both lists from 2019, and find out the next level:

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2019 Alabama players in the NFL

Crimson Tide had 25 players from the 2019 team drafted into the NFL, and 22 of those players were on the active NFL rosters prior to Week 4. A total of 17 rookie players were drafted from that game, including 11 first-round picks. Nine of the first-round picks started in the game.

A closer look at these 25 players ranked by draft round from 2020 to 22:

general circular player Site Team
2020 1 Toa Tagoviloa QB dolphins
2020 1 Jedrick Wells T Brown
2020 1 Henry Rouges IV WR Raiders
2020 1 Jerry Goody WR Bronco
2021 1 Jaylen Waddell WR dolphins
2021 1 Patrick Serten Jr. CB Bronco
2021 1 Defonta Smith WR the Eagles
2021 1 Mac Jones QB patriots
2021 1 Alex Leatherwood T Raiders
2021 1 Nagy Harris RB Alabama
2022 1 Evan Neal T giants
2020 2 Xavier McKinney s giants
2020 2 Tryvon Diggs CB Cowboys
2020 2 Rickwon Davis DT dolphins
2021 2 Landon Dickerson c the Eagles
2021 2 Christian Barmore DT patriots
2022 2 John Michi III WR Texas
2022 2 Vidarian Mathis DT leaders
2020 3 Terrell Lewis pound rams
2020 3 Forever Jennings pound patriots
2022 3 Christian Harris pound Texas
2022 3 Brian Robinson Jr. RB leaders
2022 4 Galen Armor Davis CB crows
2021 6 Dunet Brown J leopards
2021 6 Thomas Fletcher LS leopards

That narrow list does not include Miller Forrestal and defensive linebacker Josh Jobe, who were both rude but active in the NFL.

Harris, Diggs and Jones, who was Tagovailoa’s reserve, made the Pro Bowl in 2021.

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2019 LSU players in the NFL

Joe Borough

The Tigers had 30 drafted players from the 2019 team, which won the College Football Playoff Championship. A total of 26 of these players are active on the NFL rosters in Week 4. A total of 20 rookie players were drafted from the game, and seven were first-round picks.

This list does not include Thaddeus Moss, who was not drafted but was on the coaching teams for Washington and Cincinnati from 2020 to 21. A closer look at these 30 players ranked by draft round from 2020 to 22:

general circular player POS Team
2020 1 Joe Borough QB Bengals
2020 1 Clavon Chaison pound Jaguar
2020 1 Justin Jefferson WR Vikings
2020 1 Patrick Quinn pound crows
2020 1 Clyde Edwards Hillier RB heads
2021 1 Ja’Marr Chase WR Bengals
2022 1 Derek Stingley Jr. CB Texas
2020 2 Grant Delbit s Brown
2020 2 Christian Fulton CB titans
2021 2 Terrace Marshall Jr WR leopards
2022 2 Ed Ingram J Vikings
2020 3 Damian Lewis J Seahawks
2020 3 Lloyd Cochinberry c Bronco
2020 3 Jacob Phillips pound Brown
2022 3 Cordal flute CB giants
2022 3 Tyrion Davis-Price RB 49ers
2020 4 honest charles T leaders
2020 4 Richard Lawrence DT basics
2021 4 Tyler Schlving DT Bengals
2022 4 Kid York K Brown
2022 4 Neil Farrell DT Raiders
2022 5 Damon Clark pound Cowboys
2020 6 Blake Ferguson LS dolphins
2021 6 Reese McMath WR titans
2021 6 Jacoby Stevens s the Eagles
2022 6 Austin Diculos T Texas
2022 6 Chassen Heinz J patriots
2020 7 Stephen Sullivan TE Seahawks
2021 7 Carrie Vincent Jr. CB Bronco
2022 7 Andre Anthony DE pirate

Amazing talent in skill position

What might stand out the most in the game is the ridiculous skill position on both sides. Joe Borough He led the Bengals to a Super Bowl appearance in his second season with the help of Chase, who won the AP NFL Rookie of the Year last season. Minnesota receiver Justin Jefferson Kansas City is back Clyde Edwards Hillier They were also first-round picks, and Terrace Marshall In his second season with the Carolina Panthers.

Alabama had Tagoviloa, who led Miami to a quick start under first-year coach Mike McDaniel. Jaylen Waddellone of his favorite targets, was the fourth receiver behind Denver Jerry GoodyPhiladelphia Defonta Smith And the Henry Rouges IV. Pittsburgh Nagy Harris It was running backwards. All of these players were taken into the first round of the 2020-22 NFL Draft.

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Rematch between Joe Buru and Tua Tagovailoa

Burrow and Tagovailoa performed in the legendary Alabama-LSU game in 2019. Burrow finished 31 of 39 passes for 393 yards and three TDs. It was the standout performance in his Heisman Trophy season, and the Tigers beat Clemson 42-25 to wrap up the perfect season.

Tagovailoa finished 21 of 40 for 418 yards, four TDs and an interception. He suffered a hip dislocation the following week against Mississippi State, which ended a remarkable college career.

Burrow was named first in the 2020 NFL Draft, and Tagovailoa followed up with four picks later. This will be their first match since college as well.

Alabama and LSU fans will likely be watching closely.

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