SULLY ERNA On GODSMACK’s Upcoming Album ‘Lighting Up The Sky’: ‘This Is The Last Record We’ll Ever Make’

In a new interview with Pablo From Radio Minneapolis, Minnesota 93XAnd the Sulli Erna confirmed that Godsmickhis next album, “lighting the sky”, likely to be the final set of original material for the band. Explained (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “that it The The most important record, I think, we ever wrote and recorded.

“I’ve never been that artist who says, ‘Oh, this record is our most recent record. It’s our best job ever. “You can read Which The interview you’ve wanted throughout my career, and you’ve never heard me say that, “Continue.” You have always loved our records [and] I always knew there were going to be some good singles on her and I hope she does, but I’ve never been the guy who said, ‘This is our best fucking job! EverAnd I’m telling you right now this is the best work ever. And that’s because it’s emotional, man. This is the last record we’ll ever do. This is our last Factory Tour. We put every ounce of energy and passion into this album. Especially for me. “When I wrote a lot of these songs, it was about the journey of my life. That’s what the sequence of this album is really about. It’s not that it was planned that way, but that kind of really mystical thing happened that felt like the universe wrote that record.”

“We went there with no plan, no ideas—too few thoughts, just confusion. And, ‘What would the matter be?’” What am I going to talk about now? How often can I talk about a broken relationship? “Blah blah blah. Then it started coming up as song after song was written where I work on arranging it and putting it in the order I’d like people to hear it… We’re still old school and love the album flowing from front to back. I love vinyl — I want to People listen to side A and side B. And that really tells a story. And when I started to realize that, I’m like, OK. Let me mix these things up a little bit more.”

erna To illustrate it Godsmick He does not intend to stop playing live shows anytime soon. “I want to make sure people clearly know what we’re saying here,” he said. “I’m not saying that the band might break up. What I’m saying is that I think this might be the last work you get musically from the band. And that’s because we’re right in this place in our lives right now that we’ve done a lot of work over the past three decades. Without sounding cocky, which we don’t try to do, we’re in 27 top 10 singles, 11 number one. We could literally do back in- back nights in the arena and play 15 songs a night and not play the same song twice, let alone the tracks “B” And we started thinking, when we were in this thought process, why are we here grinding all the time and doing this new music when we just want to know that we’ve never stopped in 25 years we’ve been doing the tours. We’d like to be able to enjoy our lives, our family, And our homes, the things that we’ve done gained through the years that we sacrificed. So I think the balance to that, the happy medium, is to be able to get out there now and keep doing live shows and putting on the great show t-hits together.

“I don’t know what we will do after this record,” he explained. “And it doesn’t make sense to keep playing music. It really just feels perfect in a good way, in a positive way. We feel we’ve honored our careers, our relationships with our fans, and we’ll always be there for them; we’ll do the shows. But in terms of continuing this, then [album]Unless one day we decide, “Yeah, another one for the road,” I think this might be ours with new music. “

according to ernaThe second single from “lighting the sky” It will arrive in February and coincide with the release of the full album. and then Godsmick Plan to hit the road and never stop. “It’s forever now,” he said. “It’s forever now.” “From the point where we start touring, we will always tour. We may take a few breaks here and there, but now we will start preparing the best hit show, because we feel we can do it. We can now play the best of what fans have identified as what they enjoyed the most. over the years and why these songs became singles.”

Soleil He said that the decision to stop releasing new albums was influenced by the fact that many people these days are not interested in new music from bands that have been around for a long time. Godsmick.

“As a music lover and a fan of live shows and bands in general, when you go see your favorite bands, there is a certain point in their career where you just go, ‘I don’t give a damn about a new record anymore. I’m sorry, but I want to hear ‘In the dream’ And the The train kept rolling And the “Same old song and dance”. I don’t want to hear anything from this new shit. I don’t know and I don’t care. But these other songs have lived with me for two, three, four decades “,” I just feel like we’re getting to that place where…if we go out and we don’t play ‘I stand alone’ or ‘stay away’ or “juggling” Or whatever songs these people have been up to over the years, they cheer us on. So we know we’re stuck in that. We are always going to play hits. But now we have so many singles that it’s time, I think, to try to pull off as many of that record as possible, add it to that list and then get out there and do the best of the best. And then maybe he presents a few surprises on every show, whether it’s a drum fight or some fun coverage.”

erna He concluded by saying that “lighting the sky” He explained that it does not represent an “end” but a “new beginning. This is a new beginning of an era – it is the beginning of the sunset years.” “And in the sunset years, we want to create something really special for fans where we can enjoy every great moment we had on every album cycle – ‘Awake’ The album contains certain things that we presented in the live show; The “unidentified” A record containing certain things we viewed from the live view; And so – now we can make a montage of all that special stuff each round and just do a “holy crap” show. This is what I want to create. We will try to make it big, special and important, filled with all the special moments that people have enjoyed over the years. And I think that would be satisfying for us as well, “Because it takes a lot of pressure from us to know now that we can go out and enjoy what we’re doing. Playing music is what we love most — living. And it gives us more time to connect with fans, connect with the live show and just enjoy the best part. Why do we do this for a living?

earlier in the day, Godsmick released a new single, “Give up”Across BMG. The track marks the band’s first release in four years, following their globally acclaimed gold-certified 2018 album “When Legends Rise”who got Sulli ErnaThe front-facing outfit is topping the US album charts on Hard Rock, Rock, and Alternative.

In September 2021, Godsmickhis last album, “When Legends Rise”holds a gold certificate from Ria (Recording Industry Association of America) for sales of over half a million copies. In addition, there are two more LP songs (title track and “Under your scars”) is officially certified gold by Ria. The first single on the album “Bulletproof” Received a Single Digital Platinum Award in September 2020 and previously received a Gold Certificate in the United States

“When Legends Rise” It was the seventh album of Godsmick. produced by Eric Ron And the ernaIt was the band’s first release in four years and was recorded at their former headquarters (GSHQ) in Derry, New Hampshire. The album went on to rack up several career achievements for the group: four #1 rock tracks (a feat that makes Godsmick one of only four rock acts to make it happen), and recorded 11 singles in the band’s career with the album’s fourth single, “never forget”. “When Legends Rise” It entered the Billboard Top 200 album chart in the top ten (#8), with four #1 positions on other charts: Top Rock Albums, Top Hard Music Album, Top Independent Albums, and Top Alternative Albums.

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