Selena Gomez breaks silence after Hailey Bieber’s call with her father

after one day Hailey Bieber Call her father an interview It came out where Hailey first spoke publicly about whether Justin Bieber dated her ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez At the same time, Selena made a brief and rare appearance on the internet to thank her fans for their support.

I reminded them in a live broadcast on TikTok that some fans took screenshots of what she says about the words she says about other people. Selena, in clips captured and shared online, hasn’t addressed Hailey’s interview explicitly. This is the first time Selena has broken her silence since the interview was released, adding extra weight to the message.

At the end of her life, Selena said, “I think some of the things I don’t even need to be aware of are just vile and disgusting things. It’s not fair because no one should ever be spoken to the way I saw it and all I have to say is that It’s incredibly ironic that I’m going to release something related to kind words [her makeup line Rare Beauty’s Kind Words Matte lipstick and lip liners, which Gomez did a press tour of Europe to promote] Because that’s exactly what I want. This is it. If you support Rare, I cannot thank you enough, but I know you also represent what they mean and these words are important. It really matters. So it’s coming from me, and I want all of you to know that I hope you understand that this is so much more than anything else. I am really grateful to all of you for hearing me so enjoy a great break from your day, I appreciate all the love. Thank you.”

in the virus Call her father In an interview, Hailey discussed her relationship with Now Gomez and suggested that Gomez had not publicly defended her from the hate that Justin and Selena’s fans had sparked in Hailey. In fact, Gomez has taken to Instagram Live and She asked her fans not to attack anyone When they harassed Hailey in October 2019 and Face harassment from Hailey fans very.

Hailey was nervous to talk about the situation but chose to do so anyway to set the record straight once and for all.

Regarding their history, Healy denied any interference. She and Justin got back together in June 2018, months after Justin and Selena, who had been dating for 10 years, broke up on a break that turned into a breakup in March 2018.

Hailey was also on and off with Justin. “I’ve been in a relationship with him since I was 18,” she said. “Also the schedule that sometimes is questionable about our meeting and then getting engaged and spending time with his ex before that, that’s pretty crazy. I literally never talked about this. I understand, again, what it looks like from the outside. There’s a lot more. From realization there. But this was a situation where I know for a fact that it was the right thing for them to shut that door. They weren’t in a relationship at the time, but there’s a very long history there, and this isn’t my relationship. I don’t have anything to do with it, so I respect that a lot, But I know he closed a class, and I think the best thing that could have happened to him was to move on and get engaged and get married and move on with his life that way.

“And it’s hard for me to talk about this because I don’t want to speak on behalf of either of them, again, because it was their relationship, and I honestly respect that deeply. But I just know what was going on when we got back together, and I know what had to happen until we got back together somehow. Healthy.And I think it was the healthiest and most mature decision he could have made, and I respect that.

“As a woman, I would never want to be in a relationship with someone and be engaged to them and marry them and I think in my mind, I wonder if this was really closed off to you. And I know for a fact that the reason we were able to get back together was because he was so closed off.” This is something that respects me.”

As for her relationship with Selena, Hailey revealed that the two talked one-on-one privately. “yes, [we have spoken]. yes [we have spoken after my marriage]She said. “That’s why I admire, all respect, all love. It is also why I feel that if everyone by our side knows what happened, and we are okay and can walk away with clarity and respect, that is fine. Which has brought me so much peace, and I Like, “Hey, we know what happened. it is what it is.’ You will never be able to correct every novel, and there will be new stories to come [from this interview]. It’s never going to end, that’s why I get to the point where I like it, that’s why I haven’t talked about a lot of this stuff because I like, there’s going to be something new. “

You can read Hayley’s full comments about the situation over here.

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