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In manual grading, graders have differences in the way they see diamonds and how they interpret what they see. There is also a natural subjective issue when individuals experience fatigue and exhaustion. As a result, the diamond market has always searched for the most accurate and consistent grading service available.
Without technology, gem laboratories have added operational layers to reduce discrepancies, for example, having multiple gemologists grade each diamond. And while this solution has narrowed the gaps, they are still significant.
In contrast, Sarine’s AI-powered eGrading internal classification solution relies on machine learning, accurate detection, and high-quality raw data generation that provides a more reliable, consistent and sustainable solution at any time.
Ultimately, direct grading during the production phase shortens the diamond supply chain, eliminates costly outsourcing of diamond grading and makes the diamond pipeline more cost-effective and profitable.

Introducing the second generation of artificial intelligence-based diamond grading systems

Six years after Sarine launched in 2017 the world’s first AI-based diamond grading technology, we are excited to launch the second generation: Sarine Clarity-II™ and an updated version of the Sarine Color™ system. These grading techniques will extend the boundaries of diamond valuation beyond traditional 4Cs and support faster and more accurate results that will revolutionize the efficiency of the diamond supply chain.

Sarine has proven that an AI-driven solution based on high-resolution data acquisition systems is the optimal classification option and can dramatically advance our market – once and for all.

In 2023, the industry will see a major shift to sarin graded diamonds. For retailers, this means brand enhancement, increased consumer confidence and competitive advantage in a strong and dynamic market. And for consumers, their diamonds will come with an objective and accurate AI-based grading guarantee for a more transparent and satisfying diamond buying experience.

“In the six years since our AI-derived taxonomy was released, we have gained significant knowledge on how to implement AI-based systems to meet and exceed industry requirements, not only in the laboratory but also on site in various environments in order to meet the diverse needs of the manufacturing, sorting and vending sectors. Wholesale and retail value chain.

“With the introduction of eGrading™, initially, in the manufacturing sector, Sarine brings AI-based classification to the source, providing multiple benefits and making the supply chain more efficient, concise and cost-effective.”
David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies.

The ultimate solution for sorting and inventory

Since diamond grading is part of the manufacturing process, sorting diamonds according to multiple clarity and color criteria is key to maximizing yield potential.

with update Sarine Color™ Device, automated, objective, color grading becomes more and more accurate, based on increasingly advanced algorithms that continue to learn and develop color grading ability. Furthermore, the advanced Sarine Color™ system provides additional color tone enhancement by evaluating brilliance and hue.

Now, sorting parameters include milk, hue, shine, black in table (BIT), and black in crown (BIC), deepening a manufacturer’s ability to sort and manage its inventory to improve potential value and meet market demands.

Sarine Clarity-II™ Building on its predecessor, it offers a host of advanced features that take AI’s automated clarity rating to even greater levels of sophistication. Sarine Clarity-II™ provides a rating across the full spectrum of grades, from IF (internally flawless) to I3, opening up a much wider range from inventory to automated clarity rating. In addition, Clarity-II™ provides significantly expanded sorting capabilities covering a variety of new parameters, including Black in Table (BIT), Black in Crown (BIC) and more.

4 Reasons Why Sarine AI-Based Digital Reporting Is Key to Better Retail Outcomes

Unprecedented levels of accuracy and reliability

Powered by the latest technology, artificial intelligence and complete objectivity, the Sarine Diamond Grading Report delivers verifiable diamond data that is unparalleled in accuracy and consistency, delivering a whole new level of consumer confidence for your brand.

Personalization at its best

Each brand touch point should reflect your brand’s promise, values, and personality. Creating a consistent and defined experience through its digital and physical presence is critical to a brand’s credibility and standing. The customizable Sarine report puts your brand first by designing a report around your brand’s visual language and adapting its features to your customer’s preferences. For the first time in the history of the diamond industry, it’s not the grading lab in the center – it’s you. Your brand, name and story.

digital first
Are they providing consumers with that extra digital touch? Sarine helps you enhance your brand experience in this digital age with innovative digital diamond reports that can be easily accessed on any electronic device and transport the viewer into a 3D realm filled with amazing diamond experiences.

overall transparency

From his inner world to his journey from the mine to the store, consumers can discover the entire essence of a diamond in an interactive and engaging way. Sarine’s Digital Diamond Report features 3D imaging of diamond inclusions, hearts and arrows, its original rough shape and schematic scans, 4Cs and more – to provide a truly unique experience for your customers.

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