Sailor Notes: Raleigh, Hunger, Santana, Fraser, Flexen

After a tense 18 innings, the Seattle Mariners finally fell to the Houston Astros yesterday in the Major League Soccer, having returned to a baseball game for the first time since the 2001 season. Predicted by ESPN To finish the 2022 season with a hair over 0.500 with a record 82-80, showed that 2021 was no luck, after campaigning for their 90 wins 2021 by winning another 90 games on their way to the Wild Card dock.

After the match, backstop Cal Rally He announced in reports that he was playing with a broken thumb and a torn ligament in his left hand, in Adam Judd from The Seattle Times. Raleigh has been playing with a thumb injury since early September, but did not reveal the extent of the injury ahead of Saturday’s game. Raleigh announced to reporters that he will meet with a specialist in the coming days to determine a course of action for recovery, in Bob Condota from The Seattle Times.

The sophomore catcher continued his rookie campaign with a solid .211/.284/.489 slash in 2022, scoring 27 home runs in 370 rackets, and finishing the season with the eighth highest wRC+ among all catchers (121), located between Sean Murphy And the Travis Darno. It was a primary gear in the Mariners’ offensive, and Raleigh was one of four players (at least 350 players at the bat) to have an OPS above 0.700. Raleigh continued his usual impressive season with a strong wild card display against the Blue Jays, going 4-8 with Homer and a double, but was silenced by the Astros pitching, collecting just one hit in 14 against the bats during 5 write-offs.

In the wake of yesterday’s defeat, the Mariners’ front office will turn their heads toward the 2023 season and free agency. long time mariner Mitch Henigeradd trade deadline Carlos SantanaAnd the Adam Fraser They will all be free agents after the World Championships.

Haniger entered the 2022 season looking to continue his successful campaign in 2021, .253/.318/.486 in 157 games, and re-establish himself as a daily player before entering free agency after missing part of the entire 2019 and 2020 season. Season with different surgeries. Defense player and navigators Avoid arbitration agreed to a one-year contract worth $7.75 million in early April.

However, Haniger only made nine appearances before suffering a right ankle sprain that kept him on the injured list from late April to early August. On his return, Haniger has averaged a hardness of .254/.322/.418 in the last 48 games of the regular season (100 at-bats).

The Mariners’ decision on Hanniger, who turns 32 in December, will be very complicated. Mariners flaunt a crowded field themed favorite AL Rookie of the Year Julio Rodriguezwith a high probability earlier Jared KielnikAnd the Dylan Mooreformer AL Rookie of the year Kyle LewisAnd the Taylor Trammell. However, Lewis has struggled to produce at a high level since sustaining a right meniscus tear in 2021, and both Kielnik and Trammell have struggled to adapt to a major league show.

For his part, Hanniger indicated that he would prefer to stay in Seattle. Continuing by saying he hopesI will definitely be back in Mariners’ uniform“for every’s Daniel Kramer.

Santana, who joined the Mariners from the Royal Family on a trade deadline, continued to struggle in Seattle, cutting .202/.316/.376 overall in 131 games. The 36-year-old split his time between DH and first base, earning 3 Outs Above average for his work at the start. It remains to be seen if the Sailors will opt for an “old-school” approach to a single player in the DH position, or whether they will cycle players through the turn during the season.

Frazier continued his 2021 All-Star campaign with the weakest .311/.301/.311 slash across 156 games in the 2022 season. The veteran, who was dealt to the Padres during the 2021 season, was traded to the Mariners In exchange for the Savior Raymond Kerr and defensive player Corey Roser Prior to the start of the 2022 season. Moore, previously mentioned as pitch depth, has also run all four positions and could see an increase in internal work if Frazier does not quit.

Moving on to the bump, with five high-quality entrees on contract, the start of a turn into a home Chris FlexenHis stand with the Mariners will be an interesting story to watch as it unfolds. Flexen kicked off the 2022 season as a start, hitting a 4.02 ERA solid in 121 runs before hitting the bulls where he worked on a 1.62 ERA in 16 2/3 runs.

It remains to be seen if the sailors will choose to keep Flexen at the bulls, use a 6-man rotation, or potentially trade Flexen to improve their attack.

As mentioned earlier, Mariners only had 4 players who finished OPS north of .700 (minimum 350 at-bats). As a team, the sailors finished with the third lowest average batting (.230), average percentage on base (.315), and average batting percentage (.390).

Additionally, if they choose to trade off Flexen for attack, the Mariners boast 3 odds #2 Emerson Hancockno 5 Bryce Millerand number 7 Taylor Dollardwho all had solid seasons at Double-A Arkansas.

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