A simple sitting exercise that helps reduce blood sugar and fat levels

Permanent stability has become a major problem in the lives of modern people. However, with a simple exercise, you can train a muscle that weighs only 1% of your body weight while sitting. Exercising this muscle can burn sugar and fat in the blood, reducing the negative impact of inactive behavior. stability has become an … Read more

Reversing a fatal genetic disorder with lifestyle medicine

There is nothing more important you can give a patient than hope. In 2010, the Smith family had little hope. Their 13-year-old son underwent a series of abnormal laboratory tests that eventually led to a hopeless diagnosis. He was diagnosed with myelodysplastic dysplasia (MDS) and given a poor prognosis by an oncologist. The survival rate … Read more

in the matrix? A cosmologist explains how humans can live in a simulated universe beyond comprehension

As a cosmologist, I often carry a Universe Or two in my pocket. Not large infinitely large entire universes, but probably across a few billion light years or so. It is enough to have fun. Of course, these are not “real” universes. Rather, they are worlds that I have simulated on a computer. The basic … Read more